Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 336

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“What’s… What’s going on..?”

Even Caspian, who created Ghoul-Locker Spear by himself, could not help being taken aback as the
changes in the spear far exceeded his expectation.

It was not worse than Caspian anticipated, but it was better… So much greater!

The Ghoul-Locker Spear’s current appearance was indescribable in words.

If Caspian had to, he would say the spear was like a bolt of black lightning, and there was a subtle
layer of light seeping out from its surface, appearing in front of Caspian.

No matter what, the Ghoul-Locker Spear was done.

Once Caspian calmed himself down, he grabbed the spear.

The moment he touched it, Caspian felt as if the staff was connected to the blood in his arm.

More accurately, it was as if the Ghoul-Locker Spear was an extension of Caspian’s hand, which he
could stab in any direction he wanted, even if the place was out of his sight!

It felt as if Caspian broke through the shackles of space!

When he realized that, Caspian immediately took a step back and shot the spear.

With a loud buzz, the Ghoul-Locker Spear trembled, and the light on its surface suddenly spread,
forming a black shadow shaped like a giant pupil.

Then, the shaft burst out like a stellar stream, piercing in the direction Caspian thought.

At that time, it was like the Ghoul-Locker Spear pierced in the direction where the black pupil stared,
and Caspian could feel it.

In that instant, the air in the surrounding seemed to be locked and frozen, and the eeriness and despair
made Caspian feel as if it was the eye of death.

“The gaze of death…” Caspian mumbled.

Those four words were extremely fitting to represent the feeling when the Ghoul-Locker Spear was
shot out.

Once Caspian returned to his senses, his heart was filled with ecstasy.

The Ghoul-Locker Spear’s changes proved that it was not just a ninth-grade weapon.

Those three hours in the furnace made it exceed the level! The spear was half a step away from being
a spirit tool!

At the thought of that, Caspian could no longer control the excitement he felt and punched the air.

Spirit tools were magical items that could be driven using spiritual Qi once a cultivator reached the Holy
Land Realm.

The magical weapon was not just a tiny bit better than a sharp weapon, but it was a complete essential

A sharp weapon would only change its battling characteristic, but the spirit tool had psychic abilities!
There was only a tiny, almost negligible chance that the sharp weapon could be slightly improved when
refining sharp weapons.

Although it did not reach the level of a spirit tool or magical item, it would surely gain a certain amount
of power.

The cultivators called such a weapon more than a sharp weapon but did not reach the spirit tool as an
almost spirit tool.

Furthermore, such a weapon was the ultimate treasure dreamed of by the Pulse Control Realm
cultivators, and Caspian made one himself!

Caspian could not wait to share the joy and accomplishment with everyone he knew.

Nonetheless, as Caspian saw much of life, his excitement gradually cooled down, and he refocused on
the Ghoul-Locker Spear.

After checking, Caspian found that the functions he added when he modified the Ghoul-Locker Spear
to become a mace, meteor hammer, and longsword were still maintained.

However, the current differences were they were stronger and much more concealed.

Not only that, but the inscriptions Caspian engraved on the Ghoul-Locker Spear were unaffected too.

Caspian was delighted with all of those.

With that almost spirit tool, which was the strongest level in the Pulse Control Realm, Caspian was
much more confident with the trip to the Hopeful Woman Mountain and the upcoming challenges.

Then, Caspian held the Ghoul-Locker Spear, walked out of the Tower of Life, and returned to the cave.

When he returned, Caspian suddenly realized that he looked at someone’s eyes.

“It’s too close.

I can’t tell who it is…” Caspian took a step back and immediately recognized that the person standing
in front of him was Miles, the Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciple that almost had his arm ruined by Caspian’s

The world was indeed small!

Miles was surprised, and his face was immediately ashen.

When he realized that it was Caspian, his face was as pale as a sheet.

“Well… It’s you…”

”It’s you!”

Caspian calmly uttered, whereas Miles screamed as if a hundred strong men violated him.

“I’m going to kill you!” The next second, Miles roared, then, he turned around and ran away.

Miles had no choice as Caspian’s sudden appearance was bizarre, and he was frightened.

Moreover, Caspian taught him a lesson with a punch at the entrance.

Even though he swore to take revenge, Miles knew that he would only flee if he met Caspian in the
Hopeful Woman Mountain.

At that moment, Miles was not Caspian’s opponent Miles’ heart was about to jump out of his throat, and
after he roared, he hurriedly ran in the direction he came from.

He was so fast that even a whirlwind rolled on the flat ground.

“Trying to escape?” Caspian sneered.

After upgrading the Ghoul-Locker Spear, Caspian was worried that no one was around to let him try its

However, that was such a great coincidence to have his wish fulfilled.

“The Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear!”

Caspian shook the staff, and the light spread out instantly as if a huge eyeball stared at Miles, who ran

Miles felt as if the abyss stared at him, and his hair stood on end as he felt a chill running down his

That felt as if his life was about to end in a split second!

Nonetheless, Miles was still ranked fourth in the Ninth Sacred Sect’s apprentices, so his reaction was
extremely fast.

When he turned around and saw a burst of spear light rushing at him, Miles swiftly took a huge shield
from his storage back and blocked himself with it.

“This is a seventh-grade weapon, the Guardian of the Seas Shield…”


Just as Miles said that the heavy shield was instantly broken into pieces by the Ghoul-Locker Spear,
and the violent and terrifying shock blasted Miles out.

The palm of his hand holding the huge shield was torn apart by the blow, and blood oozed out


Crackle and rattle!

Miles smashed a piece of stalactite, and the loud noise continued to echo in the cave, like a billowing
thunder, deafening.

The impact just now made Miles feel as if his brain was about to be blown up, and he only had one
thought in his mind… How was that possible!

When Miles got up from the ground with great difficulty, he noticed that more than half of his body was

The previously injured right hand was limping at the side, whereas the right hand he held the shield
with just now was covered in blood, and bones were faintly visible from the torn area in the fingertips.

The force of the spear!

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