Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2642

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The style of the throne was very simple and unadorned, and it was full of the smell of primitive times and
Boorish Desolate. No one knew which era it dated back to, or when it was born at the beginning of the

In fact, the three of them had occupied the throne for a very long time and had thought about completely
occupying it. Unfortunately, the throne didn’t recognize them at all. If they tried to sit on it, they would only
get hurt in vain, so that they didn’t dare to do anything. Even if they occupied it for a long period of time,
they still couldn’t do anything.

The human skeleton came precisely to retrieve the throne.

At first, they still wanted to resist. After all, the human skeleton had been away for many years.

During these years, they were also getting stronger, so they might be able to defeat the human skeleton.

What they didn’t know was that the human skeleton had indeed returned as a king. Their resistance
seemed humble and laughable. They could only beg for mercy in a hurry, hoping that the other side
would spare them.

Without looking at them, the human-shaped skeleton directly sat on the throne. The throne had been
resisting the three of them, but it was very happy about the return of the human-shaped skeleton.

When the human skeleton sat on it, some flesh and blood grew out of his body and long hair. He looked
like a woman, but there were still many missing flesh and blood. It was hard to tell whether it was a man
or a woman.

As the flesh and blood grew, the power of the human skeleton was obviously enhanced again.

When they had not used their power before, the owners of the three coffins still wanted to fight, but now
they did not dare to resist at all. They became more and more afraid and felt that they were insignificant.

Before they could open their mouths to beg for mercy, the human skeleton stretched out his hand
casually toward the three coffins.


The three experts and their coffins were turned into ashes.

The human skeleton was still sitting on the throne. The green flame rose to the sky, burning the entire
white bone mountain like a torch between heaven and earth!

In the midst of the burning flames, a flaming vortex appeared and a human skeleton stepped into it.


At the same time, Jagoan, who was advancing with the Heaven-patrolling Army, suddenly sensed
something and a green flame flashed across his eyes. He sensed the change of the human skeleton.

“Jagoan, what happened?” Jagoan asked.

“Nothing…” Jagoan shook his head and continued to follow the army.

The Heaven-patrolling Army flew through the void and arrived in front of a transparent flame. The flames
were as vast as the universe, with an island in the center.

This kind of island gave people a feeling that it was impossible to get close to. It was very vast.

This was their target, the Evil Spirit Island!

“Get ready to attack!” The Heaven-patrolling Army did not say much and was ready to attack the Evil
Spirit Island.

Suddenly, many Jagoans rushed out of the Evil Spirit Island.

Although they were called Jagoans, in fact, they were completely different from the Jagoans they had
met in the past. They were black-masked assassins with long teeth. It was obvious that they were a
group of dark Jagoans!

“Someone is recklessly attacking our Evil Spirit Island again? We must eat more fresh flesh today!”

“My cultivation method needs a lot of Divine Souls. They came at the right time!”

“Kill, kill, kill… Remember to leave their corpses behind. I want to refine them into puppets for my own

The dark Jagoans kept clamoring. It was obvious that this was not the first time the Evil Spirit Island had
been discovered and attacked. However, the people who had attacked the Evil Spirit Island before had
all become dead corpses.

Male Jagoans’ bones were removed from their skin to practice demonic arts. As for female Jagoans,
after being enjoyed, they were killed or out into pieces because in the world of dark Jagoans, female
Jagoans were much more useful than male Jagoans!


While the dark Jagoans were clamoring, they displayed various kinds of magical powers and took out
magical treasures one after another. In an instant, the buzzing sounds were endless. However, the dark
Jagoans’ methods were different from an ordinary person’s. Their magical powers were filled with a
terrifying evil light. There were countless vengeful spirits faintly crying out.

Their magical treasures were also directly refined from the bones of the Jagoans. Once they were
activated, the blood light would soar to the sky, and the souls of the Jagoans whose intelligence had
been erased would appear one after another.

They were located at the front, as shields for the dark Jagoans. After all, a powerful Jagoan had already
cultivated his body like a supreme treasure, so did his Divine Soul.

At certain times, their bodies were the best materials. However, if they did this on purpose, it would be
too cruel, and not tolerated by the world.

Every time someone attacked the Evil Spirit Island, the dark Jagoans would follow the rules and use the
souls of these dead Jagoans as shields. If the attacker was softhearted, they would also become magical
powers, magical treasures, and Divine Soul shields like this after a while. Without exception, no one
would be spared!

Such a terrifying scene caused even experienced Jagoans’ expressions to change.

In the face of such dark Jagoans, people were often shocked and unable to move.

As a member of the world’s creatures, how could they be this cruel?

How could they harm innocent people like this?

The dark Jagoans saw that the Heaven-patroling Army did not take advantage of the situation and
thought that the other party was frightened, so they pressed forward step by step.

“Haha, it’s another group of guys who were scared silly… That’s why I said, what can they do with such
diligent cultivation? If it really comes to a big scene, they will lose their lives for nothing.”

“It’s a pity that these guys today seem to be all male Jagoans. It seems that they can only strengthen my
magical treasures. It will be good if all of them are female Jagoans!”

“They are not fools. How could they send so many female Jagoans to us for nothing… However, it’s
better than nothing! They look very powerful. After we kill them later, we will use their flesh and blood to

cultivate our magical treasures, and their Divine Souls will not be wasted. If they are strong, we can
refine them by ourselves and take them for our own use. If they are weak, we can use them as shields!”

“These so-called Jagoans of the Orthodox Path and decent sects hesitated at the sight of these weak
Divine Souls, for fear of dragging innocent people down. But they didn’t know that these people were all
dead people! They are all dead people. Just kill them!”

The dark Jagoansdark Jagoans were approaching step by step. Not only were there a large number of
them, but there was no lack of Nirvana Realm practitioners as well. There were even a few Ruler Realm

What’s more, they had already killed Jagoans of the Orthodox Path who came to their door hundreds or
thousands of times, and they had been familiar with it for a long time. Now it was just one more time, and
there was no pressure at all!

“Kill!” All of a sudden, the General gave the order.

The Heaven-patrolling Army, which had been ready to fight, rushed directly to the dark Jagoans like a
tiger out of the gate. The Heaven-patroling Army directly smashed the divine souls into pieces. Anyway,
their intelligence had been erased. The so-called spirit was just a mass of energy, that was all.

These dark Jagoans were too naive. They didn’t even look at who came this time. They actually treated
the Heaven-patrolling Army as good-for-nothing.

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