Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1649

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Caspian listened carefully and heard that the one behind the Gates of Hell seemed to have
encountered a very puzzling question.

“Wh-what… Will I feel… That… Aura…”

Yes, it seems that it’s really a troublesome problem since three words have begun to jump out…

Caspian thought to himself.

He did not directly ask.

Instead, he used his Divine Sense to inspect these several souls.

When he was investigating Lill Kadas and Dream Hans, Caspian was even more careful.

Because their souls were very thin and fragile at this time.

If an ordinary person’s soul could be compared to a piece of paper, Lill Kadas and Dream Hans’s souls
would be a pile of rotten grass paper that was riddled with holes, and they would be kept in the wild

People were afraid that they would break it into pieces if they breathed a little harder.

After careful investigation, Caspian shook his head.

There was nothing special about these two souls except for their weakness at a glance.

Looks like it’s because my realm isn’t high enough…

After some thought, Caspian decided to take the initiative to ask.

“What aura?”

However, after hearing Caspian’s question, the one behind the Gates of Hell still did not answer.

This time, Caspian felt that the other party was changing the topic.

This had never happened before.

“That… Thing… It shouldn’t… Should…”

Since the other party did not answer, Caspian began to think about another question.

Mardohar has imprisoned the souls of these people…

What is he planning to do?

Caspian did not think that Mardohar was practicing ghost road.

Because there was nothing else related to the soul in his body except Soul-summoning Bell.

Moreover, the other party had never used any magic spell or magical power.

However, this magic treasure was obtained from Mardohar, and the souls were also related to

Even if he doesn’t cultivate in ghost road, he must know the use of Soul-summoning Bell.

Caspian’s heart trembled.

His thoughts were like a line spreading out in all directions from a middle point.

All types of possibilities interweaved, gathered, and then he eliminated the unreasonable parts.

Gradually, the last possible clue became clear in Caspian’s mind.

It’s very likely that the Soul-summoning Bell was given to Mardohar by General of Cloud…

As for General of Cloud, he is a high-level member of the Crape Myrtle Sect.

The mysterious scene I had seen from the treasury of the Dubois family seemed to indicate that
someone wanted to forge a body.

The body is the vessel that contains the soul.

In Caspian’s mind, a picture became clearer and clearer.

The General of Cloud is under orders in Grand Pure Emperor…

So what does Grand Pure Emperor want to do?

Just as this question popped up in Caspian’s mind, the voice of the person behind the Gates of Hell
suddenly sounded again.

“Soul… Can be… Interrogated… Can also strengthen… Divine Soul…”

“By soul snatching, the souls can also be interrogated,” Caspian said.

The answer he got was the disdainful snort from the guy behind the Gates of Hell.

“Soul snatching… Can only be… Once…”

Caspian’s eyes lit up in an instant.

“You mean that by constraining the soul, one can read the memories of the soul as many times as
possible and understand everything this person has experienced.

Not only his memory, but also what he has learned?”

“As long as… The soul… Is not destroyed… It’s okay…”

Caspian nodded and completely understood.

This method was more helpful than Soul Snatching.

After all, Soul Snatching could only be used once.

If he couldn’t find the information he needed at that time, he wouldn’t have a second chance.

Moreover, there was a certain possibility that he would suffer counterback.

However, the fate of this soul was much more miserable than that of a person who had become a fool
after his soul was snatched away.

Well… As for strengthen the soul…

Caspian pondered in his mind.

Although the one behind the Gates of Hell didn’t say it clearly.

However, Caspian was also seriously tortured by the orthodox heir of ghost road.

He had read more detailed cultivation books on ghost road than anyone else.

Caspian knew that the so-called strengthening the soul was actually “devouring” similar to that of a

Cultivators could improve their elemental properties or refine their bodies by devouring natural precious

As for ghost road, they would use devouring the souls of other living creatures to strengthen their souls.

As for its function, Caspian only knew that the stronger his soul was, the stronger Yin Soul he could
control, and the more Yin Souls he could control.

However, the real purpose was definitely more than that.

It was just that Caspian was not clear about it.

The guy behind the Gates of Hell must know, but he didn’t say anything.

Caspian continued to ask, but the other party simply pretended to be dead and did not say anything.

He couldn‘t pry open the other party’s mouth, so he had to give up.

However, Caspian remembered what was so special about these souls that the one behind the Gates
of Hell was especially concerned about them.

Either the means of extracting these souls or the means of imprisoning them here…

Caspian analyzed in his mind.

If it was the method to constrain the souls, then his attention at that time shouldn’t have been on the
souls, but on Soul-summoning Bell.

In this way, what could make him so concerned about was the means to extract souls.

Hmm… As for the purpose of extracting souls…

Lill Kadas and Dream Hans were both small characters in Heaven’s Edge Sect who didn’t even have
the qualifications to enter the Crape Myrtle Sect.

Therefore, there was naturally no special information in their souls.

From this point of view, the possibility of using their souls to strengthen, condense other souls, or do
other things is very high…

Caspian had a vague feeling that he was only one last step away from the truth.

It was just that he knew too little, so he could only look through the gauze curtain at this moment.

He could only see the outline of the truth, but could not see what was going on.

As for the key to solve the mystery, it seemed that it was still in the hands of the person behind the
Gates of Hell.

However, if the other party did not say it, there was no other way.

He could only temporarily not be entangled in this matter.

After sorting out his thoughts, Caspian took a breath and said, “It seems that what Crape Myrtle Sect
has done is much more complicated and far-reaching than I thought.

But for some reason, I seem to be more and more involved with Crape Myrtle Sect.”

After a while, Caspian shook his head and threw away the messy thoughts in his mind.

After putting his attention back to what was happening in front of him, he took out his spirit boat again
and went to the West Sea with Handsome and Little Candy.

Mardohar was saved by General of Cloud.

The other three people who were killed were also General of Cloud’s subordinates.

In other words, there was still a problem like General of Cloud, which could not be solved at the
moment, so Caspian could not take it lightly at this time.

On spirit boat, Caspian did not relax his vigilance at all.


At the same time, on a group of rocks in the vast sea.

Star Nelson looked at the horizon in the distance, then turned around and looked at the person behind
her indifferently.

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