Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 282

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As the breeze gently blew and sunshine in the spring softly shone, they could not help but feel
somewhat languid.

Facing the sparkling lake, Caspian laid on the boulder casually, but Jessica naturally could not be as
unrestrained as Caspian.

Thus, Jessica carefully tucked the corners of her skirt and hugged her knees as she sat beside

Then, Jessica whispered about what happened since she entered the Dark Moon Sect, and she made
sure to include even the smallest details.

From afar, Lucy felt as if she stared at a piece of beautiful drawing.

After some time, she sighed, rubbing her two index fingers together.

Then, with her head lowered, Lucy appeared aggrieved as she mumbled, ‘I don’t think I’ve seen Lady
Jessica showing such a bashful look.

Now that she has Casper, will she abandon me? What should I do to stay by her side forever?
Moreover, which part of the idiot Casper attracted Lady Jessica?’

After giving it a thought, Lucy hid behind another big boulder and once again quietly peeped at the two.

Later, the surroundings quietened when Jessica finished describing her experience.

“If that’s the case, you’re here to send a letter for your Master?” Caspian asked, breaking the silence.


I’ve already delivered the letter.

Then, I thought that you’re also in the Heavenly Stars Sect, so I decided to visit you too,” Jessica

However, she was secretly annoyed as she thought, ‘Why didn’t you ask why Master Chloe chose me
to send the letter.’

Just as Jessica thought of that, she suddenly saw Caspian raising his hand and covering the back of
her hand with his palm.

“Thank you for your effort.

I should be the one visiting you, but you ended up traveling on purpose just to meet me.”

Caspian’s apology came along with his action.

The warmth seeped through Jessica’s skin, and her heart trembled.

All the grievances she felt before were gone with the wind.

Caspian understood her.

Although Jessica was touched, she was still stubborn.

Next, she answered, “Who traveled on purpose just to meet you? Stop thinking so highly of yourself…”

Before Jessica even finished her sentence, she saw Caspian’s smiling eyes, and she lowered her
head, not saying another word.

After a while, Caspian asked, “Oh, right! How long can you stay here this time?”

Since Caspian changed the topic, Jessica felt much relaxed.

Then, she tucked her hair behind her ears and replied, “I can stay at most for five more days before
going back.

The workload my Master gave me is really heavy.

Thankfully, I have Pure Jade Physique, and I can train much faster than other people.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t even consider me to send the letter on her behalf.”

“Pure Jade Physique… I’m so envious of that,” Caspian sighed and looked at Jessica, “When can you
break through to the peak first-stage Pulse Control Realm?”

“The latest would be by the early of next year,” Jessica rolled her eyes at Caspian, “You’re not much
slower than me as you’re already a mid-level first-stage Pulse Control Realm, and we’re the same

Caspian laughed awkwardly.

After all, only he knew how many tricks he had in his sleeves to get such ascension speed.

The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale alone gave him so many advantages compared to other

However, Jessica did not have any shortcuts, and she practiced step by step to improve herself.

The advantages of her Pure Jade Physique were yet to be fully shown.

At a lower realm, Jessica’s cultivation speed was about 30% faster than ordinary cultivators.

As she improved further, the difference would be more obvious.

At that time, Jessica might only need a year to improve to the next level, but other cultivators might
take at least seven years, and some of them might even be stuck in the same realm forever, unable to

Jessica’s glory days were still far ahead.

“Well, I can’t be slower than you…” Caspian sighed again.

When Jessi

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