Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1975

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He didn’t expect to receive a response from the other side. At this moment, the Spiritual Master of
Amethyst Palace Realm couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

He looked up into the distance.

Cracks appeared on the mountain. These cracks spread quickly, like a spider web, covering the

Moments later, the mountain collapsed silently. At the same time, the light gradually dimmed. Along the
way of promotion, the mountains blocking the way vanished.

Jagoan’s aura soared into the sky.

The destroyed sky became very peaceful at this moment. One flickering star after another appeared.
But, these stars were constantly shaking because of the momentum of him. The next moment, they
rained down like raindrops.

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm focused his vision and looked into the distance. He
could feel that Jagoan’s aura continued to rise.

Without the barrier, Jagoan could easily crossed the peak of the Second Stage of Heavenly Spirit

He had reached the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm!

Although it was only the entry level of the third stage of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, it was a major


The rolling air waves became extremely sticky. With Jagoan as the center, they violently rolled around
and spread around.

The eyes of the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm glinted. He turned his wrist and took out
more than ten azure elixirs.

A layer of clarity appeared on the surface of the elixirs. Through this transparent light, one could even
see that inside the elixirs, clouds and mist were rising and falling, multicolored light swallowing and
exhaling. Just one glance was enough to cheer people up.

If one took a deep breath, he would be full of energy and spiritual Qi.

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm did not hesitate to swallow the more than ten elixirs.


Instantly, his spiritual Qi was replenished. The surrounding void caved in like a steel plate.

“Boy, since you’ve finished your promotion, let’s start the second round!” The Spiritual Master of
Amethyst Palace Realm suddenly ignited a raging fire under his feet.

He took a step forward, and the fire formed a dragon head. He opened his bloody mouth and rushed
toward Jagoan.

Jagoan had just been promoted, and his aura was not completely stable. However, he had already
opened his eyes. There was no sadness or joy in his eyes.

Looking at Jagoan, the Spiritual Master’s heart inexplicably jumped. A sense of impending disaster
rose in his heart. However, this feeling was engulfed by shame and anger the next moment.

“Flame Dragon Skyfire Cut!” With a roar, he struck out a blazing sun with both hands.

The dragon head under his feet kept roaring. It was as if the dragon’s body had been burned through
the void. It broke free from the depths and swallowed the scorching sun in the sky. Every time it
swallowed the sun, its strength would soar. After swallowing the nine suns, this fire dragon already
gave one the feeling that it was limitless. All living creatures’ Great Tao would be destroyed.

With a roar, the giant dragon descended from the sky and swooped down toward Jagoan.

Countless flames and heavenly rivers appeared around it and poured down. Wherever it passed, the
space was burned through. The flames carried the void storm and crushed Jagoan.

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm looked proud and ferocious. “Although you have
completed the promotion, Heavenly Spirit Realm is the Heavenly Spirit Realm. It will never be
compared with Amethyst Palace Realm! What’s more, you just finished your promotion and your breath
was unstable. How dare you provoke me in such a situation? You’re so reckless!”

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm was even more pleased with himself.

At this moment, Jagoan looked at him. His glance seemed to have crossed the distance between them
and the sea of consciousness of Amethyst Palace Realm Spiritual Master.

Seeing this, the Spiritual Master was stunned.


At the same time, the voice of Jagoan also sounded in the Spiritual Master’s mind. “Why haven’t you
made any progress at all?”

His voice was full of regret and boredom, which made the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm

Just as he was about to refute, he saw Jagoan raise his head and look at the raging flaming dragon.
Jagoan’s pupils reflected the flames all over the sky, but he was still calm, as if he didn’t care at all.

Just as the Flame Dragon was about to hit the top of his head and the void above him was completely
burned through, Jagoan suddenly opened his mouth and took a deep breath.

An incredible phenomenon appeared. With a boom, the Flame Dragon’s body shrank rapidly, and the
endless fire around it turned into a stream and was swallowed by Jagoan.

In an instant, the clouds were light and the wind was blowing. It was comfortable and pleasant. The
breeze came slowly, which stunned the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm. His smug smile
and arrogant expression froze on his face and he did not have time to retreat.

Time seemed to stop for a moment.

After a while, Jagoan looked at the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm and said, “It’s true. You
haven’t improved at all. I’ll give it back to you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jagoan opened his mouth. The Flame Dragon, which was ten times
fiercer than before, rushed to the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm in an instant.

The Flame Dragon condensed by the magical power of Amethyst Palace Realm was nothing compared
with the one spat out by Jagoan!

Heaven and Earth were burned to pieces at this moment. The Great Tao True Spirits were completely

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm even felt as if he was blocked in the purgatory of Fire.
The robe on his body could not bear the terrifying power at this time. The surface of the robe flashed,
and then the formations and inscriptions inside it burst into pieces.

A gorgeous robe without the Inscription of formation immediately became an ordinary robe. It was
ignited by the flame.

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm hurriedly propped up the Body-protection Gang.
However, the surrounding flames seemed to be squeezing time and space together. His Body-
protection Gang consumed his spiritual Qi at an amazing speed. Although the elixirs he had just
swallowed had helped him fill up his spiritual Qi, more than 30 percent of it had been consumed in such
a short time!

Ah! The Light-splitting Yang Umbrella!

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm was incomparably shocked and angry. He took out an
ancient looking umbrella made of bamboo and immediately opened it.

A wisp of cyan smoke gathered into a light and enveloped it. The surrounding flames immediately
dispersed in all directions.

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm looked better. But before he could catch his breath, the
flames around him hit the shore again like a raging wave, stirring up waves. They burst out a more
deafening sound than just now and smashed toward him. At the same time, a palm suddenly appeared
in the flame.

The eyes of the Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm kept changing, and he was so shocked that
he hurriedly opened the umbrella to block. However, Jagoan’s palm, like a dragon, a tiger, a leopard,
and an eagle, pierced through the raging flames and grabbed onto the surface of the umbrella.

Chi la!

A spirit tool Realm magic weapon was torn apart by him, leaving only the umbrella bone.

The Spiritual Master of Amethyst Palace Realm also felt that he was hit by a huge force. The Body-
protection Gang around him shook violently and exploded with a bang. His body flew out like a

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