Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 26

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Luna had to; she had to calm down!

Luna took a deep breath and looked up at Joshua, her voice trembling slightly, “If I said I searched for
the dangers that could appear in the amusement park yesterday in fear something might happen to
Nellie, would you believe me?”
Aura sneered, “But what about that number?”
Luna gritted his teeth and resisted the gushing hatred and anger. “That number…belonged to a friend
of mine. He knew I was going to the amusement park, so he could take care of me in case something
She looked at Joshua and tried to make herself sound as sincere as possible.

Joshua frowned slightly. “Call your friend, and I ‘ll ask him personally.”
“He won’t come.” Luna’s lips trembled. “I won’t admit to such accusations, and my friends don’t need to
explain themselves on my behalf.”
She closed her eyes and said in a cold voice, ” Everything I did today, whether it was premeditated, or
was it just to please Mr. Lynch? I think Mr. Lynch would know better than me.
“In my eyes, Nellie is more important than Mr. Lynch.”
Her words made Joshua frown, but the scene of her on the Ferris wheel when she angrily tried to push
him out flashed before his eyes.
Back then, she mistakenly thought that Nellie was dead. He still shivered when he remembered the
anger and hatred in her eyes.
“Who’d believe you?”

Seeing Joshua hesitate, Aura rushed up quickly and stood in front of the two, blocking their gazes from

“You and Nellie aren’t related. Why are you so nice to her? Isn’t it because you fell in love with Joshua
and his wealth? I’ve seen a lot of lowly women like you, wanting to fly to the top of the social hierarchy

with marriage…” Aura kept inciting Joshua, eager to convict Luna. She knew that Joshua was very
much capable of investigating the matter and finding out it was her if she did not push the blame onto
Luna! Unexpectedly, Luna suddenly calmed down. She raised her head, her eyes cold as her voice as
she retorted, “You want to convict me with just a phone number and my web browser history? Since
Ms. Gibson can slander me with my call and chat records, then I want to see her call log and website
browsing records over the past two days. I believe that’s reasonable, don’t you think so?” She did not
believe Aura would not have any slip-ups! Luna was determined. If she fell, she would drag Aura with
her! Taking a deep breath, she raised her eyes to look at Joshua. “Can Mr. Lynch help me? Maybe Ms.
Gibson’s calllog and browsing records are more exciting than mine.”

Aura’s face suddenly turned pale.
She glared at Luna. “Want to drag me down with you? Dream on! Who’d want to hurt Nellie? Well, I
won’t! “
She turned her head and glanced at Joshua. “Joshua, you don’t really want to investigate me because
of this woman, right?”
Joshua leaned against the wall gracefully. He glanced at Aura lightly, took out his cell phone, and
dialed a number. “Go and find out—“
Before he could finish speaking, Aura grabbed his phone out of his hands.
“Joshua! ” Aura’s face was pale. “Are you suspicious of me!? It’s impossible. I ‘d never do something
like this! I’m Luna’s real sister! I’m Nellie’s aunt!”
It was better when she did not mention that she was Luna’s younger sister, but she already did…and
Luna could no longer hold back her anger.
She stared at Aura firmly and goaded, “If you’re really innocent, what are you afraid of?”
“I…I’m not afraid!” Aura panicked slightly.
No, she could not risk Joshua discovering her plan!
“That’s enough!” Joshua’s cold and stern voice interrupted the dispute between the two women.
He walked up to Aura and snatched his phone back roughly.

Luna said quickly, “Mr. Lynch, I believe you’re a smart man. From her reaction, you should be able to
tell who is lying, right?”
Joshua glanced at Aura, his voice cold, “I’ll investigate this issue thoroughly and find out who wants to
harm Nellie.”
“Joshua…” Aura instantly turned pale. “You… don’t you believe me?”
Joshua looked at her coldly and said nothing. Aura gritted her teeth and grasped Joshua’s arm,
pouting. ” But I’m Nellie’s aunt! How could I harm her…”
Joshua pulled himself out of her grasp, his voice was low, sounding stern and forbidding, “We’ll talk
about this later.”
The man turned his head and looked at Aura indifferently. “Who gave you the courage to track down
the communication records and network signals of Blue Bay Villa without my authorization?”

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