Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2509

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Caspian’s fist print was bright, full of killing intent and the killing intent of heaven and earth was added to

In the next breath, he seemed to have transformed into the God of Massacre between heaven and earth.
His next attack was a final hit!


His fist and the Asura King’s palm collided violently. The killing intent surged and everything withered.
The Great Tao, the five elements, and the Yin and Yang were all destroyed in the collision of the fist and

Asura King frowned. Because in the confrontation just now, the other party was like a monument,
standing still.

He remembered that in the previous two attacks, Caspian took a step back and took half a step back.
Until now, Caspian had not moved. It was only three moves!

“Impossible!” Asura King had a bad feeling, but it only had endless anger.

Who was it?

King of All Ghosts, King of Asuras!

Now, it was actually being forced to a draw by a mere second stage of Nirvana Realm brat. If news of
this got out, how embarrassing would it be!

“It doesn’t seem like you’re anything extraordinary…” Caspian said calmly. “If I had known earlier that
you’d become the Asura King with such a low ability, I would’ve taken the initiative to find you and then

killed you… Arrogant guy, do you think you’re qualified to be on equal footing with me and even kill me
after taking my blow? You’re too naive!”

Caspian’s disdain made Asura King furious.

Even though Ferdy had advanced to the seventh stage of the Nirvana Realm, he did not dare to look
down on the Ghost King, who had evolved into the Asura King.

Did a mere second stage of Nirvana Realm Caspian really think that he could overturn the sky?

How naive!


Suddenly, the Asura King’s entire body was filled with a terrifying aura. This aura wrapped around the
Asura King’s body, causing its every move and breath to become even stronger, allowing it to easily kill a
Nirvana Realm Jagoan.

It was angered by Jagoan, about to take action. As an Asura King, it did not allow such a human kid to
violate it!


As the Asura King flew into a rage, the bone wings on its back turned into Asura shadows. It seemed that
it was not an Asura King, but several Asura Kings were stacked together layer by layer. Its power would
be ten times or even a hundred times greater than before!

“Absolute Heaven-Earth Fist!” Jagoan remained calm and continued to use the magical power Heaven-
Earth Fist!

The fist print was still there, but it was full of killing intent, which was more than a hundred times stronger
than before!


When the two collided, space split apart, even the Great Tao shattered. The five elements of the universe
were all obliterated by the remaining power.

Such a roar did not make Asura King happy. Instead, he felt that he had killed Jagoan with a gloomy
face. Because it was forced to retreat half a step in the battle just now!

Asura King was forced to retreat half a step under the surging killing intent.

“How is this possible?” Asura King was shocked and angry as he looked at Jagoan that stood upright.

Jagoan was motionless and as steady as giant mount, but the king of Asuras had retreated half a step.

Wasn’t that to say, it actually lost in the fight just now?

How could this happen!

It was the king of Asuras, and the fate soul essence of the Soul Ring Immortal Palace allowed it to
constantly improve and become stronger at all times. It was even stronger than the last breath in a
breath. However, such an Asura King was gradually suppressed by Jagoan.

No one would believe such a ridiculous thing!

Jagoan sneered and said nothing.

The Asura King was able to absorb the essence of this place’s fate soul and return it to himself,
continuously becoming stronger.

Could it be that Jagoan couldn’t?

He had already opened the way of wisdom, and there was also the Fundamental Law of a Hunting
Whale. Whether it was comprehending the traces left by the sages or absorbing the essence of fate soul,
it was thousands of times more powerful than the Asura King!

How could Jagoan not be strong?

As long as he was given enough time, even Asura King could be killed by him.

The next moment, Jagoan took a deep breath, as if a divine whale was breathing. In the center of him
appeared a huge vortex that was invisible to the naked eye. The nearby space was wrinkled, and it could
not bear the suction force.


The substance condensed by the life souls exploded and turned into countless fate soul essences, which
were absorbed by him and integrated into the fate soul in his body. Then, a lotus appeared quickly.

This was one of the three life souls of Jagoan.

The moment his lotus fate soul appeared, an incomparably great pressure suddenly descended. It was
as if Buddha’s Five-finger Mountain had descended, suppressing Asura King for a hundred years, a
thousand years, or even ten thousand years!

Asura King was unable to resist the lotus fate soul and was forced to retreat. The ground under his feet
cracked open and terrifying cracks appeared.

“Jagoan, you’re too presumptuous!” Asura King was furious.

This kind of thing had never happened before even after living for tens of thousands of years. Not even
the previous Marquis Cucakrawa could do this to such an extent. Moreover, it was no longer a Ghost
King but Asura King.

Jagoan was also different from the previous Marquis Cucakrawa. He was even weaker than Marquis
Cucakrawa and was merely at the second stage of the Nirvana Realm!

This little Jagoan actually suppressed him and prevented him from fighting back.

What a joke!

“Asura Demon Bone!” The Asura King activated the Demon Bone and his aura instantly changed.

This was a bone unique to the Asura King. It was born at the back of his head and was the essence of
the Asura King’s power. It contained the power bestowed by the Great Asura and was the symbol of the
Asura King.


When the Demonic Asura Bone was activated, it immediately resonated with the Hell Passage. The
buzzing sound was endless. This buzzing sound caused the Fiendgods to become agitated.

The Fiendgods who had instinctively moved away from the Soul Ring Immortal Palace could not help but
swarm over and become the help of the Asura King.

“What, what happened?”

“Why are these Fiendgods rushing here?”

“Something’s wrong! Soul Ring Immortal Palace is hidden in the Hell Passage. If the Fiendgods could
freely absorb the good fortune here, they would have succeeded long ago. However, they didn’t do this.
Instead, they fled when they saw Soul Ring Immortal Palace appear. Why did they suddenly return?”

“They don’t look normal. They seem to be summoned and controlled by something!”

The disciples of the Divine Martial Sect and Asuras who had evolved from the Ghost-burying Tomb were
very afraid of the gods and Jagoans.

Naturally, they were no longer afraid of Fiendgods, but unfortunately, there were simply too many
Fiendgods swarming in. It was as though there was no end to their numbers. If they blocked their way,
they would definitely be drowned out, trampled to death, and perish in body and spirit. Therefore, no one
dared to go straight to the front.

They could only watch as the rolling Jagoans went deep into the Soul Ring Immortal Palace and headed
for a certain direction. They had a hunch that something major might have happened deep within the
Soul Ring Immortal Palace.

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