Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1397

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The dark clouds in the sky dissipated.

Even though there were still some remnants on the edge, at this time, it was like the afterglow of the
setting sun, with a dark red color, and then gradually dimmed.

The bone-chilling cold feeling that enveloped the space of treasure had completely disappeared.

In a mountain ridge, the huge zombie dog demon could be seen lying weakly on the ground.

Caspian stood on its head.

To be honest, in terms of height, Caspian was about 50 times smaller than the zombie dog demon.

But at this moment, standing on the head of the zombie dog demon, the momentum of Caspian
steadily suppressed the other party.

The frightening zombie dog demon looked at Caspian with fear in his eyes.

The black shadow in the sky was penetrated by Caspian’s fist and scattered.

The zombie dog demon’s body was also covered with cracks like ravines.

These cracks crisscrossed and almost covered its whole body.

At first glance, it seemed that the zombie dog demon would break into pieces at any time.

The zombie dog demon was really scared.

Its life and death were in the other party’s hands.

Caspian was indeed thinking about how to deal with this zombie dog demon.

Originally, according to his idea, he could just directly blow up the opponent.

After all, there must be a valuable corpse core in the zombie dog demon’s body.

And unlike those ordinary zombies, the body of the zombie dog demon could now be said to be a
treasure of heaven and earth.

However, it looked a little ferocious and terrifying.

It was not a bad choice to use it to refine pills or refine weapons.

This was Caspian’s first thought.

As he continued to fight with the zombie dog demon, from the beginning, he could not defeat the other
party and had to run away.

Later, he could hold on for more time, and then to the end, they were evenly matched, and finally he
reversed the other party.

Caspian’s decision was constantly changing.

After refining this zombie dog demon, he could at most obtain some materials for refining pills and
forging weapons.

But if the zombie dog demon was to be kept, its freezing Qi and Death Qi could make Caspian have
more fighting capacity.

When Jade Gordon’s body was stained with Death Qi, even Heavenly Spirit Realm Elder of Mountwave
Sect felt that it was extremely difficult to solve it.

If the zombie dog demon could be used by him, then the Death Qi would definitely greatly benefit
Caspian. Not only the Death Qi, but the freezing Qi was also extraordinary.

It should be known that Caspian’s body was extremely condensed, and his vigor was far stronger than
that of the same level. Just by relying on his physical body, Caspian, who was at the third level of Holy
Land Realm, could kill a cultivator at the entry level of the the second stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

With such a strong body, if he had not relied on his Immortal Demon Physique, he would not have been
able to fight against the zombie dog demon. Therefore, in order to vent his anger, he seemed to be
wasting a lot of things if he killed the zombie dog demon.

The fact that the old emperor was able to allow the zombie dog demon to guard the treasures of the
twelve kingdoms was enough to prove his recognition of the strength of the zombie dog demon.

Caspian looked at the zombie dog demon at his feet.

The zombie dog demon was shaking. Feeling the trembling under his feet, Caspian smiled.

Since the other party was afraid, it would be easier.

He then jumped in front of the other party and lifted it up with a wave of his wrist. He found that when
the zombie dog demon saw Flame Severing, its body suddenly trembled more strong.

Not only that, but its lying body also began to rub back, which made it look extremely afraid.

Seeing this, Caspian was stunned for a moment and then understood.

The person behind the Gates of Hell, who was able to stir up trouble in highway to hell, was clearly a
Fiendgod who had dominated an entire region at his prime time.

In addition, he seemed to be an even more dominant existence to the dead.

Although Flame Severing was a fragment of that guy’s weapon, it was definitely a symbol of power and

As a dead thing, the zombie dog demon was afraid of Flame Severing, so it was naturally reasonable.

Thinking of this, Caspian suddenly felt a little funny.

If he had known that this guy was so afraid of Flame Severing, he would have hacked down with Flame
Severing from the beginning.

But Caspian soon shook his head again.

What he had done before was not useless.

Even though the Flame Severing could frighten the other party, what the other party feared was the
Flame Severing.

It had nothing to do with Caspian.

Now, Caspian had made the other party afraid of him.

In this way, if he could subdue the other side, the zombie dog demon would naturally be more obedient.

After making up his mind, Caspian raised Flame Severing and knocked on the opponent.

In order to prevent the blade of Flame Severing from cutting off the zombie dog demon’s head at once,
when he cut it down, he used the back of the knife.

But even so, with a flash of the fire, a wound more than 100 feet long was torn from the cheek to the
neck of the zombie dog demon.

The wound was like lava, and there was still lava flowing down.

The zombie dog demon’s body suddenly trembled even more violently.

Caspian could even feel the fear in the zombie dog demon’s eyes.

“Oh, are you afraid now?” Caspian gave a cold snort, waved his Flame Severing, and struck out a
dozen more times.

All of a sudden, the demon zombie’s head was covered with crisscrossed wounds.

The wounds were torn open, and lava was flowing inside.

Its mountain-like body began to shake, and the ground was shaking.

However, Caspian was not satisfied.

He sneered and said, “You didn’t shout after being beaten so many times.

It seems that you are not convinced of me.”

In an instant, the white flame in the zombie dog demon’s eyes expanded several times.

If this look appeared on people’s faces, it was probably because they were so frightened that they
widened their eyes.

Therefore, the zombie dog demon opened its bloody mouth in great humiliation and let out a cry.

“Just once? Looks like you are really not convinced.” Caspian snorted, then leaped up into the air and
landed on top of the zombie dog demon.

He waved his Flame Severing, ripping open another dozen or so melted wounds.

Each wound was more than 60 meters long.

For zombies, the wounds on their bodies were not painful.

However, the wounds caused by Caspian made the zombie dog demon understand that this guy had
the power to grind his bones and turn it into ashes.

The zombie dog demon was clearly not stupid.

At least it was a demon of early-stage of wisdom.

After understanding the meaning of Caspian’s words, the zombie dog opened its black hole-like mouth
and barked dozens of times in a row.

The barks were as if telling Caspian, “I cried so miserably and so sincerely.

Are you satisfied?”

“How dare you shout? It seems that you are not convinced of me.” After a while, Caspian sneered.

A stream of anger immediately surged into the zombie dog demon’s heart.

The white flames in its eyes also began to burn fiercely.

But the next moment, the dog opened its mouth obediently and made a light sound.


“Are you afraid?” Caspian laughed and stabbed again.

This time, he did not use the back of the knife.

Instead, he directly cut out Flame Severing and cut off the thick and long dog tail.

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