Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2316

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Black clouds pressed down on the city, overturning a thousand kilometers. All the void seemed to have
solidified into an iron plate.

A kind of fierce aura arose spontaneously and came toward Sandra. At the same time, the ground
below him rumbled.

Black tornados rose from the ground and formed a big circle. In the middle of the big circle, the black
mist rose violently, like boiling water. In a short time, a formation descended from the sky and trapped
Sandra. The raging black Qi seemed to be alive and roared with extreme malice toward him.

Just as Sandra was looking around, a series of hollow collapse sounds were heard.

Nine gates opened around the array. A gray-robed figure stepped out of each gate.

As soon as they appeared, they sneered at Sandra.

“Sandra, you can’t escape! I don’t think you would have dreamed that we would trap you in the

The nine cultivators revealed their true appearances.

Sandra looked around and found that he knew none of them.

“Who are you? Why are you looking for me?” Sandra asked lightly.

The leading cultivator looked at Sandra with appreciation and said, “You are indeed the one who killed
Boneng. You are calm in the face of danger. Not bad…”

“Hmm?” Sandra’s eyes sparkled.

The cultivator changed the topic and continued, “Unfortunately, you killed Boneng, so you are destined
to be our enemy.”

“Are you Boneng’ subordinates?”

As soon as Sandra finished speaking, he immediately shook his head. “No, Boneng himself just passed
the Real Immortal Realm at that time. If he really has subordinates like you who have reached the Real
Immortal Realm, it is impossible for him to keep you and he was killed by me.”

“Yes, of course we are not Boneng’ subordinates…” One of the nine cultivators, a long-haired female
cultivator, came out.

She looked down at Sandra with a mocking smile.

“Boneng was originally one of us. There should have been ten of us, known as the Ten Lords of
Heaven. We planned to make a big deal in the Divine Martial Sect. But now, Boneng has been killed by
you. There are only nine of us left…”

When the female cultivator said these words, there was not much anger in her tone. On the contrary,
there was a gloating tone, as if she was happy to see Boneng’ death.

The leading cultivator said at this moment, “Although you ruined our plan, as long as you hand over
Boneng’ treasures obediently, we can let you go. And not only will we let you go, but also your
clansmen and friends in Lunia. We can let them go and stop pursuing this matter.”

The other cultivator next to him added, “Boneng’ two most proud treasures, the Six Paths of
Reincarnation Plate and the Godfiend Country, are now in your hands, right? I advise you to be
sensible and offer them to us as soon as possible, lest you suffer unnecessary hardships.”

The female cultivator also sneered. “If you don’t hand them over, not only you, but also your clansmen
and friends in the Lunia will also be killed.”

“Are you threatening me?” Sandra narrowed his eyes, which were full of killing intent.

In his mind, others could threaten him, but they could never threaten him with Adrian and others.

Those people were Sandra’s bottom line. Whoever dared to touch it must die!

“You can treat it as a threat.” The leading cultivator sneered and said, “Don’t try to play tricks. We’ve
known you for a long time. The Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate had been broken into five pieces, and
now there were four pieces on your hands. In this way, as long as we find the remaining piece, we can
restore the whole Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate and get the Heaven-defying Divine power in it.”

Hearing this, Sandra’s heart skipped a beat and he asked calmly, “Do you know where the last
fragment is?”

“Of course…” The female cultivator snorted and then shouted, “But this is not what you need to care
about! Cut the crap and hand it over!”

“I can hand it over…” Sandra suddenly attacked. “Then exchange your lives for it!”

A blazing blood spear burst out from Sandra’s palm. The surging light instantly expanded like the rising
sun. The rolling black air seemed to be ignited and burned fiercely. The space around them twisted

There was a series of explosions in the formation. The whole void shook like an earthquake.

“Oh no!” The leading male cultivator was shocked. “Stop him!”

The nine cultivators looked frightened and surprised at this moment. They rapidly shot out spiritual Qis
and blasted into the array.

Suddenly, it was as if night had fallen. Thick darkness poured into the array like ink. The deathly still
and icy aura froze everything in the array like winter. The blood spear collided with the ice layer and
exploded. The flames were like fireworks, and the ice fragments were flying like meteors and torrential

There were mixed lights everywhere, almost dazzling people’s eyes.

Outside the formation, the chests of the nine cultivators rose and fell rapidly. The spiritual Qi in their
bodies surged violently and they spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Quickly suppress him!”

“This fellow’s strength cannot be underestimated!”

“Don’t give him any chance to resist!”

As soon as Sandra made a move, they discovered the horror of Sandra and dared not be careless.

The gate behind the nine cultivators continued to expand. The space inside collapsed, revealing a
pitch-black night sky. Nine black holes appeared around the formation.

Along chain shot out from the black hole and shot straight into Sandra. Every single chain was dripping
with blood.

The thick flesh and blood wriggled on it, and the screams were deafening. It was as ifthe cruelest
torture in the world was pressing down on Sandra.

The flying flames suddenly lost their colors.

The black ghost fire shot up into the sky and condensed into a towering mountain. It was like a
bloodthirsty monster, about to swallow up Sandra.

“Haha, Sandra, the stronger you are now, the more obvious is how much Boneng’ treasures have
brought you!”

“You asked for it!”

“We’ll kill you first! After the trial testis over, we’ll go to the Lunia and kill all your clansmen and

“Kill him quickly and seize the Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate!”

The nine cultivators roared.

But, before they could finish their words, the burning ghost fire in the formation suddenly stopped. A
gigantic demonic palm rose like a mushroom cloud.

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