Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 695

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A bad premonition like the dark clouds before the summer rainstorm quickly condensed in Caspian’s

When he saw the slender: figure behind the gauze move, Caspian felt his scalp tingling, and he blurted
out almost subconsciously, “No!”

At the exact moment, a clear and melodious sound like a pearl falling on a jade plate was heard from
behind the gauze curtain.

“Casper Montgomery!”

Perhaps Princess Charlotte’s voice was like the sound of nature, too beautiful, or because everyone’s
attention was on the princess, wanting to hear who she chooses, Caspian’ s objection was like a small
splash in a big wave, almost going unnoticed.

In an instant, Caspian felt his mind was blank.

In the past, he never had such a reaction, even in the most dangerous situation.

Jessica’s face also turned pale in the blink of an eye.

Her breathing became stagnant as she covered her chest, staggering two steps back while staring at
the gauze curtain.

Bowen, who was almost unnoticeable in the crowd, looked at Caspian with sympathy, mouthing, “I
knew it!”

Nonetheless, no matter how the crowd reacted, the words, Casper Montgomery, were extremely clear
and reached everyone’s ears.

Moreover, the Spiritual Master‘s divine consciousness in the bronze mirror also changed, and a golden
ripple oscillated out as if to show that he knew the choice made by Princess Charlotte.

Caspian took a deep breath, came back to his senses, stepped forward, and shouted, “Princess
Charlotte, I have something to say.


However, before Caspian could say a word, Keanu suddenly interrupted, casting a stern look at
Caspian to stop him from speaking anymore.

Then, Keanu bowed to Emperor Earlington of Efrax, saying, “The Heavenly Stars Sect would like to
thank Princess Charlotte for her love.

I’ll definitely urge Casper to practice harder, respect and care for Princess Charlotte, and never let
down the painstaking efforts of the Spiritual Master, His Majesty, and Her Royal Highness.”

Caspian’s breathing became rapid, and he looked at Jessica.

The glistening tears flashing in Jessica’s eyes were like thousands of steel needles, making Caspian
feel a pain in his heart.

Then, Caspian turned around quickly and was about to speak again.

Caspian thought, ‘I already have the most important person in my heart.

How can I accept a person I have never seen before!’

As if immediately seeing through what Caspian was about to do, Terry’s voice suddenly exploded in
Caspian’s ears.

“Casper, don’t be ridiculous! This is the princess’s choice, and the Spiritual Master and so many people
are witnessing.

Do you know what will happen if you refuse! Not only is the Heavenly Stars Sect unable to protect you,
but the sect might also even suffer from your act! Are you going to let your teacher and the entire
Heavenly Stars Sect fall from the state religion into the abyss overnight because of you!”

Caspian trembled when he heard those words.

If Terry said that Caspian’s refusal would have severe consequences for himself, Caspian would still
not hesitate to make his point clear.

However, Terry put Hadley and the entire Heavenly Stars Sect: on the same boat as Caspian, bounding
together for all or nothing.

The Spiritual Master could do everything.

If he found out the disciple he selected was rejected by others and was even done so openly, then it
was no different from hitting the Spiritual Master in the face in public.

At that time, Caspian would anger the entire Heavenly Stars Sect…

Caspian finally realized that his situation turned out to be unprecedentedly tricky.

Just when Caspian hesitated for a moment, he suddenly found himself unable to move.

He wanted to open his mouth, but he found that he could not speak.

Caspian’s body turned stiff as if invisible ropes bound him.

Soon, Terry’s voice sounded again, and his tone was unusually solemn, “Casper, I don’t care what you
think, but this is a virtuous cause for the sect.

No one will allow you to do as you wish, and you must agree to this matter! The best opportunity for the
sect’s advancement since the establishment of Heavenly Stars Sect is the won’t be ruined in a
disciple’s hands!”

Caspian’s heart became colder when he heard Terry’s words and felt the power imprisoning him that
made him unable to move.

He knew that as an elder who put the sect’s interests first, what Terry did was logical.

However, it was not what Caspian wanted.

“I know you’re reluctant, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get married immediately once you agree to the

The princess is a disciple of the Spiritual Master.

Even if you want to marry her now, the princess herself may oppose.”

As if realizing that his words were too harsh before, Terry’s voice sounded in Caspian’s ears again.

“What you’re promising now is not only about your personal affairs but also an essential step in the rise
of the Heavenly Stars Sect.

The road to immortality is long, and the current marriage contract doesn’t have many constraints on

But for the Heavenly Stars Sect, obtaining various resources and assistance is more important than

Perhaps after a long while, you may not need to ask, and the princess and the Spiritual Master will take
the initiative to terminate the engagement.

Maybe you two will acquiesce that the agreement doesn’t exist too.

Several generations will pass in the mortal world in the next hundred years, and how many of those
here today will be alive then? At that time, don’t you think there’s still room for detours with your

Caspian also understood that Terry’s remarks were like the carrot-stick approach, but he had to admit
that Terry made a lot of sense.

If he continued to refuse at that point, then Caspian would cause trouble for not only himself but also
Jessica and the Heavenly Stars Sect.

Moreover, things in the future would naturally have the following solutions.

A marriage agreement but not fulfilling it was simply too easy.

Caspian could just reason that he had an enlightenment, and his ascensions were imminent.

Hence, he could not be bothered by other matters.

With that, Caspian could drag on the union for dozens or hundreds of years.

Just because Caspian could not think of a solution now, it did not mean he would be stuck for

the next few hundred years! More importantly, the princess would practice in Lunia with the Spiritual
Master, whereas Caspian would remain in Earlington of Efrax.

Therefore, how could she control him?

The only problem now was how to explain it to Jessica.

‘Princess Charlotte, you’re giving me a tough problem.’ Caspian cast a glance at the veil.

Then, he suddenly felt something, and he looked at the few people around him.

Sure enough, Xander, Omar, and Sebastian looked at him with sympathy.

Omar sighed again and again as if lamenting why the princess did not choose him.

However, the apparent smile in his eyes that he tried hard to hold back could be noticed by a fool.

He was laughing at Caspian’s misfortune!

Caspian also laughed awkwardly.

He did not expect that he would fall into such a big hole at the end of the nation’s official religion
election after the fierce battle with Charles.

At that moment, the Emperor Earlington of Efrax said, “Since that’s the case, the Heavenly Stars Sect
disciple, Casper Montgomery, is allowed to have an immediate audience with Princess Charlotte.

Speaking of which, this is also a rare auspicious fate between the royal family and the sect.”

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