Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2659

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David gave this some thought.

It would definitely not work out for him if he spent too much time escorting them to the Imperial Capital.

Considering the speed of the convoy, if they encounter any difficulties along the way and are delayed,
they may not be able to reach within three or five days, perhaps even eight or ten days.

This would mean months.

Who could guarantee nothing would happen in Leila during this time? Emperor Lufian was a ticking
time bomb that could go off at any time.

He had to rush back as soon as possible.

“Madam Chandler, since you’ve discovered my identity, there is no need for me to hide it any longer.

I was the one who saved you the last time you were in danger.

I came here merely to find someone to have a chat with and cure my boredom.

That is all.

I currently have something very important to attend to and I don’t have the extra time to escort you to
the Imperial Capital,” David rejected her as gently as he could.

' David was rejecting Leticia again.

Leticia felt her breath being beaten out of her as she almost fell to the ground.

She had thought that they had built up a rapport after spending two to three days together, and David
would be willing to escort them to the Imperial Capital.

Leticia did not expect to be rejected so many times.


Master David!” Leticia called out to him but did not know what else to say.

“Dave! Please help us!” Little Zion began begging as well.

“Madam Chandler, Zion, it’s not that I’m unwilling to help you out, but I really do have something very
important that I need to do urgently.

But I can offer you a choice right now.” David was willing to give them a choice, and that ignited hope in

“what is it?” Leticia could not help asking.

“T don’t have time to escort you with the convoy, but I can take you to the Imperial Capital of the Great
Quinn Empire on my own.

It depends on whether you are willing to accept this, or you can choose to travel with the guards out

It is all up to you.” This was the compromise David offered.

He was short of time, and this was the only thing he could offer.

David could take Leticia and Zion straight to the Imperial Capital of the Great Quinn Empire before
leaving for Leila.

This would not take too much time.

“1 choose the first choice, Master David.

Please take me and Zion to the Imperial Capital,” Leticia immediately replied without a second thought.

Their guards were all wounded.

They could not escort them safely to the Imperial Capital.

If they encounter another ambush like the last time, all of them would probably end up dead.

Leticia could not leave without David.

If she did, they might never make it to the Imperial Capital.

Leticia was not stupid.

She knew what the right choice was.

“Are you sure? If you let me take you to the Imperial Capital, you won’t be able to prove your identity.

That might incur unnecessary trouble.

You have to think this through,” said David.

“Don’t worry, Master David! We have a way to prove our identities.

All you need to do is to bring us to the Emperor of the Great Quinn Empire.” “Alright! Since you agree
to this, we won’t waste any more time.

Let’s go right now!” David stood up and said.

“Master David! Please let me inform Captain Himmel and the others about this.

Those guards had given everything they had to escort me and Zion safely to this point.

Most of them have been sacrificed, and those left are wounded.

I can’t leave without informing them,” Leticia begged in a soft voice.

? “Sure!!! Go ahead and tell them! We have to leave as soon as possible.” “Thank you, Master David!!!”
Leticia replied happily.

She could not disappear quietly and leave Captain Himmel and the others in the lurch.

Leticia went out of the carriage soon after.

The convoy was still moving speedily ahead.

“Captain Himmel!!!” Leticia shouted at the person at the front of the convoy.

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