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Chapter 468

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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 468

The person who arrived was obviously David.

At this moment, he was grabbing the masked man’s neck with one hand, immobilizing him.

Ivan felt that the person who saved them looked familiar, but for a while, he could not remember who it

“Captain Tomlinson, i-isn’t he the freelancer from a rich family whom we picked up last time?” Asked
one of the team members.

“Which one?” Ivan asked.

They had picked up a lot of freelancers that came from rich families, so how would he remember which
one it was?

“The one who defeated all of us.”

Ivan instantly remembered after this reminder.

His entire team was knocked to the ground when they picked up this recruit last time, so how could he

‘It’s him!

This guy is so powerful!

‘It seems that the last time he fought us, he didn’t use all his strength at all.’

David stood on a branch and slowly strangled the masked man.

“Who are you? How many people came this time and what are their strengths? What is your purpose of
coming here?” David asked.

He flew the whole way after entering the old-growth forest while his mind power was also at the
extremes, so it did not take long for him to spot someone he was familiar with.

One of the Team Wolfs was hiding here.

Two of them had also been seriously injured.

Plus, there were three fewer members than the last time when they had picked him up.

They must have sacrificed their lives.

Although David had some misunderstandings with them last time, his heart was burning with anger at
that moment.

These were the elites of Somerland and they sacrificed their lives to protect its land.

They were all heroes of Somerland, and they deserved respect from everyone in the country.

The enemies were three masked men.

One of them was a mid-Dragon Ranker while the other two were halfway to the Dragon Rank.

They were very strong, and they were not people that Team Wolf could compete with at all.

Obviously, the other party came prepared this time.


However, the masked man was being strangled and he could not speak even if he wanted to. Right
now, he could only make a whimpering sound.

David could tell what the other party was wishing for, so he loosened his grip slightly.

Now, the masked man was able to breathe, and he frantically took in a few gulps of fresh air.

If David did not loosen his grip, he would have died from suffocation.

“I-If you let me go, I-I’ll give you all of the intel,” the masked man replied in a hoarse voice.

“You have no qualifications to discuss terms when you’re in front of me,” David said with a blank
expression on his face.

“Since I’ll die if I tell you and I’ll also die if I don’t tell you, then don’t even think about learning anything
from me. Listen to me, the power we dispatched this time is completely out of your imagination. If you
don’t get the intel and start planning appropriately now, all of Somerland will be finished as everyone
who comes in will die. How about we make a deal? I’ll tell you everything if you let me go.”

After the masked man finished speaking, he waited for David’s reply.

He believed the other party would agree to his deal.

As for the intel, how would David know if he was lying or not?

By the time he found out whether or not it was genuine, it would be too late.

However, what he heard was not David agreeing to his deal, rather, it was the feeling of being
suffocated once again.

Moreover, David was exerting more force this time.

“Since you don’t want to tell me, then don’t. Become the burial offering for the dead heroes of

After David said that, he tightened his grip.


He directly snapped the masked man’s neck.

The masked man also looked at David with terror in his eyes.

He could not understand why this Somerland would rather kill him than get the intel.

This was out of his expectations.

If not, he would not have spoken to David so boldly.

However, one could not turn back time.

The moment his neck was snapped, he was set to follow the two other masked men on the way to
becoming burial offerings to the dead Somerland heroes.

David casually threw away his corpse, jumped down from the branch, and landed on the ground softly.

“Captain Tomlinson, long time no see,” David greeted.

“David, it’s you! I’m so sorry about the last time,” Ivan said respectfully.

David’s strength was beyond his imagination.

What was even more ridiculous was that he thought David was a kid from an aristocratic family who
only wanted to get in for bragging rights.

“Please don’t take it to heart, Captain Tomlinson. I should be the one apologizing for what happened. I
shouldn’t have gone so hard on you,” David said.

These were all people who put their lives on the line for Somerland, and he was indeed too hard on
them last time.

Now it seemed that he was still young.

“David , how many people did you bring this time?” Ivan stopped splitting hairs about what happened
last time. The situation at hand was much more urgent.

“It’s just me,” David replied.

“What? You’re the only one? W-What should we do then? David, this time things have exceeded
expectations. The enemy is very strong so you should leave and report to the higher ups,” Ivan said

He originally thought that since someone had gone out to report the situation, the higher-ups from
Somerland would arrange for forces to back them up after receiving it. Unexpectedly, David was the
only one who had been sent.

Although David was great, at such a young age, no matter how powerful he was, there was still a limit
to his strength. Their enemies this time were not weak, and they were obviously targeting Somerland.

They should report this to the higher-ups as soon as possible so that they would send even more
powerful people over.

Otherwise, everyone who entered the forest this time would be in danger.

“Captain Tomlinson, you should leave with the wounded! I’ll go look for the others.”

“David, don’t be impulsive, the enemy has come prepared this time so we must report it to the higher-
ups first.”

“The higher-ups are already aware of the situation, so they asked me to come here to find out more.
Don’t worry, I won’t act impulsively. Captain Tomlinson, you should leave with the wounded first. If not,
it’ll be troublesome if you delay their treatment.”

Ivan thought about it and said, “Alright, be careful. I’ll go and report this to the higher-ups. They should
send some people here very soon. You should be vigilant.”

“I got it. Go now. Go straight from here, and in about 5 to 6 kilometers, you’ll see the waypoint.”

“Alright, take care. However, I also want to check if those people left any identifications.”

After Ivan said that, he and the other three members walked to the three masked men, squatted, and
removed their masks.

There was nothing unique about their appearance.

The one in the middle was older and he should be around 50 or 60 years old.

Meanwhile, the others looked like they were in their forties.

Afterward, Ivan searched them carefully. Unfortunately, they did not bring anything nor have any
special tattoos.

Indeed, they came prepared.

Ivan then walked in front of David and spoke after he did not find anything, “No discovery. I guess these
people are scared of Somerland’s revenge, so they didn’t leave any clues.”

“You could already tell by their masks. You should go now, I’ll go look for the others.”

With that, Ivan and the other three men left along with the two injured team members.

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