Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 205

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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 205

Right now he just wanted to get out of here quickly. He would only think about the future after this
matter was over.

As for causing trouble for David, it depended on whether he could defeat David or not. As long as there
was a chance to kill David with one blow, he would definitely not hesitate.

David did not respond to Morris’s words but instead, he stared at Old Carl mockingly.

He wanted to see if this Tiger Rank expert would speak out against his conscience.

Those who could become Tiger Rankers were extremely tough and they would not humble or put
themselves down in front of the enemy in order to win. Those who did would have already lost their
determination to move forward.

However, this was not absolute. The world was big and full of wonders and some people lost their
motivation to improve after entering Tiger Rank, instead choosing to focus on having fun and enjoying

This was what Paul told him.

Of course, David would be excluded from that list.

Sure enough, Old Carl stopped talking.

Based on what he knew about the Daniels after working for them for so many years, he really could not
guarantee that the Daniels would not retaliate against David.

Seeing that Old Carl was no longer speaking, David looked at Morris next to him.

“Morris, you’ve done all kinds of bad things and it’s unlucky that you fell into my hands today.”

“David, you…”

Before Morris could finish speaking, David punched him in the stomach.


Morris let out a scream and he squatted on the ground with his stomach in his hands. The blood that
came out of his mouth was mixed with the food he ate, and his eyes were about to bulge out of his

At the moment, he felt his internal organs being shattered by David, which made him wish he was

Morris only lasted less than ten seconds before he passed out from the pain and collapsed to the

However, David did not plan to let him go just like that. David had not used enough force in the punch
just now.

Morris was just lying on the bottom of David’s feet, so David raised his right foot to step on Morris’s arm
and exerted some force. After that, he quickly raised his other foot over Morris’ other arm and stomped



Two sounds of broken bones sounded in the private room such that everyone who heard it got

Morris, who had already passed out, was awakened by the severe pain and a howl escaped his mouth,
resounding throughout the private room.

He wanted to move his arms but found that he could not move them at all. At the same time, a
debilitating pain came from both arms.

He could only lie on his face on the ground as he continued howling.

David stepped on and broke both arms of this guy who was one of the four outstanding talents in
Springfield and also a core veteran of the SCC.

After taking care of Morris, David turned to Gunther, who was responsible for the whole affair.

“I heard that you like to force women?” David asked with a gloomy expression.

Gunther saw Morris’ tragic appearance and then turned to look at David in front of him. A pool of liquid
was then expelled from his lower body, emitting a foul stench.

“M-Mr. Lidell… Please… Please… 1-let me go,” Gunther begged while shaking.

David frowned at the smell of the liquid from Gunther’s lower body. Then, he said to Wayne and
Gordon, “One of you should destroy that thing between his legs so that he’ll never harm women again”

He wanted to do it himself, but upon seeing Gunther’s embarrassing state, he was afraid of getting his
shoes dirty.

David had just turned and walked over to the chair when he heard another scream. For the rest of his
life, Gunther would never be a man again.

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