Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 496

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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 496

David went back to his residence and saw that he still had about 6000 lavish points left. He wanted to
cry but he did not have any tears.

The collection of the herbs needed for Mason should still take some time, and only after he had
everything could David start to prepare them.

With the knowledge of Somerland Ancient Traditional Medicine in his mind, since he was proficient in
the medicinal properties of all these herbs, it was actually quite simple to prepare the medicine. The
dosage needed to very precise, but if he got the dosage correct, there should be no problems.

His current focus should be on lavish points, so all he needed to do was to raise his lavish points to
10000 as soon as possible and then first break through the extraordinary limit of his physique.

Otherwise, he would not feel safe doing anything now.

Mason killed one of the God Rank guardians.

That was to say, even if he entered the God Rank and became a guardian, he was still basically
powerless to fight back when he encountered someone like Mason.

Who knew how many other powerful people were hidden in this world?

If it happened, wouldn’t his life be over? He might not even be able to flee.

Therefore, it was not enough to just become a God Rank guardian, he needed to continue to improve,
while becoming a God Rank guardian was only the first step.

David could not think about anything else at this time.

He called Hugo, the head of East League Capitals in Capital City

“Hello, Mr. Lidell, how are you?” Hugo said

respectfully on the phone.

“Hugo, tell all of the regional heads and project heads of East League Capitals that we’re having a
video conference in an hour,” David said straightforwardly.

He needed to put some pressure on these people.

After he heard those things Mason said, he felt very stressed too.

“Alright, Mr. Lidell. I’ll do it now.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in an hour.”

One hour later…

Inside the meeting room in the East League

Capitals Capital City branch.

David was seated at the main seat.

The regional and project heads were all on the huge screen.

“Everyone’s here, Mr. Lidell,” Hugo said, standing at one side.

“Okay, start the video conference now.”

“Alright,” Hugo replied.

Then, Hugo said to the big screen, “Hello, fellow colleagues, we’re hosting this video conference at the
last minute today because the chairman wants to personally convey some instructions to everyone.
Everyone, please welcome Mr. David

Lidell, chairman of East League Capitals.”

There was a round of applause from everyone in the video.

David stood up and said to the big screen, “Today I called everyone to this last-minute video
conference because I need to tell you all something. You just need to listen quietly, and you don’t need
to talk.

“I’m very dissatisfied with the speed of development of the East League Capitals recently. Although we
are very fast compared to other companies, it is still not enough, and it is far from my standards.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard what

David said.

Originally, they were quite satisfied with the development of their respective sectors. They also thought
that the chairman would praise them and they were wondering whether they would be able to receive
more bonuses at the end of the year, but they did not expect this to happen.

The people came to the meeting did not expect such an outcome because the development of East
League Capitals was indeed fast enough compared to other companies.

They simply did not expect the boss’ standards to be so high.

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