Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2506

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Unfortunately, Jagoan was not so lucky.

In order to save Jagoan and fight for a chance of survival for Jagoan, both the Soul Cleansing Bear and
the magic treasures that she had summoned were extremely aggressive. Like sharp swords and spears,
they continuously clashed with the Ferdy’s seventh stage of Nirvana Realm. They could only be directly
defeated and eliminated by the other party with a crushing force.

By the time Jagoan regained her clarity, she had been transported back to the Divine Martial Sect.


Seeing this, Jagoan let out a sigh of relief for Jagoan’s safety. She did not feel regretful.

If it weren’t for Jagoan, she would have died a long time ago and been eliminated. There might even be
some bad things that might leave unforgettable memories. Therefore, she did not regret sacrificing
herself to buy an opportunity for Jagoan. She was very glad that she could help him.

“I wonder how Senior Brother Montgomery is doing now.” After talking to herself, Jagoan said angrily,
“Also, Senior Brother Montgomery will definitely avenge me and teach Ferdy a lesson!”

Because Jagoan did not hide her words, the disciples of the Divine Martial Arts Sect nearby heard her
and immediately laughed out loud.

“Senior, can’t the Senior Brother Montgomery you’re talking about he Jagoan? I remember that the
cultivation of Jagoan should be the weakest in the present stage? As for Senior Brother Ferdy, he has
broken through to the seventh stage of the Nirvana Realm and is definitely the strongest in the present

“The strongest against the weakest. You still think that the weakest Jagoan will win. I think you’re too

The disciple of the Divine Martial Sect thought that Jagoan was not only cute, but also very ridiculous.

The gap between Jagoan and Ferdy was like an ant confronting an elephant.

How could an ant turn over?

“I believe in Senior Brother Montgomery. Ferdy will definitely be eliminated. Senior Brother Montgomery
will definitely be able to do it!” Jagoan’s eyes were bright.

She firmly believed that Jagoan would definitely defeat Ferdy.

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