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Chapter 1096

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What Caspian had gained on the Spirit Severing Road was mainly divided into three parts.

The first was the Flame Severing and the White Bone Throne that he had obtained from the guy behind
the Gates of Hell.

At this moment, Flame Severing was in Caspian’s hand.

The lava-like blade made people feel terrified at first glance.

For some unknown reason, the White Bone Throne entered Caspian’s chest.

He could still absorb the power of the Demonic Python’s blood essence bit by bit through the White
Bone Throne.

The second part came from the storage pouches of the dead cultivators.

These cultivators were originally the best of Efrax sects.

The four treasures of cultivation, wealth, couple, magic and land, among these cultivators’ storage
pouches, wealth and magic were naturally indispensable.

Dozens of storage pouches were poured out.

In front of Caspian, bottles of cans, treasure chests, manuals, books, materials, weapons, and magic
weapons were piled up.

Every time he opened the storage pouch, he would be pleasantly surprised.

After tidying up, Caspian couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

Although the number of treasures he had obtained from the dozens of cultivators’ storage pouches was
not as many as that of the families he had plundered before.

However, judging from the quality of elixirs, magic weapons, and ancient books, they were far beyond
those families.

There were no less than 30 magics here.

Because now that Caspian had been promoted to Holy Land Realm, there was no limit to the number
of magics anymore.

Therefore, as long as Caspian was willing, he could learn all these magics and greatly improve his

In the future, he would have more choices in the tactics of facing enemies.

As for the weapons, although most of them were sharp weapons, they were all advanced sharp

There were 60 to 70 of them in total.

There were more than a dozen magic weapons at spirit tools realm.

Caspian couldn’t help but sigh deeply.

Sure enough, the higher the realm of a cultivator, the better the items he carried.

It should be known that spirit tools were rare in Heavenly Stars Sect.

Before that, except for Moon in Mirror that could not be used for the time being, Eight Desolate God-
Terminator Halberd was just a an almost spirit tool.

The remaining third part came from Carson Montgomery.

First of all, the two poisonous teeth had been put away by Caspian. According to his idea, the two
poisonous teeth were excellent materials for refining weapons.

It would be a pity if they were used up now, so he decided to keep them for the time being.

The items in Carson Montgomery’s storage pouch were less, but they were even rarer.

It was a very detailed treasure map.

After observing it, Caspian found that the location marked on it was not on land, but in the sea.

Caspian guessed that the treasure map should be prepared by Carson for his cultivation after entering
the Heaven’s Edge Sect.

‘If there is a chance, I will go and check it out,’ Caspian thought.

In addition to the treasure map, Caspian also found seven or eight magic weapons in the storage
pouch of Carson.

However, these had never been used by Carson in a battle with Caspian. Caspian didn’t know if it was
because Carson was too confident in his Demon Python Form or for some other reason.

In short, these magic weapons now belonged to Caspian. What surprised him most was that he found
two spirit crystals in the storage pouch.

When spirit crystals were taken out, the dense spiritual Qi instantly turned into fine jade liquid, making
the people’s tongues bleed and in high spirits.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the spirit crystals, Caspian immediately swallowed

In an instant, he felt a strong spiritual Qi, like a tsunami, explode in his mouth and wander freely in his
body, almost tearing his meridians.

He then started to run his Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale in a hurry.

After more than half an hour, he gradually calmed down.

As spiritual Qi in his spirit jade continued to be absorbed by Caspian, Caspian felt that his peak of the
second level of Holy Land Realm barrier was showing signs of loosening.

On the Spirit Severing Road, he was only a step away from the third stage of Holy Land Realm.

The battle with Carson Montgomery made Caspian’s mind clear, so the gap between them became
almost negligible.

According to the original estimate of Caspian, if nothing major happened after coming to the Heaven’s
Edge Sect, he might be able to complete his promotion within a month.

The two spirit crystals greatly shortened the time.

He felt that as his spiritual Qi grew more and more abundant, a stream of power gushed out of his
body, so he decided not to care about anything else.

After asking Little Candy to stay by itself, Caspian moved and immediately entered Time Warp Zone.

Time passed little by little.

As Caspian breathed, thunderous roars could be heard.

Four hours later, his bones suddenly cracked.

The next moment, the void around him caved in.

Every dent made a sound like a war drum.

His aura suddenly rushed forward.

The bottleneck of the peak of the second stage of the Holy Land Realm was directly broken by Caspian
without much effort.

It took him about two hours to stabilize his third stage of Holy Land Realm.

By the time Caspian stood up again, he had successfully advanced to entry level of the third stage of
Holy Land Realm.

This promotion was much smoother than expected by him.

When he entered the Spirit Severing Road, he was still in the entry level of the first stage of the Holy
Land Realm.

Seven days later, when he entered the Heaven’s Edge Sect, he had completed an extremely terrifying

When he reappeared in front of the group of cultivators who had passed through the Spirit Severing
Road together, they would probably be so shocked that their jaws would fall to the ground.

But at this time, Caspian did not fantasize about the reaction of everyone when he showed his realm.

After reaching the third stage of Holy Land Realm, Caspian immediately went up to the higher floors of
Tower of Life.

When he was promoted to second stage of the Holy Land Realm, he did not go to the 11th floor of
Tower of Life because of time.

He wanted to see what gift his mother had prepared for him on the 11th floor.

Now that he had advanced to the third level of Holy Land Realm, which meant that he could open two
new levels of Tower of Life at the same time, the eleventh level representing the second stage of the
Holy Land Realm and the twelfth level of the third level of the Holy Land Realm.

Thinking of this, Caspian couldn’t help feeling excited.

After a while, he stood in front of the gate of the 11th floor of Tower of Life.

From the tenth floor of Tower of Life, the stone gate that led to each floor had become a bronze gate.

A thick bronze gate stood in front of him.

Because his realm was higher than the requirements for entering this time, he easily pushed the gate

At the same time as a roar was heard, the sharp edge of the sword whistled from the gate in an instant.

Caspian felt his hair stand on end and his skin tighten uncontrollably.

However, he was not afraid or worried at all.

Instead, excitement appeared in his eyes.

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