Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1673

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The waves in the sea suddenly rose.

The Ghost City, which was split in half, suddenly sank into the sea in an unstoppable manner.

Two huge whirlpools suddenly appeared on the sea surface.

Each vortex had a diameter of more than 50 miles.

And it was bottomless.

At first glance, people were shocked and thought that there was a loophole in the sea.

At the same time, a gray light quickly swam in the sea, heading for the distance.

“You… Want to run…” Caspian hovered in the air.

Dozens of meters under his feet was the rumbling seawater.

The white foam formed by the impact of the waves made people suspect that even if the sun and the
moon fell, they would be swallowed by the sea.

However, standing here at this moment, Caspian made people feel motionless, as if even the passage
of time would not affect him at all.

Caspian lifted his hand and suddenly grabbed as he watched the gray light swiftly sweep across the
bottom of the sea.


The rumbling vortex in the distance suddenly came to a halt.

Then, it began to reverse!

The gray light followed the direction in which it had just left and retreated.

And its speed was more than ten times faster!

Almost in an instant, the gray light returned to Caspian’s feet and then rushed out of the water.

With a crash, it was caught by Caspian.

When it was caught by him, blood oozed out from the mouth and nose, and even from all the pores of
the cultivator in the light. The Protective Upstanding Qi around the cultivator had long disappeared.

At this moment, he gave people a feeling that he was about to collapse at any time.

In fact, the reason was very simple.

Anyone who ran at a speed of ten times as fast as usual would collapse, including cultivators.

It looked like a middle-aged cultivator who was caught by Caspian.

Caspian narrowed his eyes and shook his hand.

Suddenly, a thick tail, like a broom, hung down from the middle-aged cultivator’s robe.

The cultivator’s body trembled rapidly as Caspian pinched.

A moment later, a demonic beast that looked like a wolf appeared in the robe.

Compared with a wolf, the biggest difference was that the beast’s front paws were very short, and its
appearance was disgusting.

A cunning luster appeared in its eyes.

“The demon jackal… Low-level…” Caspian slowly spat out these words.

The other party was obviously a big demon in the shape-shifting stage, but in the eyes of the one
behind the Gates of Hell, the other party was no different from a fish caught. The demon jackal was the
mysterious figure that had been hiding in the depths of Ghost City in Thousands Ends.

Caspian narrowed his eyes and moved his fingertips when he saw that the gray light on the other
party’s body did not fade even though the other party was being grabbed by him. The gray light
suddenly began to sway.

Seeing this, Caspian pointed at his opponent’s throat.

Immediately, the demon jackal opened its mouth and a gray bead flew into Caspian’s hand.

At first glance, the bead looked like a defective product.

Its surface was full of bumps and it was not smooth at all.

But if one looked closely, one would find that the surface of the bead was not flat.

It was actually a skull.

Moreover, there was no trace of being carved or refined on this bead.

This meant that the bead was a natural treasure between heaven and earth!

With that thought in mind, the eyes of Caspian couldn’t help but shine with a bright light, even though
the person who occupied the body was the one behind the Gates of Hell.

It was because natural treasures formed by heaven and earth were too rare.

There were many times fewer treasures than cultivators.

It could be said that it was hard to get. No one knew how many cultivators had ever seen a natural

Moreover, each of these treasures was a supreme treasure!

At this time, the bead in Caspian’s hand was obviously one of them.

“The precious… Natural treasure of Heaven and Earth… Will appear… In a single… Shape-shifting
body….” the one behind the Gates of Hell said with a cold snort.

If other Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators or shapeshifting demons heard this, they would be so angry
that they would gnash their teeth and beat their chests and stamped their feet.

But Caspian said it so naturally at this moment.

“Where… Are you… From where…” As he spoke, Caspian raised his hand.

The nails in his hands began to grow quickly.

For a moment, it was like a small dagger, shining with a chilling light.

This was also the ability that the one behind the Gates of Hell had never displayed when he occupied
the body of Caspian.

He formed a claw with his five fingers and was about to grab the demon jackal’s demon core when a
look of horror suddenly appeared in the demon jackal’s eyes.

The demon jackal struggled fiercely and screamed, “Ancestor, save me!”

In an instant, its eyes seemed to be soaked with blood.

A gust of evil wind rose from the ground.

The waves no longer roared, but the roars of Demonic Beasts could be heard.

A vast, invincible, mysterious, and majestic aura came out of the demon jackal.

Obviously, it was the same as the one behind the Gates of Hell.

The demon jackal’s body also contained the divine thoughts of a certain demonic beast ancestor.

As for the Demonic Beast ancestor, his realm was comparable to that of an Amethyst Palace Realm

The sea calmed down at this moment, as if it was afraid of disturbing the Ancestor. As the color in the
demon jackal’s eyes became more and more blazing, its teeth also became longer.

It didn’t move its mouth, but an extremely clear voice came from its mouth, “Who is so bold to hurt

Before it finished speaking, the demon jackal saw Caspian close at hand.

Then, its amber-like eyes stared straight at Caspian, motionless.

It didn’t finish its words and didn’t continue.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

After a moment of silence, the blood-red color in the demon jackal’s eyes began to fade away like a

The sharp teeth, which had been long enough to almost pierce through its upper jaw, began to shrink
back obediently.

The demon jackal’s eyes revealed a sense of clarity that originally belonged to it.

But, there was a trace of doubt in this clear mind.

“Ancestor…” The demon jackal struggled to speak.

“Who is your Ancestor?!” A short shout suddenly rang out from within its body.

The demon jackal was stunned and then struggled even harder.

“Save me…”

“Who are you? I don’t know you at all!”

“Ancestor, I….”

“I’m just passing by here.

Don’t slander me out of thin air!”

At the beginning, the demon jackal’s mind was in a mess and it didn’t know what had happened.

But, it had been separated from its own Ancestor one after another.

With its intelligence, it naturally knew what was going on.

The demon jackal’s face suddenly showed a very fitting fear and it looked at Caspian. It even forgot its
struggle just now.

The divine thoughts sealed in its body were set up by the Ancestor to protect it from any accidents
when doing things for the Ancestor.

One had to know that the ancestor of this divine thought was comparable to an Amethyst Palace
Realm Grand Demon.

But now, in the face of this cultivator, the Ancestor didn’t even dare to admit his relationship with the
demon jackal.

Who was this cultivator?

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