Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2088

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However, the reactions were more intense.

They were the heads of the major gateway to immortality and the head of the clans of the cultivators’
families above the blue clouds. Because of their high ranking among the cultivators, they knew better
than ordinary cultivators about the top of the Ancient Kingdom’s spiritual Qi.

Ordinary cultivators were still lamenting how their cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds and
how they would be reborn. Even a pig could become a master of a region.

Those high-level cultivators saw opportunities. It was not only an opportunity for a cultivator’s realm
and strength, but also an opportunity for status.

Everyone knew that above the commandery was the Efrax. Above the Efrax was the Upper Kingdom.
Above the Upper Kingdom was the Ancient Kingdom.

The Upper Kingdom seemed to be prosperous, with many cultivators and powerful strength. One could
even cultivate to Real Immortal Realm that was out of the mortal world. But the Real Immortal Realm of
the Upper Kingdom was one in a million.

In the entire Lunia, the number of Real Immortal Realms was at most within five. On contrary, in the
Ancient Kingdom, Real Immortal Realms would not be barriers. They would not be at the peak of the
realm, and their numbers would far exceed that of Upper Kingdoms. This also meant that if one
cultivated in the Ancient Kingdom, the chances of one successfully becoming an Real Immortal Realm
would greatly increase.

On the one hand, obtaining the top of the Ancient Kingdom’s spiritual Qi meant that one needed to
wash his Dao body and get close to the state of “Pure”. On the other hand, the most important aspect
was that he came into contact with the Ancient Kingdom!

In Upper Kingdom, there were countless cultivators and people who did not care about anything for the
rest of their lives. They did not even have a chance to peek at the ancient country. But now, this was an
opportunity. Not only could he spy on a bigger world, but he might also embark on a broader cultivation

“What a pity! What a pity!”

“If I had known this would happen, I would have been willing to be a disciple of Frankaven’s Edge

“Everyone wants to have such an opportunity!”

“I’m so envious!”

“I am willing to give up everything that I possess if I can obtain the opportunity to get the top of the
spiritual Qi of the Ancient Kingdom!”

Above the green clouds, the eyes of these Sect Masters and heads of the clans, who were usually high
and mighty, were full of emotion and envy. Some of them even thumped their feet and chests.
However, although they were envious, there was one more thing.

Everyone had reached a consensus. The third round would definitely be more intense.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Morine Montgomery and Anita Slash.

Anita had been undefeated before. This time, those with discerning eyes could see that the Immortals’
Assembly was held for him. The Grand Pure Emperor even took action in advance and forcibly
modified the rules of the second round.

As for Morine, he was known as a disciple who was secretly trained by the Frankaven’s Edge Sect to
fight against the disciples of the Grand Pure Emperor. Frank had shown the strength to kill the Crape

Myrtle’s Battle Generals and Frankavenly Queens in succession.

The meeting between the two brought more meaning.

This was not only a battle between the two disciples for this opportunity, but also a game between
Crape Myrtle Sect and Frankaven’s Edge Sect. However, most of the cultivators present were
lamenting the top of the Ancient Kingdom’s spiritual Qis.

Morine’s gaze penetrated the golden light and looked at the slowly rotating disk that emitted a
magnificent aura. Only a part of the disk was tangible, and the rest were condensed by illusions. It was
just like the fragment that Morine owned.

No wonder I felt so familiar with this golden light before… It’s really a fragment of the Six Paths of
Reincarnation Plate!

Morine thought to himself.

I didn’t expect that the final reward in the third round would be a fragment of the Six Paths of
Reincarnation Plate…

Thinking of this, Morine’s heart skipped a beat.

I have a fragment now, which is a secret that no one else knows.

According to Josef’s previous speculation, the Grand Pure Emperor has at least one fragment. If the
Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate is a complete treasure, it must be an indescribable treasure. In front of
it, the Saint Emperor Demon-Subduing Bell was nothing…

If that’s the case, isn’t the Grand Pure Emperor determined to win the third round’s rewards?

Morine couldn’t help but have a feeling of snatching food from a tiger’s mouth. However, he did not
have much time to think about it.

A moment later, the third round of the Immortals’ Assembly began in a golden light.

The battle arena was still in the center of the island.

The originally flat area still and changed its structure under the magical power. The great magical
power that moved mountains and filled seas made the place where the third round of the battle would
take place. Even though it was still at the center of Immortal Island, it was different.

For example, that area was a hundred times larger than it looked. That area was no longer as flat as it
used to be at first glance. Instead, it would change into different parts, including the weather. Perhaps it
was the desert under the scorching sun, or the torrential rain, or the undulating mountains, or the ruins
of the ancient city.

As the third round of battle began, Immortal Island returned to peace. As for the two sides, they were
still selected by the formations on the Immortal List like in the first round.

In the first round of the third round, with a flash of light, the names of Morine and another disciples
appeared in front of everyone.

Morine moved and arrived at the center of the island. Under his feet was a calm lake.

In the distance, the green mountains were like as black as a sheet, and the misty rain was hazy. One
could vaguely see a small boat on the surface of the lake.

At first glance, one could not help but feel relaxed. However, after a while, Morine didn’t see his
opponent. Frank then looked up and saw the disciple standing on the jade platform, smiling bitterly.

Seeing Morine was looking at him, the disciple shook his head helplessly and said, “I thought I would
have a chance to make it into the top ten. Unfortunately, it seems that my luck is too bad…”

Although he said this, the disciple‘s figure flashed.

The next moment, his figure floated and appeared in front of Morine.

In the center of the island, opposite Morine, the disciple was shaking his head silently. But, what funny
was, on the jade platform, this disciple was still shaking his head and sighing. There were still quite a
who hadn’t discovered that the disciple named Iban Sotoy had already appeared above the lake.

“Magical power…” Morine nodded slightly.

Iban looked at Morine and blinked with a regretful expression, “I originally thought that you would at
least be a bit surprised when you saw me use this magical power. It seems that I overestimated myself
too much. I can’t catch your eye at all with my strength…”

“You’re wrong…” As soon as the other side finished speaking, Morine said lightly, “In my eyes, any
opponent is worth my full effort, especially a Crape Myrtle Sect disciple like you who can rank in the top

In an instant, the circulation of Morine’s aura made Iban’s breathing stop. Frank felt as if the
surrounding air had solidified.

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