Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 1181

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Since Planet Buck was too far from the Royal Region and had too low a value, the Grim family did not
waste huge amounts of finances and resources to build a communication center there.

This was the reason Planet Buck was very behind on news, which explained why they did not know
about the huge event that had happened in the Royal Region recently.

In reality, Earth was in a similar situation.

However, Earth had David Lidell’s system acting as a hub, which connected the network between them
and the rest of the galaxy. If not, it would have required a great sum of money for Earth to build a huge
communication center to connect with the Royal Region’s network.

As David connected the network, he also limited the earthlings‘ access to anything beyond the surface
information of the Milky Way. They could not access more in–depth information.

David had also used the system’s stealth function to prevent the earth’s location from being exposed.

Truth be told, the system was extremely brilliant, and David had no idea who created it.

It was impossible for a Level 9 Civilization to comprehend a God Tier Civilization creation. Even though
the former may seem like it was merely one tier away, the actual difference between the two was as
different as the skies and the land.

However, David had a feeling that as long as he relied on the system to increase his abilities, there
would be a day when he would finally knew all the secrets the system held.

Julius Grim and the others from the Grim family gawked at David in shock.

The Grim family had been eradicated?

How was that possible?

Even if they had not returned to their families in a long time, the Grim family was still ranked fourth out
of the eight prominent families of the Milky Way Empire, and was a reputable force even amongst the
Royal Region.

They may not be the strongest, but they certainly were not weak at all.

How was eradication even a possibility?

They did not believe David at all.

“You… You… You’re lying! Us Grims are one of the prominent families of the Milky Way Empire. How
could you possibly have eradicated us? If you dare do anything to us, the grandmaster of the Grim
family will make you pay.” Julius retorted loudly.

Internally, he was in a stage of utter horror since he saw Balu at David’s side.

Just like the people on this planet, there was a “slave” marked on the forehead of this man. He also
looked like the chief that was brought away from this planet all those years ago.

Julius had a feeling that this trio was here for revenge.

When he thought about all the things he did to the people on this planet while he ruled Planet Buck for
the past hundreds of years, causing the people to drop from a population of a

hundred million to about only ten million, Julius felt his blood run cold.

He was dead!

He was extremely dead. If these people knew about this, they certainly would not let him go. He was
done for!

It did not matter if the Grim family was indeed eradicated because his death was imminent.

David did not want to pay attention to people like him. It would be too easy to just let Julius die, so
David spared his miserable life for Balu to torture him slowly, like how he had tortured the
Buckeranians. David looked at Balu, who was at the side, and said, “Let‘s go, Balu! I‘ll bring you to
rescue your people. Your people are waiting for you to come back and save them.” “Thank you,
Master!” Balu replied with his eyes red–rimmed. Right after that, David brought the other two with him
and left to rescue the Buckeranians.

As for Julius and the rest, they were left in place, but their bodies were completely disabled, and they
could not move even if they wanted to.

Planet Buck was not huge. With David‘s mind power assisting them, it was an easy task for him to
locate the people were. First, they needed to free the Buckeranians that were slaving away under the
Grim family‘s control.

Then, they would look for the rest of the people that were hiding in the shadows, away from the Grim
family‘s pursuit.

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