Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 552

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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 552

David and Celia booked a private room and had fun by themselves inside.

When Celia heard David singing the song he composed and wrote the lyrics to himself, her

eyes twinkled.

Not everyone knew David’s expert level lyric writing, song composition, and singing skills. He was
better than most singers, so of course, Celia was utterly enchanted by him.

She had known David for so long, yet she had no idea just how talented David was.

This was the first time she had heard David sing.

He was so good, and she was drowning in his voice.

At this moment, Stan returned home.

He walked out of the private room and noticed that Lorrain and the others were still there. Moreover,
they had gone to Private Room 138.

Hence, this made him curious.

It had only been a few days since Lorraine came back from Krum Mountain, so who was worthy of her
personal greeting?

Furthermore, every member of the Krums was snobbish, so they would definitely not personally visit a
normal person.

In the end, after he checked the security footage, Stan noticed David.

David might not have noticed him before, but he had purposely looked David up.

T Faction lost two great fighters because of David. Even though it did not affect him too much, it was a
pretty big blow to T Faction’s reputation.

Moreover, David was linked with Falcon in countless ways. Even after he asked the people in the
military to look David up, he could only find out some irrelevant information about the man. He could
not find any important information at all as David’s information had been categorized as top-secret.

This was a little scary!

Stan did not dare to continue checking. If not, he would attract David’s attention. Besides, he was at a
critical moment in his life and it was not beneficial to him if he made another strong and mysterious

Thus, he directly asked someone to waive David’s bill to express goodwill to him.

Even if they could not be friends, they should not be enemies at this critical moment.

He would only think of the future when the time came…

The ten-year appointment was the most important thing to him now, and once he defeated Clinton and
became the number one among the younger generation in Somerland, he would not only have the
number one beauty in Lorraine.

What was more important was that he could summon countless elites during the troubled times, which
would give him the resources to act as a hero during troubled times.

When the time came, it would be much easier to solve any of his problems.

However, Lorraine knew David, and Stan was curious about this.

The Gooding family had hushed up what had happened in the Gooding residence a few days ago.
They only knew that Lorraine brought the people from the Krums to cause trouble for the Gooding
family, causing the Gooding family to submit and lose their dignity.

However, they concealed the fact that David also went to the Gooding family to stir up trouble.

Therefore, naturally, Stan did not know how the two had met before this.

As for the meeting at Mason’s residence, naturally, Stan was even more clueless about this.

In a secret forest in Somerland where there was an intense magnetic field.

The precious head of the Gooding family, Ben, was waiting.

This time, Old Master Gooding used a secret channel to contact a strong sect.

The two parties agreed to meet here to talk about their collaboration.

As for why they chose a secluded place and not the city, it was because this sect was somewhat

Meanwhile Mason said that they could not work with hidden sects with a dirty history.

However, the Gooding family was in a dilemma.

According to reputable sources, Mason was indeed at the end of his life.

The Gooding family had offended the Krums, and once Mason was no longer around, the Krums would
definitely target the Gooding family.

The Gooding family only had Old Master Gooding, someone who was halfway to the God Rank, to face
the Krums, who were very powerful. Hence, there would be no way for the Gooding family to fight back.

Thus, the Gooding family had no chance but to seek out a powerful sect to work with.

Yet, there were not many sects that could compete with the Krums.

The Gooding family eventually found one, and despite them having history, the Gooding family did not
care. Mason was going to die anyway.

Once he died, Somerland would be like a plate of loose sand.

When the time came, it would come down to a battle of strength.

No one would notice these minor details.

Furthermore, they needed to use an even more powerful force to avenge Jenson and his sister.

While Ben was contemplating this, a sinister voice filled his ear.

“Sorry for the long wait, Head of the Gooding family.”

Ben was startled and he looked over to the voice. Then, he saw a shadow of a person standing not far
away from him. His body was covered with a black robe, and he was blending into the darkness around

They were in such close proximity, and yet, a peak Dragon Ranker like Ben did not notice him at all.

Not until the person had said something.

This caused Ben to break into a cold sweat.

This sect was indeed mysterious.

At the same time, he was a little excited.

This random person from the sect could make him feel as if they had a dagger to his back. So, Ben
could only imagine the power of the entire sect.

According to what the Gooding family had learned, this sect was not inferior to the Krums in the
slightest. Moreover, they even had a huge grievance with the Krums.

This was also why they chose to work together with this sect.

If thịs were another sect, even if they could compete with the Krums, they would not risk offending the
latter for the sake of the Gooding family.

There were a lot of other families to choose from in Somerland, so even if they did not work with the
Gooding family, there would still be other options.

From the looks for it now, this rumor was true. This sect was indeed powerful.

However, the more powerful they were, the more beneficial it would be to the Gooding family.

“Are you from Star Sect?” Ben recomposed himself and asked.

“I am. I am the guardian from Star Sect, Kit Powers,” the man in the black robe said.

“‘I see. I am Ben Gooding from the Gooding family in Capital City,” Ben introduced himself.

“Why did the Gooding family choose to work with Star Sect? You have to know that there are a lot of
people who want to work with us in Somerland. Aren’t you worried that your family will invite trouble
onto yourself by doing this?” Kit asked.

This was also why Star Sect was curious.

Recently, a lot of hidden sects and families were looking for collaboration so that they could peacefully
come out of hiding.

Star Sect was no exception.

However, Star Sect contacted a lot of families in the dark. However, when these families heard who
they were, they would reject them immediately.

Star Sect naturally knew why.

It was because Star Sect was categorized as a dangerous hidden sect in Somerland.

Thus, they could only lower their requirements for collaboration time and time again.

Until now, even none of the small families wanted to work with them.

However, they suddenly received news that one of the top four prominent families in Capital City, the
Gooding family, had contacted them voluntarily and even expressed their willingness to collaborate.

This confused Star Sect and they figured that it might be a trap set by Somerland so that Star Sect
would come out of hiding and they could capture all of them in one go. With that, Somerland could then
give the other hidden sects and families an initial show of strength.

Everyone knew that Mason was about to die, and it was not impossible that this could be his last burst
of strength. Therefore, they had to be careful.

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