Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 776

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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 776

An ancient and mysterious castle.

This was also where the core executives of the Mosley family lived.

A peak God Ranker of the Mosley family was also residing here.

David put on the mask belonging to Silver Face.

Today, as Silver Face, he was going to enter the Mosley family’s residence, one of the world’s five top
major forces, to see if the place was as dangerous and powerful as legend claimed.

At the same time, he would also avenge Miss Pearl and himself.

After putting on the mask, David’s aura changed, and his eyes became sharper.

He could not drive his car inside.

There were barriers set by the Mosley family ahead.

As one of the five major forces in the world, the main house of the Mosley family was naturally heavily

David got out of the car and his body floated into the air.

He instantly rose to a height of several hundred meters.

As he looked at the huge castle in the distance, he was like a giant beast opening its mouth to devour
everything around it.

The corners of David’s mouth upturned under the mask, revealing a strange smile.

‘Bear my wrath, Mosley family! ”


At the same time, the energy around his body rose to the extreme.

The clouds in the sky were shaken.

David’s body was like a shell that had just been fired, rushing towards the huge castle at high speed.

After a few seconds…


A huge sound resonated across the sky like a sudden clap of thunder. It did not disperse even after a
long time.

A large part of the main residence of the Mosley family’s residence collapsed and the family was in an

“Enemy strike!”

“Enemy strike!”

The alarm blared and screams could be heard.

“How dare you attack the Mosley family? You are so daring. I will not only smash you to pieces, but I
will also annihilate your entire family!” Paolo, the patriarch of the Mosley family, said in a powerful

“Whoever you are, since you dare to break into my residence, you will only have one ending, and that
is death. Not only will you die, but everyone related to you will die because of you. The glory of the

Mosley family is inviolable,” another deep and resounding voice said.

These two were the only two remaining late God Rankers in the Mosley family.

As for Gael who was also a late God Ranker, he had probed Somerland with the Haran family and
unfortunately, had died by Mason’s hands.

Losing a late God Ranker was somewhat unbearable, even if the Mosley family was one of the five
strongest major forces in the world.

After all, even when it came to the five major forces, a late God Ranker was already the strongest
combat power they possessed.

Their entire family was still in a state of anger and they had nowhere to vent.

Now, there were people who were completely disrespecting the Mosley family and dared to attack the
Mosley’s main residence.

They were simply courting death!

“Haha, I thought this was a dangerous place, but your family is just so-so. I am going to accomplish a
magnificent feat today. What can you do about that?” David laughed and said.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Soon, a few loud noises could be heard.

The strong aftermath caused the building of the main residence to collapse entirely.

Countless subordinates of the family were hurt by the aftermath, whilst some even died.


A pained voice could be heard.

“You… You… You are a peak God Rank supreme powerhouse. Who are you? Why are you attacking
my family?” A late God Ranker of the Mosley family cried in terror.

“Oh no! It’s a supreme peak God Rank powerhouse. Everyone, run and don’t fight him head-on. Ask
the old master to come here. Only he can defeat a peak God Ranker,” Paolo’s urgent voice resonated
across the castle.

When everyone heard that the intruder was a peak God Ranker, the people who were preparing to
attack David were all stunned on the spot.

When they came back to their senses, they fled the scene.

What a joke!

With their strength, wouldn’t they be asking for death if they encircled and attacked a peak God

Did they not hear that the two late God Rankers in the family were not even his opponent?

If they went to attack him, they would be committing suicide.

Protecting themselves would be more important now.

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