Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1893

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The void around Jagoan collapsed and shattered. Countless shouts, wolf smoke, and surging vigor
crushed and swept.

Jagoan’s body was like a fallen leaf, about to be torn apart in the next moment.

“Immortal-killing Soul-splitting Sword!” In the storm, Jagoan suddenly raised his hand.

With the Death Word sword in hand, it suddenly burned with a scorching white flame. In the depths of
the flame, it was like an endless volcano, constantly swallowing and exhaling, shaking up the sun.

The next moment, the flames split into two, then into four, and then into eight. In an instant, the sword
radiance cut the gods and ghosts, and the sharp Qi frightened the immortals. With a roar from Jagoan,
it slashed in all directions.


A vortex rose out of thin air where the sword edge cut, and the surrounding world was divided at this
moment. A series of ancient battlefields, before they even reached the top of Jagoan’s head, were
immediately pierced through one after another, blasted to pieces. The vigor gathered into a long river of
blood, rushing around as if the sky had been broken and leaked.

“Hmm?” A hundred miles away, Jagoan’s face darkened.

The cultivators who had been watching this scene fell silent for a moment, and then they let out even
louder exclamations and shouts than before.

At this moment, in their eyes, the sword light was like a wild-haired Archean Giant Beast, tearing apart
the universe. The battlefield and restriction formations were broken under their fierce impact.

A series of spaces collapsed everywhere. Countless devil gods evolved from the battlefield exploded at
this moment, like firecrackers and fireworks, bursting into bright light.

If the cultivators looked up at the sky, the flashing light would burn through cultivators’ eyes in an
instant. The sand on the ground became hot and melted into lava.

Countless cultivators exclaimed and retreated further away. Many people panicked and fell into the
lava. If their realm was high and his Protective Upstanding Qi was strong, it would be fine. But if it was
just a Pulse Control Realm, once they fell in, there would be no bones left.

In the sky, the stars in the sky were all beaten up and disappeared. The moon, which had been
hanging high, showed signs of collapse.

Jagoan roared repeatedly, and his arm sank again.


The remaining dozens of battlefields suddenly condensed, gathered, and reorganized. In an instant,
they turned into a huge hand that covered the sky, which contained earth, fire, fire, wind, lava, and
thunder. Countless natural disasters and destruction were gathered in the center of the palm, gathering
tens of thousands of forces toward Jagoan.



At this moment, this blessed land was distorted, and the sound of steel plates being twisted could be
heard everywhere, giving people a feeling of collapse and destruction.

The cultivators who were still watching were scared out of their wits at this moment. They had no time
to continue watching the battle. They displayed all their skills and fled to the distance in panic.

Jagoan was not afraid at all in the face of this big hand. He held the Death Word Sword in his hand and
his aura surged. Eight rays of blazing sword radiance swirled around him rapidly. The heaven and stars
turned into an Indestructible Soul.

The next moment, the eight rays of sword light gathered on the Death Word Sword again.

The long sword was unsheathed, and its bright light cut through the sky. As Jagoan’s sword slashed
out, the depths of the void seemed to be filled with the sigh of the dead. The world was cold and
desolate, and the atmosphere of the dead was quickly spreading. However, the sword radiance quickly
disappeared as if ice and snow had melted. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Above the big hand, Jagoan’s heart trembled.

However, seeing this scene, he couldn’t help laughing out loud. “You’re just…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly felt his scalp tingle. The rumbling sound in his ears came
from far away to near, shaking the void and trembling continuously. A great disaster, a great pressure,
and a great catastrophe arose spontaneously.

What happened?

Jagoan was shocked and shouted subconsciously.

As soon as he finished his words, a 3,000-meter-long sword radiance suddenly appeared under the
giant palm. It sped up and chopped down.

Deep in the mighty sword radiance, ice rivers of eternity rushed out. The cold air was chilling and the
ice and snow were fluttering. The rushing clear river seemed to come from the depths of the River Styx,
taking the essence of the Netherworld. Just one glance could freeze people’s souls.

The instant it touched the palm, countless ice rivers exploded. The flood and frost turned into countless
fragments of stars, destroying the universe and tearing the void.


The center of the giant palm suddenly exploded continuously. In an instant, a horrible wound that
almost cut the palm in half appeared, winding like a canyon.

Jagoan’s Protective Upstanding Qi was also shocked at this moment. The light was shining rapidly. He
only felt that all his vigor were suppressed. Waves of pressure came from all directions, trying to crush
him into a bloody paste.

“You!” Jagoan was shocked and angry, he had just shouted.

In the distance, Jagoan shouted, “Explode!”


Chi la!

It was as if ten million pieces of steel exploded in the palm of his hand. The terrible impact suddenly
tore his palm in half along the wound. In an instant, the palm directly disintegrated in the air, turned into
a torrent, and spurted in all directions. The desert on the ground instantly turned into a sea of magma
and spread for thousands of miles.

Many cultivators were devoured and burned to ashes before they could escape.

A huge hole with a diameter of 100 miles was also burned in the sky, and countless origins kept
collapsing. In the depths of the hole, rays of golden light appeared. The light and shadows rapidly

connected together to form talismans, stabilizing the blessed land. This explosion almost destroyed the
blessed land. At this moment, even the protective formation was activated.

Seeing this, Jagoan narrowed his eyes.

Once the protective formation was activated, even if no one paid attention to the previous battle here,
the people from Crape Myrtle Sect who were watching the battle would definitely look over. It was like
raising 25 jars of fish. At this moment, a fish tank was suddenly broken, and anyone would see what
was going on. Even if this person had been sleeping before.

This person must be the most powerful person in Crape Myrtle Sect.

“Let’s end this quickly!” Jagoan immediately reached out and threw him away.

“Sky-flipping Seal!”

The seal instantly suppressed the surrounding three thousand miles of void. The surging lava could no
longer move forward.

Those cultivators who had fled far enough at this moment seemed to have hit an invisible wall at this
moment. They fell from the air.

Jagoan, who was shocked and angry, felt a sharp pain all over his body and was looking at the broken
sky in surprise. At this moment, a sword light suddenly lit up behind him.

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