Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 685

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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 685

David confirmed his identity as Silver Face, and after being known by Selena, he was not going to
continue to pretend anymore. Since she had such talent, pretending to be stupid would not work, so he
should just be honest.

“Since Miss Selena already knows my identity, then I have nothing to say. Yes, I am indeed Silver Face,
but I don’t want to reveal my identity for the time being. I am asking you to help me keep it a secret,
Miss Selena,” David sighed and said.

“Why? David, everyone wants to be a person who attracts everyone’s attention. I wish the whole world
would know how amazing you are, but you are trying your best to hide and try to make yourself
mediocre even though your so-called mediocrity is so dazzling to others,” Selena asked curiously,
staring at David with a pair of beautiful and seductive eyes.

She really did not quite understand why David was hiding his power. “There’s no reason. It’s just that I
don’t like it, and don’t you think my strength doesn’t match my age at all?”

“Isn’t this a better way to show your excellence? From ancient times to the present, you have done
things that no one else can do. A 22-year-old late God Ranker is simply unprecedented, and there
probably won’t be many others like you in the future,” Selena said admiringly.

David’s strength was already on the same level as her grandfather, but he was not even as old as her.

He was truly an indescribable monster!

“No, no, no. There is a saying that goes, ‘it’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off. If
plants are like this, what about people? Once my identity is exposed, many foreign forces will definitely
find a way to get rid of me. Therefore, in order to save my life, I have to keep a low profile,

understand?” David explained. ‘It’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off, but that’s
before you grow. You’re already a mighty tree that reaches Heaven now, so what wind can blow your
top off? A late God Ranker is at the peak of the world. My grandfather will be 90 soon and he only has
the strength of a late God Ranker.” “Miss Selena, you have no idea. There will always be people better
than you in this world. Didn’t you hear what Saunder Chris said? The Grandmaster in his family is even
more powerful than Old Master Stefani and Old Master Stefani is a peak God Ranker. Once these
people discover that I might threaten them in the future, would they spare me? What if an even
stronger old monster that’s even more powerful than Old Master Stefani comes to kill me when the time
comes? I might not be able to escape with my current strength.” Selena thought about it for a while.
David was right. Even though he had become a late God Ranker, there were still people who could
beat him.

If foreign forces knew that he was a late God Ranker at such a young age, he would definitely be killed.

However, was there really someone who could surpass Mason in this world? She remembered her
grandfather once said that the peak God Ranker seemed to have the

world’s highest combat power. There was simply no one who could reach beyond God Rank now.
However, even if a peak God Ranker came along, with David’s strength as a late God Ranker. most of
them would not be able to escape. “Then… What can I do to help you?” Selena asked. “Miss Selena,
as long as you keep this matter a secret and not tell anyone, it will be the greatest help to me. I still
need more time to grow and when I am strong enough to no longer fear anyone, then I can reveal my
identity. By the way, you didn’t tell anyone about this, did


“No, David, don’t worry. I will keep it a secret for you. I won’t even tell my father and grandpa,” Selena
said solemnly. “Thank you, Miss Selena.”

“David, we should be friends now, right?” “Yes, definitely,” David replied confidently… “Then you should
just call me Selena and not Miss Selena, okay? I don’t like the sound of it.” “Um… Okay! I’ll call you
Selena from now on.”

“David, I have something to ask you.”

“Go ahead.”

“How did you do this? Even if you start from when you’re in your mother’s womb, it’s only been 23
years. So how can you reach the realm of a late God Ranker? My grandpa used 80 years to reach this
realm.” “Actually… I have no idea. I just trained and then I reached this stage. I also don’t know what
exactly happened.”

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