Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2843

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I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2843-“Master? You have a Master? Who is it? Are they a man or a
woman? What’s their identity? How strong are they?” Nimbus asked a bunch of questions when he
heard that his daughter had a master.

One did not acknowledge a master by will.

Once acknowledged, they would share the same roots.

A lot of the forces in the Milky Way were families.

If they were related by blood, then they would be more united.

Not that there weren’t any forces with masters and disciples, but there were very few.

When they got themselves a master, their lives and death were tied together.

If someone was a master, they would be half-parent to their disciple.

Once this relationship was established, it would be permanent That was why Nimbus placed so much
value on this.

This was no small matter.

“Gosh, Father! You’re asking me so many questions. Which one should I answer first?” Nimbus’
questions confused Astrid.

“Answer me one by one. Is your master a man or a woman?” Nimbus repeated the first question.

If the other party was a man, he would be worried that his daughter had been deceived.

Astrid has been very sheltered sine e small, and she had never experienced the evils of the outside

Even though David was around and he might not have to worry about this, Nimbus still could not stop
himself from asking.

“She’s a woman, of course!” Astrid rolled her eyes at her father.

“What’s her identity?”

‘The head of the Iridescent Sect!”

“Is she powerful?”

“Anyone who can be the head of a sect is, of course, powerful!”

“How powerful?”

“I heard Celia say that she’s an Eternal Realm peal Sovereign Ranker, which is also the last rank of
Eternal Realm. If she breaks through again, she’ll be a partial Saint,” Astrid reflected and answered.

She did not pay much attention to the different ranks.

However, she still knew some after being influenced.

When Nimbus and the others heard that, they shuddered, ‘Eternal Realm peak Sovereign Ranker?

‘She’ll be a partial Saint after she breaks through?

‘Her strength is enough to wipe out all of the galaxies nearby. 9 While the trio was still stunned, Astrid
added suddenly,” Even though Master is amazing, she’s still miles from David. Father. Mother, Grandpa

Wilfred, you have no idea. David is the belief of every intelligent creature in Star Kingdom because he
saved Star Kingdom. If it’s not for him, Star Kingdom would have been invaded and scattered.”

As Astrid said that, she had a proud look on her face.

The more exceptional David was, the more it proved she was right about him.

Who would not want the man they liked to become a man of indomitable spirit?

Astrid made a huge decision back then to leave with David and venture to a new place.

Luckily, the women never thought of her as an outsider.

Astrid was happy living with everyone, and she never regretted her decision.

Nimbus and the others were still in a state of shock, and Astrid’s new piece of information stunned
them even further.

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