Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2322

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David sat at the top.

Sid, Zenon, and the other Saints sat below, together with Celeste and Nova, the head of the Iridescent

They were discussing why the Feather family came early.

Although Zenon and the others had sided with Blue, David did not want to pursue that matter because
they were forced to do so.

Temporary compromise was understandable when one’s life was at stake.

After all, no one wanted to die.

As for Sahar, he was handed over to Sid and was charged with treason.

David was not using public office to avenge private wrongs.

He did not need to do that with his current strength.

It was only under David’s strong mental oppression that Sahar admitted his intention to side with Blue.

Not only did he want David to die, but he also wanted to be the spokesperson of the Feather family in
Star Kingdom, to control Star Kingdom.

Sid certainly would not easily spare this kind of traitor.

After David’s analysis, Blue’s early arrival should be because he came alone, at the fastest speed a
Deity could use.

David knew how fast a Deity was.

The 300 years that Azul mentioned back then was probably the time it took for a large team of the
Feather family to arrive.

So there was a gap of 299 years.

David had no idea what the Feather family would do next.

However, after suffering such a big loss and the death of a Deity, he was sure that the Feather family
would not let this go easily.

Hence, he would stay, waiting for someone from the Feather family to come again.

If he left, Star Kingdom would not have the slightest resistance against the Feather family.

Fortunately, he could not leave The Spirit Cage at will.

The little Pebbles girl had not grown up yet.

So, he usually stayed in The Spirit Cage, only coming back occasionally to take a look.

When Blue was dying, he uttered the strength of the strongest grandmaster of the Feather family, and
he was a Divine realm Ancestral Deity.

This made David feel more at ease.

He was a partial Overlord, so would he be bothered by an Ancestral Deity?

When the matter of the Feather family was completely resolved, David would lead everyone back to

It was his home after all.

Even if his parents were gone, his relatives and friends were still there.

Moreover, Celia and the others had been away from home for so long, so they definitely wanted to go
back to see their family.

Sid and others were very appreciative of David’s analysis.

Knowing that David was not afraid of the Feather family, they were both relieved but shocked.

According to what David said, no matter how many people from the Feather family came and whoever
led the team, he was sure to kill them all and would not allow them to hurt even a hair of Star Kingdom.

So why should they be worried?

They should just go back and do their own thing.

As David said, they should just leave the rest to him.

After sending Sid and the Sacred Saints away, David was not in a hurry to go back to The Spirit Cage.
Instead, he came to the small courtyard where Celia and the others lived to reunite with everyone.

It had been several months since the last time he was back.

This time, David planned to stay for a few more days and spend time with Celia and the others.

He had told Pebbles that he had something to deal with and she should not run around at will.

Therefore, he believed the little girl would be obedient.

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