Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2028

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Jagoan and the others were also forced to fall back to the ground by the shock. But they still tried to
look in the direction of Jagoan.

This was a magical power of Amethyst Palace Realm!

Its power was more than a thousand times stronger than that of the Silver Battle General’s!

However, Jagoan showed extreme calmness at this moment. He stood with his hands clasped behind
his back and looked at Southern Heavenly Queen with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. It seemed that he
was looking at a fool. He had already killed Silver Battle General, because the other party attacked him
sneakily. As for Southern Heavenly Queen attacking again, Jagoan knew that there was no need for
him to do it himself.

Naturally, someone would deal with it. Southern Heavenly Queen was asking for trouble.

Sure enough, the giant palm carried tens of thousands of mountains, rumbling. Before it reached the
top of Jagoan’s head, a cyan light shot from behind the Immortal List.

In an instant, the mountains collapsed and melted like ice and snow. The palm was also pierced
through. In an instant, it shattered into clouds.

In the distance, Southern Heavenly Queen screamed in pain and withdrew his palm. With fear and
anger on his face, he looked at the Immortal List.

There was a hole in his right palm, and blood gushed out as if it didn’t cost money.

“Sect Master attacked!” Someone among the shocked crowd shouted.

Everyone immediately began to carefully sense it. As expected, they could sense a familiar Dao aura
from the green colored light that was slowly disappearing.

Suddenly, all the cultivators on the island felt their scalps tingle. Even Jagoan couldn’t help but be

He knew that the higher-ups of Heaven’s Edge Sect would definitely stop Southern Heavenly Queen,
so he didn’t need to use his magical power again. But he didn’t expect that the Sect Master would
really take action in the end.

It seems that performing the vigor magical power is really useful…

Jagoan sighed in his heart.

Just when everyone was shocked and frightened by the Real Immortal Realm of the Sect Master of
Heaven’s Edge Sect, the voice of the Sect Master came from behind the Immortal List, “If there is a
next time, I will not forgive you…”

It was Dao aura before, but now it was the voice. These two things indicated that the Sect Master
blocked the magical power of the Southern Heavenly Queen for Jagoan, and also slightly punished the
Southern Heavenly Queen.

Instantly, the momentum of Crape Myrtle Sect disciples was reduced by half.

Southern Heavenly Queen looked even more ashamed and angry. But in the end, he swallowed his
anger. Because he had no way to solve this.

He knew very well that if he showed any more dissatisfaction at this moment, the he would become the
one who had been killed to warn others by the Sect Master. It might be easier for the Real Immortal
Realm master to kill him than to kill a chicken. He didn’t even dare to treat the injury on his palm. He
even squeezed out a grateful look, bowed respectfully in the direction of the Immortal List, and then
flew back dejectedly.

Jagoan naturally had to bow again to thank the Sect Master for his help.

He suddenly heard the Sect Master’s voice, “Don’t worry…”

Jagoan exhaled and bowed to the end. Then, he flew to the side of the jade platform and met with the
rushing Jagoan and others.

Everyone only thought that Jagoan was thanking the sect master for saving him. However, only him
understood the meaning behind the two short words that the sect master had spoken.

The Sect Master was saying that Jagoan didn’t need to worry about Crape Myrtle Sect’s revenge on
the surface. Deeper down, it was very likely to have something to do with the return of the Grand Pure

In fact, after the Sect Master gave this hint, Jagoan understood that his realm was still too low.

In the eyes of others, the real realm of the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm was already very good.
Because if he went further, he would be the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm. However, not
to mention the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm, even the Amethyst Palace Realm’s vision and
questions were far inferior to that of Real Immortal Realm. Even Amethyst Palace Realms were

The Real Immortal Realm was the true Immortals who had lost his mortal body and transformed into an

It could be seen from the Sect Master’s magical power that easily defeated Southern Heavenly Queen.

At this time, Jagoan was comforting Jagoan and the others while thinking about the information that the
sect master had sent to him.

When they returned to the jade platform where everyone was, they found that there was already a
large piece of space. There were only a few people waiting for them there. These people included
Flame Gordon, Charlotte Sky, and Butterfly Zoila.

When they saw Jagoan, they all hurried over.

Jagoan stood in front of them. After making sure that there was no serious injury or even no injury,
these people were completely relieved.

Seeing Jagoan looking at the empty jade platform in confusion, Flame Gordon explained with a smile,
“You have annoyed the Crape Myrtle Sect and killed the General of the Crape Myrtle Sect in public,
which means that you are opposing the whole Crape Myrtle Sect. To be more precise, there should be
a blood feud. Under such circumstances, those ordinary disciples naturally dare not get too close to

When Flame Gordon said these words at this moment, he did not deliberately lower his voice, so the
cultivators who were a little closer could hear him clearly. However, these people pretended not to hear
him and moved further away.

Seeing this, Jagoan even more deeply discovered what kind of prestige the Crape Myrtle Sect had in
the Heaven’s Edge Sect. After all, it was the Sect Master who protected him just now. Now, it seemed
that the Sect Master, who was usually ethereal and they were not qualified to meet, was far less
influential than the Crape Myrtle Sect for those ordinary disciples.

After they sat again, Jagoan raised his hand and formed a barrier with spiritual Qi to cover everyone.

Many cultivators from the outside world swept over with their Divine Sense, and they were surprised to
find that their Divine Sense could not penetrate the spiritual Qi barrier of Jagoan.

Jagoan also showed his strength.

“The Crape Myrtle Sect must hate me to the core, especially the Southern Heavenly Queen,” Jagoan
said to the crowd.

No one had witnessed Jagoan’s killing of those people, including the General of Cloud, Solid Dragon,
or the six-person team of the Head dog. But today was different from the past. No matter why the Silver
Battle General was killed by Jagoan, according to the Crape Myrtle Sect’s style of doing things, it would
inevitably blame this blood feud on Jagoan and affect everyone related to him.

The people sitting next to Jagoan were even more so. Like Jagoan, they had become a thorn in the
Crape Myrtle Sect’s side. Because of this, Jagoan needed to remind everyone.

“The Crape Myrtle Sect is eager to kill me now, but because the Sect Master just took action, they will
not have such an opportunity in a short time. If they can’t do anything to me, the only thing they can do
is to find an opportunity to hurt you…”

Jagoan’s eyes fell on Jagoan, Jagoan, Lady Maisie, and Xander. They were all promoted to the
Heavenly Spirit Realm.

Immortals’ Assembly had just started the second round. Therefore, in the following battles, unless they
quit now, it was very likely that they would meet the disciples of Crape Myrtle Sect.

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