Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1880

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At this moment, the golden-haired demon roared like a lion, and its hair stood on end. At this moment,
a kind of domineering power of the world was suddenly broken.

It raised its hand and punched, as if it was drawing a river in the air. The rolling power burst out a loud
noise, which contained the Milky Way and attacked Jagoan.

The boiling and burning sword intent arrived in an instant. After absorbing the gold elemental essence
of Azure Ox, Jagoan’s sword-light began to emit a buzzing sound, forming a strange rhythm that
seemed to resonate with the Heavenly Dao.

The sword radiance was sucked into the vast and mighty Milky Way. In an instant, the Milky Way was
broken into pieces. It was forced to retreat and collapse in the sky. The rolling sword intent, like a big
ball, rushed forward and wrapped around the lion’s fist.

With the demon’s scream, its fists, as well as the first half of its muscular arms, were all crushed into
blood all over the sky, pouring down like a rainstorm.

“Damn human!” It only had time to roar, and the next sword radiance followed closely behind.


The sword radiance broke through the air and a bee-like sound was heard. It was so fast that no one
could see it clearly. The next moment, the lion’s head shot up into the sky.

Without a brain, the head swayed in the air twice, and a large stream of blood spurted out of its wound.

Jagoan immediately stepped forward.

Neither the big demons present nor the big demons hidden in the city that used their Divine Senses to
spy on the battle situation here could see clearly what Jagoan was doing.

Before they could react, Jagoan had already appeared in front of the lion’s body. His five fingers turned
into claws and suddenly grabbed forward with a fierce force that could cut the heart and dig the heart.

“The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!”

Chi la!

The lion’s body was torn apart, and a crystal-like heart appeared in front of Jagoan. He reached out to
grab the heart and handed the rest body to Jagoan.

Light elemental nature!

Jagoan’s eyes flickered as he swallowed the heart.

The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale instantly digested and absorbed the heart. This scene was
so shocking that the surrounding demons were all dumbfounded.

When they appeared here, there were fifteen of them, but now three of them had died. However, the
remaining twelve great demons felt their hearts turn cold. The vigor was obviously rich, but waves of
uncontrollable chill seemed to have soaked through their bones, making them lose control of their
upper and lower teeth and collide violently. Obviously, they were scared to the extreme.

In the distant demonic beast city, there was an uneasy atmosphere at this moment. Among them, the
early-stage of wisdom demonic beasts were panicking and restless. Although they did not understand
what had happened, they could clearly feel the deaths of more shapeshifting demons. It was like there
were several torches in front of a person.

Several of them were suddenly extinguished. Even if they could not see it, they could detect it. A living
demonic beast, especially a transformed demon, was killed.

The shock was hundreds of millions of times more intense than the darkness and coldness brought by
the extinguished torch!

At this moment, the early-stage of wisdom demonic beasts on all sides of the cave had a feeling that a
great disaster was coming. As for the remaining fifteen great demons that remained in the demonic
beast city to guard the cave, their divine wills were frantically fusing. Obviously, Jagoan’s strength was
far beyond their imagination. Moreover, he attacked decisively.

Such a style of doing things put pressure on them. Whether or not they should go out to rescue and
reduce the security forces in the city became a problem in front of them. Because these demonic
beasts were also worried that Jagoan was only responsible for attracting attention.

At this moment, there were other cultivators lying in ambush in the void, trying to sneak attack while
they were focusing on Jagoan. For this reason, divine thoughts, with anger and doubt, swept around
the surrounding hollow, almost tearing it apart.

While the demonic beasts in the city were hesitating, Jagoan had already rushed into the 12 shape-
shifting demons to kill. His strength was far beyond his realm. A powerful Qi and blood was more than
ten times stronger than a demonic beast at the same level. And now, Jagoan had appeared to help.

It was unknown whether the little white pig had really changed its mind. Instead of being lazy as before,
it took the initiative to participate in the battle and train itself, or the delicious food in front of it, which
inspired its fighting spirit.

In short, it did whatever Jagoan asked it to do.

“Taiyi Fire Saber!” Jagoan attacked with all his strength.

A horrible knife light suddenly stretched in the air like a sweeping wave, burning fiercely. In an instant, it
swallowed up a shapeshifting demon with a lizard head and a long ear. It was estimated that it was a

big demon that had transformed into a rabbit and was burned to ashes.

After killing the two shape-shifting demons, the flaming light blades, which were dozens of stories high,
did not slow down at all. They charged forward like a giant ship breaking waves.

All of a sudden, the ground was cut open, revealing a rift-like crack.


About fifty to sixty miles away from the Demonic Beast City, the blade light struck the defensive
formation protecting the city. The green light film that had emerged from the formation instantly began
to tremble like water, and the light rapidly dimmed.

At the same time, Jagoan’s Divine Sense could see that the green flames on the twelve white bones in
the city suddenly boiled. This kind of burning was not activated, but overdrawn.

In just a few seconds, two piles of bones exploded. The white bones were blown into broken bits, and
countless dead souls and evil spirits were all swept away. In an instant, they turned into ashes. As for
the other ten piles of bones, when the flames quieted down, the fire was obviously weakened. Although
it had blocked Jagoan’s Taiyi Fire Saber, the Defender Array had paid a heavy price.

This scene shocked all the demonic beasts present. Their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.
They naturally knew better than anyone how solid the Defender Array was.

Among the 30 shapeshifting demons in the city, even if 20 of them tried their best to attack the
Defender Array, it would not be damaged in two hours.

Jagoan’s magical power had just hurt the foundation of the Defender Array!

More importantly, the formation formed by the twelve white bones not only had the defensive formation,
but also isolated this area from the other areas of the blessed land.

If the formation was broken, the gray space as a barrier would dissipate, and this area would no longer
be blocked.

“We can’t let him do whatever he wants!” A furious roar echoed out from the depths of the cave,
accompanied by waves of blood.

The voice echoed through the clouds, like tens of millions of bells.

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