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Chapter 2354

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David stretched out his hand, grabbed the paper in an instant, and started reading carefully.

Slowly, his frown became deeper and deeper.

After reading it, his eyebrows were tightly furrowed and his heart felt empty.

The girl left!

She did not just leave Wier, but she also left The Spirit Cage.

She regained some of her memories.

She remembered that there was a very important matter waiting for her to deal with so she had to go.

The reason why she chose to leave when David returned to the real world was because she was afraid
that she would not be able to accept the separation.

Being able to send Pebbles away was something David had been looking forward to.

However, now that she was gone, David felt like something was missing in his heart.

He had been with the girl for two years.

And both parties occupied a very important place in each other’s hearts.

They were not related but they were even closer than family.

Perhaps no one could accept this sudden separation.

A question popped into David’s mind.

‘What is it that Pebbles had to do that made her leave without saying goodbye? That she didn’t want to
tell me?

‘Was she afraid of hurting me?

‘Or is she seeking vengeance for a loved one?’

In David’s imagination, the girl was likely reduced to stealing because of family accidents.

He could feel a terrifying power hidden in Pebbles’ body.

Perhaps her close relative left this for her on their deathbed, hoping that the girl could unlock it one day
and use this power to gain a foothold in Leila.

Then, the girl might have remembered her past and she gone to seek revenge from the enemy.

With this thought, David could not stay calm anymore.

‘Can Pebbles succeed in avenging her family with her little strength?

‘She’ll be courting death!’

Judging from Pebble’s performance, her family might not be simple.

Their enemy could wipe out such a huge force and reduce Pebbles to this. Which meant that they were
even more powerful.

‘Wouldn’t Pebbles be seeking death if she took revenge with this strength?

‘What should I do?’

David clasped his hands tightly together.

He wanted to go find Pebbles.

He believed that with his Supreme Overlord strength, he would still be able to protect Pebbles from
harm even if he could not help her avenge and destroy the enemy.

However, he did not have her contact information nor did he know where her descending point was, let
alone the exact location of her home. Moreover, he did not even know her last name. So how could he
find her?

He was totally clueless.

David shook his head to try to keep himself calm.

Maybe things were not as bad as he thought.

Even if Pebbles’ family suffered a catastrophe, she was not so stupid to go seek revenge when she
was not strong enough.

Maybe she returned to Leila to train. Only when she had sufficient strength would she seek revenge?

If she stayed in The Spirit Cage the entire time, she could only increase her soul power and the
increase of her combat power would be limited.

‘This possibility is also very high.

‘In that case, I still have time to find her.

‘One person cannot overthrow a huge force in such a short time.

‘It will require long-term and sophisticated planning.’

David took a deep breath.

He could only use this method to comfort himself temporarily since there was no way for him to find
Pebbles in such a short time.

It would still be hard even if he had a longer time.

Leila was too big and a level 9 civilization was not comparable to a level 7 civilization.

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