Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 1392

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‘What is that broken platinum light?’ Confused, Caspian tore the clothes off his chest.

The situation at that time was very critical.

If the danger encountered by Caspian after he stepped on the Path to Immortality was ranked, it would
not be a problem for the danger just now to be in the top five.

If there was even the slightest mistake, he might lose his life.

But, Caspian also had a solution.

In that case, the price would be much greater than now.

When the platinum light appeared, he immediately felt that his body was like a frozen spring.

Suddenly, it was injected with active water and returned to its peak state in an instant.

If it weren‘t for the platinum light, he wouldn’t have been able to come back so smoothly, let alone
recover in such a short time.

I remember the chest is the place where the white bone throne is….’

Thinking of this, Caspian pressed his fingers on his chest.

In fact, the White Bone Throne was not controlled by Caspian‘s mind, and he did not know how to
summon it.

However, for some reason, things went smoothly today.

Just as his finger poked three times, a blood-red light suddenly appeared in his chest.

The next moment, the blood-red light directly turned into a circle and wrapped itself around his neck.

By the time Caspian reacted, a white necklace had appeared on his neck.

Each piece of the necklace was a skull.

Although the skull was small, every one of them looked very lifelike, with a ferocious and horrible smell.

There was also a pendant on the necklace.

This pendant was the White Bone Throne.

Compared to the tiny skulls, one could feel an aura of desolation, ancient times, and primitive times
from the white born throne.

It had an extremely thick historical smell, as if it was going to crush people‘s souls into paper.

Caspian was stunned by the necklace.

This time, after Caspian’s woke up from his amnesia state, he could clearly feel that his body had
undergone some changes.

He couldn’t tell exactly where these changes had taken place.

But this feeling clearly existed.

To put it in words, it was like a closed door in front of him was opened at this time.

In the past, he could only see the scene inside through the narrow crack of the door.

But now, the door was opened and he walked in.

He could do whatever he wanted.

Caspian guessed that this change had something to do with the Gates of Hell in the depths of his sea
of consciousness.

However, at this moment, the Gates of Hell were completely ruined, and this speculation could not be

Although the reason for the change was unclear, for him, what he had to do now was much smoother.

As soon as his spiritual sense entered the White Bone Throne, he saw that as he had expected, there
was something else in it.

A ball of platinum light, like a fish, like a dragon, but not a dragon.

‘A new constitution?’ Caspian blinked and asked in confusion.

When Caspian obtained the White Bone Throne, he knew that this magic weapon had a terrible ability,
which was to seize someone else‘s bloodline constitution.

This body constitution, which was like a dragon but not a dragon, did not exist in the White Bone
Throne before.

It did not exist until Caspian stepped into the palace of the Three Sages Mountain and the Black Soul

So the only explanation was that the constitution was absorbed by the White Bone Throne in the past
half a month after Caspian lost his memory.

Thinking of this, Caspian couldn‘t help frowning and feeling distressed.

‘What happened in the past 20 days…’

Caspian knew that whether it was the feeling of pushing the door open, the reason why he suddenly
appeared, or the specific reason for the collapse of the Three Sages Mountains, they were all lost in
memory for more than 20 days.

But now, he had no memory at all. And he had no way to get in touch with the one who was very likely
to know the truth, leaving only a broken door there.

Caspian was surprised to find that he missed the one behind the Gates of Hell.

‘Even if you die, your soul will completely dissipate.

Before that, leave me a message…’

After sighing with emotion, Caspian shook his head and temporarily left these thoughts behind.

It was impossible for him to recall while sitting here in meditation.

There was no other way to solve this problem.

He could only slowly put it together according to some clues in the future. If he wanted to walk further
on the path of immortality, then solving the problems one by one was the correct way.

Caspian calmed down and focused on the new body constitution.

This constitution was covered with platinum light, but it did not affect Caspian’s knowing its name.

‘The Unsullied Fish-dragon Body…’

Caspian thought for a while and said, “Well, I know the name of the constitution.

If I want to check it out in the future, I will know who has this physique.

Then, if it disappears recently, it will be easy to set a circle.

Maybe I can directly confirm a person…”

“Moreover, judging from his ability just now, this constitution was definitely not common… According to
the constitution, it shouldn’t be difficult to find it by following the clues.”

Through the White Bone Throne, Caspian could know the name of this physical quality.

But if he wanted to know the specific ability and function of this constitution, he had to feel it carefully
by himself.

However, this question was not difficult for Caspian.

If one wanted to understand something, he could directly trigger it and make it effective.

This was the only shortcut.

Speaking of this, Caspian had to thank the zombie dog demon.

If it weren’t for the dog demon, it would have taken him some time to realize that he had an additional
body constitution. The zombie dog demon also helped Caspian trigger the effect of this constitution.

After carefully recalling the feeling at that time, Caspian roughly understood it.

‘When you are on the verge of death, you can restore your strength once.

The environment needs to be on the verge of death, which is to restore the power at its peak…’

Thinking of this, Caspian couldn’t help laughing and said, “This physique is really good at fighting…”

Pure Jade Physique of Jessica could enter a state of full concentration under any circumstances, and
the speed of cultivation was far faster than that of an ordinary cultivator.

Solana’s Imperial Jail Deity Physique was to constantly improve the strength and blood of her body,
and the last force was to break all methods.

But in the final analysis, her body was still condensed, which was similar to the improvement of her

Not to mention that the Unsullied Fish-dragon Body had other abilities.

At least in the eyes of Caspian, the ability it showed now was born for fighting.

Touching his chin, Caspian continued to think, ‘If I don’t die once, I‘m afraid that the original owner of
this constitution doesn’t even know what his ability is.

He may not even know that he has a natural constitution…’

While thinking of this, he continued to observe the platinum light.

Caspian then noticed that there was some difference between this ball of light and when it flashed out

It was not exactly the same.

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