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Chapter 1583

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David held the eight leading space pirates at partial Eternal Realm in his hands and watched the fear
on their faces.

A smile curled up at the corner of his mouth.

He did not kill these guys immediately.

Instead, he wanted them to experience the feeling of their fate being in the hands of others.

In truth, David did not like controlling other people’s fates, but unfortunately, he also did not like being
controlled by others.

If he did not control others, he would be controlled by others.

Therefore, David would eventually choose to control others.

“Weren’t you just dividing the spoils? If I remember correctly, it seemed to be 70-30, right? If this is the
case, then I will try it too. There are eight of you, so what do you think of killing six of you and leaving
two alive?” David looked at the eight leading space pirates in his hands and asked with a grin.

“We didn’t think you were on this merchant ship, my Lord. Please calm down and spare us,” the
effeminate man said, pretending to be calm.

“Please calm down, my Lord! Spare us!” The others also hurriedly said.

They were restrained by David’s Eternal Golden Body, unable to move an inch.

At this moment, if David exerted some strength in his hands, they would die.

They were no different than ants in front of the strong Eternal.

“As space pirates, didn’t you disregard life and death a long time ago and expected this day to come?
Why are you still pleading in front of me? And I believe that many people have pleaded in front of you
over the years, right? Did you spare them? If you knew this would happen today, why did you do all that
in the past? Just like what Marlee said just now, you scumbags will face your retribution sooner or later.
Since God won’t punish you, then I will.”

David still kept smiling, but his voice was a bit chilly.

“My Lord, calm down! My Lord, calm down! What do you want? Money? Resources? Treasures? As
long as I have them, I will give them all to you. From now on, I will work hard to repay your kindness for
not killing me. I just hope you will let me go,” someone could not bear the pressure and yelled as he
broke down.

In the face of death, all normal people would feel fear.

Even space pirates were no exception.

If David killed them before they could react, they would have accepted their fate.

However, since they were still alive, who did not want to fight for a chance at survival?

“Me too! Me too! As long as you spare my life, I will be your slave from now on. I can do anything for
you. I can even go through hell and do whatever you want!”

“Oh? Can you do anything for me? Then will you unconditionally carry out what I say?” David asked.

“Yes! Yes! I can do anything for you, my Lord! I will carry out all your orders unconditionally.”

“What about you?” David looked at the others.

“So do we!” The person who was caught by David’s gaze immediately replied.

He was afraid that if he spoke too slowly, he would be crushed to death by David.

“I, David, am not a bloodthirsty person. Since you have all said so, then I will not kill you,” David said

“Thank you for your grace! Thank you for your grace!” The eight leading space pirates shouted

If they were not in David’s grip, they would have knelt in front of David and kowtowed to him.

Originally, they thought they would surely die since they ran into an Eternal today, but unexpectedly, the
Eternal did not kill them.

No matter what, a living dog was better than a dead lion.

No one wanted to die.

As long as there was life there was hope.

David’s words not only excited the eight leading space pirates, but hundreds of other space pirates also
showed joy at the same time.

Since this Eternal did not kill the leaders, he certainly would not kill them either

After all, the leaders were the core and the masterminds, and they were the ones who committed all
those crimes.

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