Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2449

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“Haha! Thank you for the compliment, Old Master Stefani. You’re also much younger than before. It
seems that the genetic drugs worked,” David replied with a loud laugh.

Since his identity and status were exposed, very few people on Earth dared to joke around with him

They were all scared of David, so they would all be yes-men and did not even dare to breathe too

Mason was one of the very few people.

David liked this and he did not want to be treated differently.

“It’s not only useful but something good that will change your fate! Moreover, there aren’t any side
effects and I feel as if my body is back to its peak. Speaking of this, David, I have to thank you. If it’s
not for you, I would be a pile of bones now. How would I be able to sit here in safety?” Mason

“Old Master Stefani, you’re too modest. Everyone in Somerland can see what you did for Somerland.
As a member of Somerland, this is what I should be doing.”

“That’s enough. Let’s stop complimenting each other. Let the bygones be bygones.”

“I have the same thought.” David crossed his legs and smiled.

This was why he liked chatting with Mason.

His attitude would not change because of David’s identity and strength.

Perhaps it was because this old man had accepted life and death.

“Right, David, I heard Julia say you’re amazing right now. You’re at the peak of that place called Star
Kingdom and you have even stopped and killed enemies from a higher civilization from invading.
You’re the belief of every living creature in Star Kingdom!”

“Those are just false reputations! Old Master Stefani, you should know that I don’t care about all that.
To be honest, I prefer to make money in silence and keep a low profile. I couldn’t control my strength
being exposed and I felt very helpless too.” David looked as if he had no alternative.

If others heard this, they would think that David was showing off indirectly.

However, Mason would not think so.

Even if he did not have a lot of interactions with David, he knew this was David’s true thoughts.

“Just expose it! It’s nothing shameful anyway. It seems that no matter where you are, you have to
become a model to encourage young people to work hard. You’re so hard, so of course, you’re the best

“I know it’s nothing, but this is how I am. I don’t like to be under the spotlight.”

“Oh, you! So many people want to become famous overnight and become a household name, but
you’re so scared of becoming famous after doing good.”

David smiled and did not say anything.

The two talked about the different civilizations, from the level 3 civilization Milky Way to the level 7
civilization Star Kingdom. Then, they talked about Earth again.

They talked about the different levels of strength, the changes in development, and the local conditions
and customs. In addition, they also talked about other intelligent lives.

They would talk about whatever came to mind.

When Mason heard David talking about how fantastic the universe was, his eyes were filled with

However, he knew he was too weak. He would be fine on Earth, but out there, it would be too

It would be hard to predict if he could stay alive.

If he wanted to go out, he had to make sure he could protect himself. Then, he could go out to see the
wonders of the universe.

After their chat, David left some treasures Mason needed from his cultivation and left.

The next stop was Dark Cape.

David’s previous subordinates Paul and Killer were there.

When they were with David, they were always loyal.

As their employer, David of course would not let the people who were loyal to him suffer.

This time, aside from reminiscing, he also wanted to give Paul and the others some resources so they
would work hard to train.

Whether they could break through to Eternal Realm and have at least an epoch, or 129600 years, of
lifespan, would be up to them.

After he said goodbye to Mason, with David’s speed, he reappeared in Dark Cape the next minute.

People came and went on the bustling street.

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