Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2619

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“D-David, this is such a long distance.

How long will it take for you to arrive if you leave now?” Nova asked in shock.

She was really frightened by Leila’s distance.

Not just her, the other women felt the same way too.

To them, Star Kingdom was already big enough.

As a result, after the galaxy map in front of them was enlarged for more than ten minutes, it was still a

Not to mention the Milky Way and the Earth.

If it were not for the existence of that shining point, it might not have been discovered at all.

They still needed to zoom in more to find it.

“David, it’s so far away.

When can you come back?” Celia also asked worriedly.

Everyone looked at David.

They did not want to be separated from David for too long.

This distance was indeed too far.

It would take a long time for him even if he traveled at the speed of returning to Earth from Star

“Although it is far, I have my way to reach Leila quickly.

You don’t have to worry about this,” David replied confidently.

After arriving at Overlord Realm, one could already ignore the constraints of time and space.

So, it would be much faster than traveling in twelve-dimensional space.

However, David could only use this ability to ignore time and space when he was by himself.

If he wanted to take everyone to Leila, he would still have to use the twelve-dimensional space.

Before reaching the Overlord Realm, one would not be able to break away from the constraints of time
and space even if they had an Overlord with them.

“David, we will not ask you to change your mind about what you have decided, but no matter where
you are, I hope you will protect yourself first because there are so many people who love you here and
waiting for your safe return.

What shall we do if something happens to you?” Selena said seriously.

Her words also expressed the feelings of all the women present.

They all came together because of David.

If something happened to David, this big family would be broken up as it lost its backbone.

“Master David, have a safe journey and come back safely,” Mia told him softly.

She believed that Master David would always be the brightest star wherever he went.

“Master David, have a safe trip.

We are waiting for you!” Astrid echoed.

“David, if you encounter any difficulties, just think of all of us.

Everyone here will silently support you, pray for you, and bless you,” Celia also said.

“David, Leila is a level 9 civilization so it is many times more powerful than Star Kingdom, which is a
level 7 civilization.

There are countless powerhouses so you must ensure your safety in everything.

Don’t make so many people who love you sad,” Celeste said.

She had mixed feelings about David.

Originally, there was a big gap between the two in terms of age and strength, so there should not be
any overlap.

Yet, the god of destiny made fools of the people.

They did something they should not in the fantasy and as a result, the fate of the two people was

The fantasy was similar to that in The Spirit Cage.

The sense of reality there was not inferior to reality at all.

David was the first man Celeste had such close contact with.

So, she definitely had feelings for David, but she did not want to compete with anyone.

Then, everyone began to say goodbye to David one by one.

After each woman said her blessing, she would come forward to hug David.

David was confused and he smiled bitterly in his heart.

What was going on? This was just a long trip.

Why were they behaving like he was going to die?

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