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Chapter 2556

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I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2556-“But even so, Elora must come back. Otherwise, after Lufian wipes
out the Robotias and the Soul Devourers and doesn’t see Elora, he will start attacking Leila. What will
we do then?”

Sylvio’s words did not make Valentin feel safe at all. He was still insisting on getting Elora back as it
would give him a little peace of mind.

Drogo next to him nodded in agreement.

“Lufian will be able to vent the anger in his heart after he wipes out the Robotias and the Soul
Devourers, and he should recover temporarily. Why don’t you stop recuperating in seclusion? This is
urgent so you should summon the people below and tell them to get ready! Although It may not be of
any use, it’s better than not doing anything. I’m going to see Elora.”

“Okay! Sylvio, you must bring Elora back as this is related to the safety of the entire Leila,” Valentin

“I know! I’ll try my best.” Sylvio did not make any promises as there was another variable in this matter,
and that was David.

Stark was so powerful and yet his unknown method could only just escape Zwei Arithmetics’

However, David could counteract the person analyzing him, and even when Sylvio was trying to do the
same for Elora, he also suffered a backlash.

Sylvio had to pay attention to such a person.

Ever since Sylvio obtained Zwei Arithmetics from ancient times, he had calculated countless people
and events. He had even turned inauspicious starts to good accounts and averted disasters.

The only one who could make him suffer backlash was David.

He could only decide what to do after meeting Elora and David.

What if the variable David could suppress Lufian?

Who knew?

Everything in the universe engendered and restrained each other.

There was nothing absolute in this world and there would be a silver lining in every crisis.

Sylvio had mastered Zwei Arithmetics so he believed in these ancient maxims.

Sylvio had reason to believe that the variable David might be Leila’s lifeline.

It would be best to completely get rid of Lufian.

Even if Elora stayed by his side all the time, it was not a longterm solution, and there was no guarantee
that Lufian would not go berserk in the future.

If even Elora could not control Lufian, it would be a real disaster for Leila.

It was still fine for now.

Lufian would snap back to his senses whenever Elora was mentioned. At least he could maintain some
sanity and not do anything too crazy.

That showed that things were not at their worst yet.

Sylvio’s ambiguous words did not satisfy Valentin.

How could he be so perfunctory when it was about his life and death?

“Sylvio, not do your best, but…”

Before Valentin finished speaking, he was interrupted by Drogo, “Sylvio, we believe in you. Go see
Elora without worries and leave the rest to us.”

“Okay. Thank you. You should be recuperating, but there is no way. If Lufian’s matter is not resolved, it
will be useless even if you return to your peak unless you also get into Heavenly Overlord Rank.” Sylvio

“We understand!”

Valentin and Drogo left, leaving Sylvio standing on his ground.

For now, he only knew that Elora was in The Spirit Cage, but because of David’s existence, he could
not use Zwei Arithmetics to find the specific location.

The Spirit Cage was neither big nor small, so it was not so easy to find someone.

No matter what, he had to go to The Spirit Cage first.

After that, Sylvio also left.

He wanted to find a safe place, set up a defensive formation, and then enter The Spirit Cage to find

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