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Chapter 2738

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I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2738-Unexpectedly, she even got herself injured.

If she was not using David to take revenge on the Vingeans, Isa would not have collected the Water of
Life with such


Even if she wanted to collect it, she would bring fewer people, come quietly, and collect the water in

“Queen Isa, can you still shoot your arrows? If you can, I will wait for you to continue. If not, then it will
be my turn. Don’t

blame me for not giving you a chance,” the head of the Vingeans asked in a deep voice.

He was also suffering right now.

His numb hands did not feel like they belonged to him.

As he spoke, he was also trying to recover.

Otherwise, he would have rushed over and fought Isa at close range.

To be honest, if Isa could fire dozens more arrows, she could perhaps break through his defense and
hit him.

Unfortunately, Isa was also at the end of her rope.

If she could shoot, she would not hold back and give the enemy a chance.

“You scoundrel! Of course, I can shoot my arrow, and this time, you won’t be able to block them!” Isa
snapped back

through gritted teeth.

She had decided in her head.

The head of the Vingeans was stunned when he heard this and felt something was wrong.

Isa was not going to use the weapon’s source, right?


According to the records of the clan, the Elves had used the source of the weapon twice to resolve
crises a long time ago.

Now, they only had one chance left.

This was the Elves used to intimidate others so they could not use it casually.

Otherwise, the deterrence force would be gone.

Many big shots in Leila were eyeing Isa. If they knew Isa had used the last bow source, they would
surely start having

impure thoughts about her.

Queen Isa knew this as well.

Logically speaking, she would never use it.

However, he had no way to prevent the other party from being irrational once they got mad.


He could not give Isa a chance to activate the bow’s source.

The head of the Vingeans quickly regained the use of his hands, and after recovering, he immediately
got closer to the


At the same time, he smiled and replied, “Oh? Really? Then I want to see what kind of unstoppable
arrows you will shoot!”

At this time, sparse sounds came from outside the valley.

It was gradually getting louder too.

In a moment, a large army of Vingeans had arrived. They were all standing behind the head, waiting for
his orders.

If he gave the order, they would all rush into the valley and capture all the Elves.

Seeing that everything she expected had arrived, Isa no longer hesitated. She took the bow to her
chest again and pulled

the bowstring with her right hand.

This was the moment she had been waiting for.

The attack launched by activating the bow’s source was not just directed at the head of the Vingeans.

“As you wish!” Isa showed an icy smirk.

When she drew the bow in her hand into a semicircle, she did not stop but continued to increase her

Gradually, she pulled it from a semicircle into a larger semicircle.

At this moment, both the Elves and the Vingeans felt that the pressure on their bodies increasing

It was getting more and more difficult for them to breathe.

Everyone looked at Isa in disbelief.

This was where the pressure came from.

The head of the Vingeans screamed in his heart, “No! That crazy woman Isa is actually activating the
bow’s source!’

He shouted, “Queen Isa, are you activating the bow’s source? Do you know the consequences of doing

“Haha! What are the consequences? Why don’t you tell me about them?” Isa sneered.

As she was saying that, her right hand showed no intention of stopping.

“What do you think you are relying on to survive among the major forces? Your ability? No! You are
relying on the

deterrent power of the bow’s source! Once you use it, the Elves’ deterrent power will cease to exist.
When the time

comes, the Elves will be a delicious piece of cake that everyone will want to take a bite of. Your
peaceful life will be

completely broken. Can you bear the consequences?” the head of the Vingeans shouted anxiously.

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