Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2093

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No one would have thought that the finals of the match came as soon as the battle between Lydia and
Kadek Steele was over. After all, Cindy had just displayed his strength. Therefore, everyone
subconsciously thought that he would defeat his opponent before facing Lydia. However, someone with
ulterior motives could tell from Cindy’s actions that something was amiss.

“Cindy is anxious. Milos can’t keep calm…”

“Cindy is the person that Crape Myrtle Sect and Grand Pure Emperor pushed this time. Does his
current behavior represent Crape Myrtle Sect and the Grand Pure Emperor…”

“Watch your mouth! Just watch the process!”

“Thank you for your reminder.” The cultivator, who had almost said something wrong just now, hurriedly
expressed his thanks.
His back was covered with cold sweat.

A moment later, a beam of light shot down from the Immortal List in the sky and shone in the center of
the island. A pale golden cloud immediately enveloped everyone’s vision and Divine Awareness.
However, after a short while, the golden cloud dissipated.

In the center of the island, the fighting arena also changed.

A magnificent and vast city appeared in front of them. Perhaps only the country of Lunia could compare
with it.

Lydia had been to the capital of Earlington of Efrax. Compared with this city, the capital of Earlington of
Efrax was like a village in the countryside, which was not at the same level at all. Moreover, when the
cultivators reached out their Divine Senses and scanned the area, they found that the void of this city
was much more solid than before.

Obviously, the Milosaven’s Edge Sect had already predicted that the battle between Lydia and Cindy
would be extremely terrible, so the sect strengthened the universe in advance.

The last battle was in this city.

Cindy’s eyes were as sharp as a sharp blade. It tore through the air and squeezed out an ear-piercing
explosion. In an instant, he arrived above the city. His spiritual Qi gushed out and condensed.

Suddenly, the sound of steel being twisted could be heard in the surrounding space.

Lydia moved and arrived at the top of the city in an instant, standing in the air with Cindy. Milos
hovered on a building, giving people a feeling that he was integrated with the surrounding environment.
It would not make people ignore him, nor would they think that his appearance was particularly abrupt.

“Lydia, the Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate and the top of the Spiritual Qi of the Ancient Kingdom are
both opportunities that you can’t bear.” Cindy looked at Lydia and said coldly, “You will lose this time,
and I will step on your body to kill the inner demons!”

“Ha! Then give it a try…” Lydia said lightly.

Looking at Lydia’s calm expression, Cindy suddenly felt an indescribable irritation in his heart. It was as
if something terrible had happened to him in the past and it was dugged out, which made him angry.

“In that case, go to hell!” Cindy roared and took the lead.

“Formless Fist!”

Soon, Cindy stepped on the sky, and the rolling spiritual Qi suddenly cracked the sky. Milos punched
out. In an instant, layers of air waves surged in all directions.

This punch seemed to have the power to split the sky and the earth. Vortex and black holes suddenly
appeared one after another. The violent power was so fierce that it could destroy everything within a
hundred miles in an instant.

Cindy’s punch immediately attracted the exclamation of the people on the island.

“Cindy didn’t use his magic weapon!”

“Milos uses his magical power to fight against Lydia?”

“No! Cindy’s strength has improved so much?”

“Half a year ago, when he defeated an opponent at the third stage of Milosavenly Spirit Realm, he
didn’t show such a strength!”

“Milos has indeed improved in the flesh and blood devil star!”

“Milos hid his strength!”

In the cheers of the crowd, the power of a punch directly swallowed Lydia!

Gales and huge waves suddenly swept over. Cracks appeared out of thin air as the Great Tao

In the eyes of Lydia, a bright light suddenly burst out, like countless swords and sabers. At this
moment, they collided fiercely, shining with countless sparks.

I didn’t underestimate Cindy from the beginning. That’s right!

Lydia didn’t think he would win just because he had defeated Cindy twice.

That was right!

Current Cindy was a new “human”. Milos should deal with Cindy as the other party was the strongest

Thinking of this, Lydia took a deep breath. This breath instantly absorbed all the air and spiritual Qi in
the surrounding dozens of miles. In an instant, it became a vacuum zone.

The next moment, facing the surging hurricane black hole, the vigor in Lydia’s body surged. His arm
was like a towering tree, like a mountain peak, and like a dragon, he also punched out.

“Blood Sacrifice Grand Magic!”

The vigor of the punch surged and turned into huge waves. It poured for thousands of miles into the
depths of the void and collided with Cindy.

The hurricane exploded and the black hole collapsed. Endless fist shadows seemed to form a
destructive domain. Explosions suddenly appeared.

Although the Milosaven’s Edge Sect had strengthened the void this time. But, layers of cracks still
appeared. It was as if the void had turned into a crisp pancake. Countless cracks appeared one after
another, filling heaven and earth. Countless buildings were destroyed in an instant.

Even the cultivators on the island felt their souls trembling. Many of them were pale and trembling, and
couldn’t even utter a single word.

“This. .. This…”

“Cindy actually confronted Lydia head-on and did not fall into a disadvantage…”

“I… I’ve already anticipated this. After all, before this… Milos… Milos didn’t lose…”

In the intermittent discussion, Lydia and Cindy fought again!

“Lydia you must die today!” In the mixed light Cindy roared, “Myriad Tribulations Samsara Fist!”

Another punch!

The wind was blowing and the clouds were surging. A fist condensed in the void. All the space was
concentrated on the fist winds and exploded.

The power of the punch could destroy everything. The originally flashing light and chaotic space were
suddenly suppressed, revealing Lydia under the power of this punch.

Seeing this scene, cultivators felt their hearts stop beating and their breathing stop. Their spirits were
crushed into a piece of waste paper, rolled up with the wind, and floated alone.

Faced with the horrible oppression, Lydia remained calm. His eyes were calm and his spiritual Qi was

“Celestial Punishment!”


The six rays of sword light were of different colors, circling around his right arm.

“Grandmist Stellar River Array!”

The boundless sea of stars immediately appeared like a whirlpool. The stars arranged seemed to come
to the universe in an instant.

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