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Chapter 550

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According to Maya, if Caspian went to the town’s chamber of commerce, he might not be able to buy it
within the limited time, but if he went to the floating market, he could even buy better materials.

He was persuaded by Maya’s words as in Caspian’s plan, the Eye of Insight could not only help him at
that stage, but it would also be one of the means he relied on in the future.

After all, he has led troops to fight, and he deeply understood how important it was to have a clue on
everything around him.

However, Caspian did not immediately agree with Maya because he had a problem and did not think of
a proper solution.

The problem was Little Candy.

At that stage, the Mirage White Tiger naturally could not openly appear in public.

However, feeding Little Candy would be a problem if Caspian was on the road with Maya.

Little Candy could stay in the Earring of Echo for more than twenty days, but it had to eat after all.

Moreover, Caspian could not let Little Candy out in front of Maya and put it back after that as if nothing

Caspian and Maya might be best friends, but his secrets were a different concern.

However, Caspian did not expect that after Handsome heard the problem that bothered him, the little
pig slammed its little hooves loudly, saying, “Caspian, Caspian, you’re such a smart person.

How can you not think of such a simple solution?”

“Hmm?” Caspian frowned, looking at Handsome from the corner of his eye.

The little white pig initially wanted to be mysterious deliberately, but it suddenly noticed the temperature
in the surroundings became cold.

Then, Handsome saw Caspian’s unfriendly gaze, and the little pig quickly changed its tone and said
pleasingly, “Caspian, you’re so mean.

Anyway, just because it’s inconvenient for you to feed Little Candy, it’s convenient for me.”

Handsome winked at Caspian mid-sentence, and there was an uncontrollable expectation in his eyes.

Caspian knew that Handsome wanted to go inside the Earring of Echo as it was very curious about the
storage magic tool that could hold living things and its mystery.

However, Caspian never promised Handsome before.

Although he understood that Handsome had a selfish motive, Caspian thought.

the little pig’s suggestion was reasonable.

Moreover, Handsome’s original figure might be massive, but the little white pig was only the size of two
fists at the moment.

Hence, when he quietly asked Handsome to bring the food into the Earring of Echo, Maya would never
find out.

Even if Maya realized that the little white pig was gone, it would not be an issue as such a small pet pig
could snuggle into his arms.

After making up his mind, the problem was properly resolved.

Handsome was happy, and so was Caspian.

That night, Caspian went to discuss with Maya and set their schedule.

As everyone else had their plans and different departure time, Maya ended up being the only one who
went on the road ahead of schedule with Caspian.

Five days later, Caspian and Maya were on their way to North Earlington.

At that time, they also found out the date of the nation’s official religious election.

Since it was only mid-June, they only needed to arrive at the capital of Earlington of Efrax before July

Now that they had a month to the day, it was more comfortable than their anticipated twenty days on
the road.

Since there was plenty of time, and there were still more than ten days before the floating market
started, Caspian and Maya did not hurry, and they traveled while admiring the scenery of South

As Maya was born in Earlington of Efrax, she explained a lot to Caspian about the customs of the
country along the way, which greatly increased Caspian’s knowledge.

After walking for seven days, the two came to the junction of South Earlington and Middle Earlington.

Although it was a border, it was still a big area, and it would take about three days to enter Middle
Earlington fully.

Caspian and Maya have replaced their Heavenly Stars Sect uniforms with ordinary clothing during that

After all, the Heavenly Stars Sec was not the only sect in Earlington of Efrax, and keeping a low profile
in other sects’ territories would reduce unnecessary troubles.

There was another one of the six major sects in South Earlington, the Sacred Palace Sect.

Two days later, Caspian and Maya came to a lush mountain.

As long as they crossed the mountain, they would enter Middle Earlington.

The mountain was long excavated with wide stairs.

After all, more mortals than cultivators had to pass through South Earlington and Middle Earlington.

At the foot of the mountain, Caspian and Maya found a checkpoint in front of the stairs, and if they
wanted to pass, they would have to pay 20 fedulings.

There was a long queue at the moment, and despite being cultivators, Caspian and Maya did not
deliberately cut the queue.

Instead, they lined up and moved forward in order.

At that time, many people in the team complained.

“There was no checkpoint before this.

What’s going on today?”

“I don’t know, but twenty fedulings per person is too expensive.”

“These people don’t seem to be the Earlington of Efrax’s officials.

Who are they? Why can they just set a checkpoint as they wished?”

“Shh! They’re from the Simmons family nearby.”

Hearing that, someone immediately widened their eyes.

“The Simmons family with the Walk on Air?”

“I just inquired, and they mentioned that the head of the Simmons family was just promoted to the
second-stage Pulse Control Realm not long ago.

This group of people blocked the road and set up a station to accept gifts!”

As soon as the words came out, some people were dissatisfied.

“What does the promotion of the head of the Simmons family have to do with us? Why do we need to
give a congratulatory gift?”

“Keep your voice down!” Someone next to him was annoyed and glared at him.

“Twenty fedulings are not too much or little.

If you give it, you won’t lose a piece of yourself.

If you provoke the Simmons family in this kind of place, whose fault will it be when you fall to your
death while climbing the mountain?”

The man who felt indignant just now turned pale, shuddering as he did not dare to say anything more.

Hearing the discussion from the surrounding people, Maya looked at Caspian and whispered, “What
should we do?”

“Crossing the mountain is the fastest way.

The floating market will open the day after tomorrow.

If we spare this mountain, it’ll take at least three days.

If we miss what we need, it won’t be worth it.

Forty fedulings for the two of us is not much,” Caspian replied.

Forty fedulings was insignificant for Caspian now.

If others snatched the things he wanted in the floating market to save the money, it would not be worth

Moreover, if there were any good things in the market organized by the individual cultivators, it would
inevitably be looted.

Caspian also wanted to get some unexpected gains, so he naturally wanted to be there a day earlier.

Perhaps that way, he could get some surprising findings.

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