Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 1659

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Satisfied, David put away the system, and at the same time, he retracted his mind

Right now, he was completely different from when he first entered the room.

David just now was just a beginner Ruler Ranker, but now, he was already a mid-Sovereign Ranker.

There was a huge gap between the two.

He got out of bed and moved his body freely.


All the joints in his cracked.

David felt strength coursing through his body.

The powerful feeling was finally back.

Although David’s appearance had not changed after his strength improved, his spirit was completely

When David retracted his mind power, Elmer and Miss Alba were talking about something inside
another room in Treasure Trove.

Suddenly, Elmer was stunned.

Alba immediately noticed the change in Elmer, and asked, “Elmer, what’s wrong?”

“Miss Alba, I sensed a powerful energy flashing by, but when I tried to look for it, I found. nothing,”
Elmer replied honestly.

“A powerful energy? How powerful is it?” Alba continued to ask curiously.

“It’s not weaker than mine!”

“Not weaker than yours? Then it’s a mid-Sovereign Ranker. Do you know who they are?”

“I don’t know!” Elmer shook his head.

He had just cultivated his mind power and was still very weak.

If David did not retract his energy when he dissipated his mind shield, Elmer would not have been able
to notice it at all.

“It’s okay, don’t worry. Since this is one of the 108 large trading zones of the Central Sacred. Continent,
it’s normal for some unfamiliar Sovereign Rankers to occasionally pass by the trading company. It’ll be
fine as long as they are not hostile to us.”

“Got it, Miss Alba!” Elmer replied.

In truth, he still had something to tell Alba.

Just now, he suddenly found that this energy was not weaker than his.

Elmer felt that the other party was very close, and they were possibly even in Treasure Trove

However, he had no proof, so he did not dare to say anything.

The two continued to talk.

David was in his room, slowly adapting to the physical changes brought about by his soaring strength.

At the same time, he was familiarizing himself with his mid-Sovereign Rank strength.

For the next few days, David did not leave the room.

No one bothered him except the one time when Marlee came over with her daughter.

Peggy kept clamoring for David to tell her stories.

Marlee was helpless. Coincidentally, she needed to talk to David, so she brought Peggy along.
However, why would David be in the mood to play with a little girl?

There were more important things he had to attend to.

Therefore, he could only tell the little girl that he would owe her the stories. Once he was done with his
work, he would slowly tell her all these tales.

Although the little girl was a little unhappy, she was good at reading the room.

She knew that David was genuinely busy now, so she did not continue making a fuss and left with her
mother obediently.

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