Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 1697

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David went back into the room with the red envelope.

After he opened it, he saw a gold card inside.

The contents of the card was very simple.

There were no words, only a logo of Treasure Trove.

David touched the gold card.

It felt smooth, soft, and pleasant to the touch.

It should be made of some precious metal. It was almost like gold on Earth, but it was surely more
precious than it.

Treasure Trove was indeed loaded.

Even its invitation card was so delicate.

The cost of making this small card was equal to the wage a normal person would earn over a Ifietime.

This was the upper class.

It was hard for normal people to understand.

Putting the card back into the envelope, David felt pretty joyful after getting the invitation card.

With it, he could walk into the auction house justly and honorably a week later.

David looked at his system.

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9996999990000000 Star Dollars

[Body: Sovereign Level 5 (You may upgrade one level using 1000 lavish points)

[Mind: Sovereign Level 1 (You may upgrade using 1000 lavish points)

[Combat: Eternal Realm mid-Sovereign Ranker

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap (Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection)

[Lavish Points: 920]

If he wanted to get to partial Saint, he had to raise his Mind and Body to Sovereign level 10 at the same

He still needed 14000 lavish points and he still had 920 lavish points left from the last time. Which
meant he actually needed 13080 lavish points.

David needed to spend 1310 billion at the auction a week later.

Partial Saint was so close to hand.

According to David’s understanding, the large auction hosted by Treasure Trove this time would have a
lot of treasures. So, the prices would not be low.

It would be pretty easy to spend thousands of billions.

David was looking forward to the auction.

After Alba left Valerio’s study, she did not go to David.

She had to keep her distance from David.

If not, the seniors of her family would ground her if they found out.

Valerio would not be able to help her if that happened.

When she went back to her room, Alba contacted Elmer and asked him to quickly build up the trading

Master Anders Palmore was about to come out.

Once he came out, Alba would be pushed into the spotlight since she was his fiancé.

She might even be married into his family immediately.

It would be hard for her to do anything if that happened.

Therefore, things were very urgent now.

Alba had to fulfill her promise to David as soon as possible.

She initially planned to only think about this after the auction, but it seemed that she could not delay it

Alba asked David how he would name the new trading company so she could register the company.

David did not hesitate on calling it East League Trading Company.

He had been using this name since he was on Earth, and he figured it was pretty nice. At the same
time, it benefited David a lot and helped his strength skyrocket the entire way. Therefore, he decided
not to change it.

Just like that, East League Trading Company was born in a large trade zone at the West End of the
Central Sacred Continent.

Countless trading companies were established on the entire continent every day, and at the same time,
there were also countless of them going bust because of poor management.

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