Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 1555

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David continued to stay in the room for a while, and then he followed Marlee to the dining place.

Throughout the meal, Peggy kept staring at David.

Therefore, David had no choice but to finish the whole table of food so that the little girl would let him

After the meal, David was brought to a separate room.

The room was not luxurious, but fortunately, it was relatively clean and tidy.

This was very much in line with David’s wishes.

David did not have too many demands on this.

As long as it was not too dirty or messy, he could accept it.

While David was resting, the merchant ship quickly moved toward the entrance of the wormhole.

As they got closer, Marlee also became tenser and tenser.

They were most likely to encounter space pirates in the three days it would take to get to the entrance
of the wormhole. After all, this was the most dangerous stretch.

With the little power they had on their merchant ship and no one at partial Eternal, they would not be
the space pirates’ opponent.

Time passed slowly.

The merchant ship soon entered the high-risk area.

Marlee was constantly tense.

She was praying hard in her heart to not encounter a space pirate.

It could be said that this ship carried the Jung family’s best.

The Jung family also did everything they could to avoid the obstruction of surrounding forces.

The entire Jung family placed all their hopes on this merchant ship.

They had to succeed.

If someone robbed this merchant ship, what awaited the Jung family next would be eternal doom.

They would have no possibility of making a comeback.

Marlee knew she was the reason the Jung family was in this state now.

If she had not been willful back then, the Jung family would not be reduced to the present situation.

That was why she took the initiative to come on this trip.

She bet all her wealth and life on this ship.

If the merchant ship was robbed, she would not have the strength to go back to face her family.

Marlee had already decided in her mind.

This time, she would live and die with the merchant ship. She would live if the ship made it, but if it did
not, she would go down with it.

However, her daughter Peggy was still young.

She still had her whole life ahead of her, and her life should not stop here.

‘If there’s no other choice, I’ll put Peggy in David’s care and I’ll desperately create the opening for them
to escape.

‘My daughter likes David very much anyway.’

Marlee thought silently in her heart.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you resting?” Peggy rubbed her eyes and asked.

She woke up to find her mother looking the same way she did before going to bed.

“I’m fine. I’m not sleepy, you should have a good rest!” Marlee stroked her daughter Peggy’s cheek and

“No, if you don’t sleep, I won’t sleep either,” the little girl pouted.

“Okay, okay! Mommy will sleep with you, okay?” Marlee said and lay down next to Peggy, hugging her
and getting ready to sleep.

After a while, Marlee whispered, “Peggy, are you asleep?”

“No, Mom. I’ve woken up and I’m not sleepy now,” the little girl replied.

“Peggy, tell me, do you like David?“

“I like him!” The little girl replied without hesitation.

“Why do you like him, can you tell me?”

“I think Mister has a nice smile that makes me feel good. He’s not aggressive at all. I like being with

“Then… would you be okay if I let you stay by Mister’s side from now on?”

“Of course! Mom, can I really be with Mister from now on?” The little girl immediately sat up and asked

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