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Chapter 2846

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I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2846-Astrid would never agree to undo the seal.

Level 9 civilization Leila.

Inside the dark void, a huge planet was sitting there quietly.

This planet was very big. Planet Royal, the biggest planet in the Milky Way, paled into insignificance by

They were not on the same level at all.

There was an altar on this planet.

Flora’s soul was sitting crossed-legged on the altar.

If one looked closely, one would notice that there were no living creatures on the planet. Yet, it was not
a dead star.

The vegetation was lush, and there were also signs of living creatures’ activity on it.

However, all of the living creatures on the planet were moved away so that only plants were left.

The entire planet was shrouded in a huge array cast by Sylvio.

There were also countless precious materials.

Any one of them would cause a huge sensation if taken out.

If David saw them, his eyes would light up.

There were so many precious treasures.

If he could buy some, the lavish points he would get could allow him to soar beyond Overlord Realm
and into another realm.

However, the treasures were not for sale.

So, one could not buy them with money.

Could someone buy things belonging to an Overlord?

Were they short of money?

They owned Leila, so what would they not have?

It was both easy and difficult to restore Flora’s body.

The main thing was the realm of the body that needed to be restored.

It was easy for an Overlord to restore the body of a Saint. It would also be easy if it was a Deity.
However, for an Overlord, they needed to make a lot of preparations.

At this moment, Sylvio, Lufian, Valentin, and Drogo, the Overlords, were stationed at the east, north,
west, and south side of the planet.

“Since we have to restore the body of an Overlord this time, it will be very troublesome and time-
consuming. I’ve prepared everything needed. So, you just need to fulfill my request and follow the
prescribed order. We can’t allow any mistakes in the middle of doing it. If we do, we will not only fail,
but we might also hurt Flora’s soul.” Sylvio’s stern voice rang in the other three’s ears.

“We understand. Don’t worry, Sylvio,” Lufian, Valentin, and Drogo answered at the same time.

Of course, they knew how important this was.

Especially Lufian.

This was the woman he fancied, so they had to succeed.

‘Thank you, Sylvio. Thank you, Lufian, Valentin, Drogo. Thank you! It’s an honor to work with you all.”
Flora thanked them.

“Flora, you don’t have to be so polite with us. The five Leila rulers are one unit and we can’t lose
anyone. This is what we should do. After this, you just need to focus and wait for your body to be

Lufian was the first to answer.

“Yeah, you don’t have to be so polite with us. We’ve been together for so long, so we’re already a

“No matter what, I still have to thank you all,” Flora said seriously.

“Okay, we’re short on time. Stop chatting. We can reminisce after the restoration is done. Are you all
ready?” Sylvio interrupted.

“Ready,” the three Overlords answered at the same time.

“Since you’re ready, let’s start!” Sylvio yelled.

Then, four beams of light illuminated the void. The array over the planet was also activated. From afar,
it looked like a flowing pearl.

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