Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2559

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The killers of the Mouthless Gate gathered one after another and surrounded Jagoan. Both the road
ahead and the way back had been completely blocked!

“Huh? There is really only one person! I thought it was wrong!”

“You dare to barge into our Sect by yourself… I’m afraid you’re crazy about getting a name!”

“Kid, take a look at the statues here. There are some unknown Nirvana Realm practitioners. They are
your fate!”

“However, since you can find our position and kill our people, it means that you still have some
strength. Let’s kill him one by one, everyone!”

“No, no, no! I propose to make a statue, the most ugly one. Let’s see what an idiot will end up like!”

The Jagoans of the Mouthless Gate realized that Jagoan had truly arrived. Furthermore, the other
party’s aura was not that strong and was only at the sixth level of the Nirvana Realm. They involuntarily
let out a sigh of relief and began to spout nonsense. After all, they were all Nirvana Realm Jagoans. A
mere sixth stage of Nirvana Realm Jagoan was not enough to turn the world upside down!

However, before Jagoan could make a move, the Jagoans rushed over.

Once the invader was killed, no matter how strong or weak he was, they would be rewarded.
Therefore, after discovering that someone had invaded, the Jagoans of the Mouthless Gate gathered in
order to avoid missing the opportunity to make contributions.

“Hey, hey, hey, you don’t talk about martial arts!”

“Haha, it’s not a treat. Who doesn’t have any martial arts ethics?”

“His head is mine!”

After saying that, countless figures approached Jagoan with fierce killing intent.

However, Jagoan’s face did not change. When they were about 10 meters away, the life soul of the
White Tiger inside Jagoan lit up!


The White Tiger was in charge of killing. Killing intent filled the air in an instant!


In the face of the White Tiger’s life soul, the so-called killers were not worth mentioning. They were
immediately counterattacked by the killing intent and exploded on the spot.

“What!” The other killers, who had wanted to make the first move, stopped!

To be able to become an official killer of the Mouthless Gate, his strength was definitely not weak. At
the very least, he was at the first stage of Nirvana Realm. However, combined with the numerous
secret killing techniques of the Mouthless Sect, ordinary Jagoans were completely unable to defend
against them.

A first level of Nirvana Realm practitioner could completely kill a third level of Nirvana Realm Jagoan.
Whether it was a frontal attack or a sneak attack from behind, it was the same. This was also the
reason why the ordinary forces did not dare to say anything in the face of the actions of the Mouthless
Gate. They were afraid that the Mouthless Gate would retaliate. However, now there was an Jagoan
who killed many of them alone.

What was going on?

Before they could figure it out, Jagoan continued to attack


Jagoan clenched his fists and suppressed the killing intent with his killing intent. He locked the killing
intent with the killing intent. He punched out with his fists and flicked them.

In an instant, the Jagoans, which were originally surrounding him, became empty. All of them were
killed by him, leaving no armor!

“This…” Seeing this, the rest of the killers panicked.

Who was this?

It was actually this powerful, terrifying!

“All of you, get lost!” All of a sudden, a murderous voice sounded, and the group of killers of the
Mounthless Gate quickly dodged.

A tall figure slowly walked out.

It was not difficult for Jagoan to recognize that the person who had come was the top master of the
Mouthless Gate. This person was an acquaintance of Jagoan Jagoan. He had secretly killed countless
thorn in the eye and flesh for Jagoan Jagoan.

In order to satisfy Jagoan Jagoan, he even humiliated his targets more and made them lose all their
dignity as Jagoans before dying miserably. He also requested for his subordinates to record all these
scenes. When the time came, it would be a small gift for Jagoan Jagoan and it would be very

Because of this, if Jagoan was really blocked by the Jagoan Jagoan and the others today, then the fate
of the Immortal Montgomery Upper Kingdom and the others would be so miserable!

“It seems that Jagoan Jagoan didn‘t stop you and let you run away?” The supreme expert from the
Mouthless Sect sneered. “And then, when you were busy escaping back to the Immortal Montgomery
Upper Kingdom, you met some useless people we sent and killed them. Then, you found our

In his opinion, Jagoan must have had a secret method to escape from Jagoan Jagoan. He couldn’t be
bothered to think about such an impossible thing as Jagoan Jagoan being killed!

As for the dozens of people sent to the Upper Kingdom, although their strength was not bad, they were
better at humiliating others.

It was said that Jagoan’s partners and good friends were in the Immortal Montgomery Upper Kingdom.
If the people they sent had humiliated these people one by one and called them a living hell before
ruthlessly slaughtering them, it was likely that Jagoan Jagoan would pay more than happy.

Having known Jagoan Jagoan for many years, he had already thoroughly grasped the other party’s
preferences. However, this time, he encountered a tricky problem and Jagoan escaped from Jagoan
Jagoan’s hands.

“It’s rare for you to escape. If you return to the Immortal Montgomery Upper Kingdom and flee with your
men, you might even be able to live a little longer. Why bother sending yourself to me personally?” The
supreme expert from the Eternal Heaven Gate grinned and said, “However, since there’s a path to
heaven that you won’t take and you barge in without a door to hell, I’ll capture you on behalf of Jagoan
Jagoan! It’s still up to him to personally kill you. This way, I can earn more money from him.”

“Let Jagoan Jagoan kill me?” Jagoan laughed. “How can a dead person kill me?”

“What? Jagoan Jagoan is dead?” As soon as Jagoan said this, everyone’s faces changed.

They all knew who Jagoan Jagoan was. This was someone who was not weaker than the big shots of
their own gate, and even more powerful than them.

But now, Jagoan said that Jagoan Jagoan was dead. How could this be possible?

“Why are you still so stubborn when you are on the verge of death?” The supreme expert was startled
for a moment before he coldly said.

“Forget it, I have nothing to say to you, just suppress it!”

After saying that, the supreme master opened his five fingers. On the gloves he wore, the gems were

The gems had five different colors, which were related to the Five Elements. It was a rare Five
Elements magical treasure. In addition, the cultivation of the supreme expert from the Mouthless Gate
was extremely high. He was at the peak of the Nirvana Realm and had stepped into the ninth level.

It was precisely because of this that he was qualified to interact with Jagoan Jagoan. He didn’t say
anything, but he knew that the guy who could survive in the hands of Jagoan Jagoan was not an
ordinary person.

What if Jagoan Jagoan was really killed?

Then he couldn’t be careless!

To be able to develop to this point, the Mouthless Gate’s current status was not something that could
be achieved by sheer recklessness. Now he had to teach Jagoan a lesson!

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