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Chapter 2322

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Gina remembered very clearly that last time when George and his men forced herto a desperate
situation, Chyntia killed George.

At that time, Chyntia was still the Amethyst Palace Realm. With his realm and strength at that time, it
was not surprising that he could be promoted to Real Immortal Realm.

If the other party couldn’t get promoted, Gina would think it strange. But the problem was that Chyntia
was promoted in the Black-White Pagoda!

Not to mention the lack of spiritual Qi here. The environment here was like hell for the promotion of
inner demon tribulations!

The most dangerous thing for an Amethyst Palace Realm cultivator to become a Real Immortal was his
inner demon tribulation. The dead souls here caused the danger level ofthe inner demon tribulation to
increase tenfold or hundredfold!

Unless he was crazy, he would choose a place like Black-White Pagoda to upgrade. But the fact was
right in front of Gina. Chyntia had not only been promoted, but also succeeded.

From this, one could see just how sturdy his Dao heart was. The inner demons and the dead souls
could not stop his promotion. And he stabilized his realm in a short time.

Gina could clearly feel that the strength of Chyntia was not just ordinary improvement. Compared with
before, they were like heaven and earth.

Amethyst Palace Realm and Real Immortals aren’t at the same level of life, However, this change was
too shocking for him. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, i wouldn’t have believed it.

In the face of Chyntia, Gina could barely breathe.

Since she was already like this, then there was no need to mention the other female cultivators.

“Please save us!” Seeing the arrival of Chyntia, the leading female cultivator immediately shouted,
“Senior Brother, you’re going to enter the Divine Martial Sect, aren’t you? We’ll definitely repay you
after the trial test is over!”

Chyntia would come at this time, so he naturally intended to save everyone. Even if the leading female
cultivator did not say that, he would kill all the dead souls. What’s more, the young man was a great
tonic for Chyntia.

With a wave of Chyntia’s arm, a cyclone violently swept out. The chains that wrapped around the
female cultivators instantly crumbled.

Chyntia waved his hand again, and pieces of elixirs flew to the front of the female cultivators.

“Take it first, restore some spiritual Qi, and then leave this place,” Chyntia ordered lightly.

As soon as these female cultivators took the elixirs, they felt a burst of refreshing Pure Qi, and the
blocked spiritual Qi in their bodies was instantly cleared.

The leading female cultivator immediately clasped her hands to Chyntia and said, “Senior Brother, you
saved us. How can we let you face these dead souls alone?”

The other female cultivators also agreed. But Chyntia shook his head.

I just don’t want you to see my tricks…

Gina had brief contact with Chyntia, so she knew more about his temper.

Seeing the impatience in Chyntia’s eyes, Gina said to the leading female cultivator and the others,
“Since Senior Brother wants us to leave first, he must have his own plans. Let’s do as he said…”

Gina’s realm was one level higher than that of Chyntia, but after this incident, she was willing to call
Chyntia Senior Brother.

Hearing this, the other female cultivators nodded in agreement-

The leading female cultivator cupped her hands at Chyntia and said, “Senior Brother… Be careful.”

Chyntia nodded.

The dead soul young man roared, “None of you can leave!”

Black flames suddenly burst out from behind him. The black flames instantly turned into continuous
mountains. In the mountains, dragons rolled and swept, and countless horrible ghost shadows
condensed into billions of troops, shaking the galaxy and destroying the universe.

With a wave of the young man’s arm, endless black flames immediately leaned toward Chyntia and the

Black flame mountains fell one after another, causing the void to collapse as if the destruction ofthe
world had arrived ahead oftime. The violent shock made the faces of the female cultivators present turn
pale, and they could not stand steadily in the air.

Chyntia looked calm and said faintly, “Go…”

A bright light flashed between his eyebrows.

“The Third Move of Sword!”


The intertwined sword light suddenly turned into a spiral and instantly pierced through the black flame
that was coming at him, creating a long-lasting passage. Then he opened his palm and pushed


All of a sudden, the female cultivators felt as if they were wrapped in a soft cloud, and their bodies
involuntarily flew out along the passage. By the time they realized what had happened, they were
already hundreds kilometers away.

Looking at the burning black flames in the distance, the female cultivators could not help but feel like
they were dreaming. It was as if everything that had just happened was just a dream.

In the black flame, the dead soul young man was still roaring angrily. “Killing Axe!”

He raised his hand and grabbed.


Hundreds of mountains collapsed, and he caught a war axe full of sawteeth. The battle-ax was covered
with blood, and countless souls were hovering around it. Their faces were twisted, and they roared.

Each and every one of these souls had condensed into terrifying figures. Some of them had arms all
over their bodies, some had three or four heads, and some had sharp teeth. All of them were filled with
a bloodthirsty madness. Any random attack could turn a city with a population of a million into a

“Die!” The young man waved his axe.

In an instant, countless sky collapsed. The unpredictable aura seemed to be the arrival of all the gods
and devils, which were going to crush Chyntia into minced meat in an instant.

“It’s noisy…” Chyntia snorted coldly.

He suddenly took a step forward. Between his five fingers, there was rolling starlight. With a wave of
his hand, he struck out thousands of stars.

Now that Chyntia had advanced to the Real Immortal Realm, his strength was no longer the same as
before. The starlight burst out and the light turned into substance, like a blazing fire and a sharp sword,
unstoppable. The sky-covering starlight hit the evil spirits until they exploded one after another.

Dense black holes appeared in the air. Every black hole was the shattered soul of an evil spirit.

The young man was beaten to retreat, his face full of ferocity and anger. The killing axe in his hand
could not stop Chyntia.

“Death Spirit Energy!”

A green flame was burning between the eyebrows of the young man. This flame continuously squirmed
and jumped, containing the purest aura of death.

He suddenly spat out, and the green flame immediately shot on the killing axe. The giant axe suddenly
burned like a torch.

“Human cultivator, be good and die!”

As the axe fell, the black flame turned cyan, like a fire burning the Archean Azure Heaven. It suddenly
burned through the void and destroyed Chyntia.

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