Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2160

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What great irony.

If it were not for David, the consequences could have been disastrous.

The Nacht family would not only lose a huge amount of wealth, but their strength would also have been
greatly compromised.

The family would very likely be devastated too.

The rest of the Nacht family’s guards and Nivia also showed looks of disbelief.

No matter what, Nas was the direct descendant of the Nacht family and also the first-in-line heir.

No matter how hedonistic he was and no matter how much of a scoundrel he was, he could not do
such a thing!

However, the truth was right in front of them.

It was impossible for these terrified robbers to lie.

Hence, there was only one possibility.

In order to prevent Beanie from returning to the family to have a senior meeting to replace Nas, the
first-in-line heir, he joined hands with the robbers of the Demon Ridge to get rid of Beanie forever.

How terrifying!

With such a defiant kid as the first-in-line heir, the Nacht family would be doomed to be gradually
destroyed if no serious measures were taken.

Everyone looked at Beanie.

At this time, Beanie was also clenching her teeth. Her breathing was short, and her blood was surging.
She wished she could go back immediately to kill that punk Nas.

The weird atmosphere prevented the robbers in the dense forest from making any moves.

They were deeply aware of the strength of the person who had just taken action.

He could even be called peerless.

It was likely only the big forces living in the first-tier cities, or even the main city, would have such a
powerful person.

As long as he did not say anything, no one could escape from in front of his eyes.

“Hiss… Huff…” Beanie took a few deep breaths to calm down her anger.

Even though she wanted badly to go back and kill Nas, she knew this was not the time.

David was still waiting, and she could not waste his time.

They could only head to Sole first and then only deal with that traitor once they returned.

“Are you telling the truth?” Beanie asked.

“Ms. Beanie, it’s true! We would never hide anything from you now that we’re in this situation. When
that kid came here, he said he had a huge grudge with the Nacht family, and he hoped to use our
hands to kill you all. He didn’t want any benefits. We were blinded by the benefits so that’s why we said
yes. We would never have expected the kid to be harming us,” a voice said from the forest.

“I hope you’re not lying, if not…”

“Ms. Beanie, don’t worry. I swear I am telling you the truth. If we are lying, we will not make any
progress in our lives and we will get tortured to death.”

“Very good! You can go. My family will not pursue what happened today, but I also hope that you know
your place. You will inevitably fall flat on your face if you keep doing something like this. What
happened today can be regarded as a lesson for you all. You still have to follow the right path, you will
never make it in life if you keep on going down the wrong path.”

“Yes, yes, yes! You’re right, Ms. Beanie. We are leaving the Demon Ridge now and we will be good
people in the future.”

“Okay, get lost now!” Beanie waved her hand.

After getting permission, shuffling sounds could be heard in the dense forest.

Those who survived began to leave quickly.

Today, they had been completely scared out of their wits.

“Master David, I’m done dealing with it.” Beanie jumped down and said respectfully after she came to
David’s carriage.

“Then let’s not waste any time.” David’s voice came from the carriage.

He also did not ask who the identity of this young man.

That was the Nacht family’s business. He had nothing to do with it nor did he want to have anything to
do with it.

“Yes! Master David, we’ll be on our way.”

After Beanie finished speaking, she turned and left.

While walking, she said, “Everyone, clean up and we’ll continue our journey. Our destination is Sole.”

“Yes, Milady!”

The guards began to clear the scene.

The Nacht family’s team soon began to hit the road again.

As for the corpses that died in the dense forest, they became food for wild beasts and nourishment for
the plants.

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