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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Genetic Fusion Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
However, Lin Feng didn’t lose his head with joy and remained calm throughout. He began to carefully study the various functions of the genetic fusion device.
After a few hours of research, Lin Feng came to a few conclusions.
Firstly, genetic fusion could not fuse the genes of the same species. For example, Lin Feng was human, so he could not fuse the genes of other people, because in essence, they were all human genes.
Secondly, genes could not fuse with plant genes.
Thirdly, the fused genes could not be too powerful. If they exceeded the host’s genes, it would cause the genes to take over. Lin Feng would become a monster, or his genes would collapse. In other words, Lin Feng could only fuse with genes of other species that were weaker than his own genes. Of course, the “strength of the genes” was determined by the genetic fusion device.
After fulfilling these few requirements, Lin Feng could fuse with the genes of other organism at any time and improve his innate genetic condition. However, there were risks involved. Furthermore, Lin Feng was not confident that the genetic fusion device would be so miraculous.
Lin Feng thought for a long time. He only had three years left to live. Currently, no treatment methods could cure his strange illness. Hence, perhaps the genetic fusion device was an opportunity. Even if there was danger, he had to give it a try.
So, which organism’s genes should he fuse with first?
Lin Feng thought for a while. Then, he immediately opened the fridge and took out a piece of frozen Wild Bovine meat. The Wild Bovines were originally a type of Outland dire beasts that were extremely strong, but had rather low intelligence. They were eventually tamed by humans and could even be reared in captivity. The meat was fresh, tender and delicious, and had rich nutritional value. Lin Feng also enjoyed eating it, so there was always Wild Bovine meat in his fridge.
No matter what, the Wild Bovine was still a dire beast. Although it was the most ordinary of dire beasts, if its genes were fused into him, just its strength would allow Lin Feng to improve by a large margin.
Hence, Lin Feng said in a low voice, “Extract Wild Bovine genes.”
“Successfully extracted Wild Bovine genes. It can be fused with human genes. Do you want to fuse with it immediately?”
Lin Feng hesitated for a moment, but he quickly gritted his teeth and said, “Fuse.”
“Begin fusion with Wild Bovine genes. Duration: one minute.”
As the genetic fusion device began to integrate with the Wild Bovine gene, Lin Feng felt his entire body tremble violently. It was as if he had been sent flying by a heavy truck before being crushed on the ground.
He felt as if he could hear the blood running through his blood vessels. It was as if a pitch-black, incomparably strong Wild Bovine was speeding through the wilderness in his memory.
Although the fusion process only lasted for a minute, Lin Feng felt as if a lifetime had passed and it was extremely long. When he woke up, he realized that there didn’t appear to be any changes to his body.
No, there were still changes. On the surface, he was unchanged, but within his body, in the depths of his bloodline, Lin Feng felt as if he had transformed into a Wild Bovine, running with wild abandon through the wilderness.
“The genetic fusion wouldn’t really turn me into a Wild Bovine, would it?”
Lin Feng chuckled self-deprecatingly. The Wild Bovine genes were only fused with his genes, and Lin Feng’s genes were still the main basic genes. Hence, if everything went smoothly, it should be impossible for him to really become a Wild Bovine.
Since the genetic fusion was complete, Lin Feng opened the hologram again to check his physical attributes.
Physique: 1.66
Strength: 1.54
Agility: 1.34
Skill: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice)
Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (10% fusion level, genes are still developing rapidly, please take note to maintain nutritional intake)
Genetic Capacity: 6%
After seeing his various attributes, even Lin Feng, who had always had a calm personality, could not help but feel excited. No wonder he felt as if waves of power were continuously gushing out from deep within his body. It turned out that all of this was not an illusion, but reality. After he fused the Wild Bovine genes through the genetic fusion device, his physique, strength, and agility had almost all improved comprehensively.
Moreover, the Wild Bovine genes had not fully fused into Lin Feng’s genes yet. Hence, as the Wild Bovine genes continued to fuse, Lin Feng’s various physical attributes would continue to increase.
Of course, it was not without side effects. Lin Feng quickly felt hungry, extremely so. That feeling of hunger was really quite unbearable. He might be able to eat an entire horse if it was placed in front of him.
This was the result of genetic fusion. As genes had to develop, Lin Feng’s attributes did not increase out of nowhere. This required a large amount of nutritions.
Hence, Lin Feng took out and consumed everything in the fridge. This was not enough. He took out a few bottles of high-grade white nutrient solution.
This was a high-grade item. The nutritional content in a small bottle of nutrient solution was equivalent to a lot of highly nutritional food. Ordinary people would not be able to afford it. Lin Feng had been sickly since he was young, and he might lack appetite due to organ failure, so his family had always prepared these high-grade nutrient solutions for him.
These nutrient solutions could be consumed or injected directly. Lin Feng injected all three bottles of nutritional solution into his body. The effects of the injection would definitely be faster than consuming them directly.
As expected, with the injection of the three bottles of high-grade nutrient solution, the hunger he was feeling seemed to have declined a great deal. His entire body felt warm, as if it was soaked in a hot spring. Every cell was cheering, and it was very comfortable.
Hence, Lin Feng unconsciously immersed himself in this warm feeling and fell into a deep sleep on the bed.
In his sleep, Lin Feng felt as if he had turned into a Wild Bovine. He continued to run through the wilderness, following the vast herd of Wild Bovines. Wherever he went, all dire beasts would retreat.
A single Wild Bovine wasn’t much, but if 10,000 or 100,000 of them were gathered together, they would be an unparalleled force.
However, on a certain day, a few human experts walked through the air and arrived. With a light swing of the blade from one of the men, an enormous blade instantly seemed to appear between the heavens and the earth, splitting mountain peaks apart while the earth rumbled. The blade aura ravaged the lands as it completely annihilated the Wild Bovine herd.
Lin Feng jolted awake from his sleep. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead.
“A dream? Or was it a memory left behind by the Wild Bovine genes?”
Lin Feng mumbled softly. That “dream” just now was too realistic. It was so realistic that even after he woke up, he still remembered it. Perhaps it was not a dream at all, but a real memory.
The fusion of the Wild Bovine gene contained the memories of some Wild Bovines. Perhaps this Wild Bovine had been killed by the powerful human stepping through the air in the memory.
“Walking in the air, and with such a massive blade aura. Was he an inhuman expert who broke the genetic lock?”
Lin Feng felt a surge of emotions. He had heard about the legends of the experts who had broken the genetic lock since he was young. It was rumored that they possessed extraordinary powers and had reached an inhuman level. They could walk in the air, split apart mountains, and break the earth with their tread. They were omnipotent beings who could travel the skies and the seas. In the Outland, they killed gargantuan dire beasts that were larger than entire buildings to protect humanity and allow it to live in peace.
However, very few ordinary people could see the inhuman experts fight. Inhuman experts were not allowed to fight in the city. Lin Feng could vaguely see the reason from the memory just now. The destructive power of those inhuman experts was just too great. If they fought in the city, the inhuman experts could easily demolish the entire city.
Lin Feng looked at his wrist. The watch that the genetic fusion device had transformed into was still on his wrist. After a night of sleep, he felt full of energy. It was a world of difference from his previous sickly appearance.
“I wonder if the genetic fusion was successful?”
Lin Feng immediately opened his attributes panel to check on his physical condition.
Physique: 4.36
Strength: 4.12
Agility: 3.34
Skill: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice)
Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (35% fusion level, genes are still developing rapidly, please take note to maintain nutritional intake)
Genetic Capacity: 6%
Lin Feng’s eyes widened. His physical fitness had practically improved by leaps and bounds. His physique and strength had reached four times that of an ordinary person. His agility was slightly weaker, but it had also reached three times that of an ordinary person.
This was only the transformation from a single night. Moreover, the genetic fusion rate appeared to be only at 35%. In other words, his genes were still developing, and his attributes could continue to increase.
Lin Feng clenched his hands. He felt as if he had limitless strength, and there appeared to be energy flowing into his body at every moment. This was the sense of maladjustment brought about by the rapid improvement of his physical fitness. Lin Feng still needed some time to slowly adapt to the changes in his body.
“I wonder if the fusion of the Wild Bovine genes can cure my strange illness?”
His strange illness was what worried Lin Feng the most. However, there was no professional equipment here, and he could not check his condition.
Lin Feng studied the genetic fusion device for a while longer. This genetic fusion device had clearly exceeded the scope of modern technology. No matter who had placed it on the bookshelf, since Lin Feng had obtained it, it was his. Hence, he could not casually expose it. With a thought from Lin Feng, the genetic fusion device in his hand disappeared instantly and merged into his body. It would reappear when needed.
Lin Feng’s stomach protested again. He felt hungry again, but there was no more nutrient solution in his rented apartment. He could only eat to fill his stomach. After all, his Wild Bovine genes were still developing rapidly and required a lot of nutrients. Fortunately, it was already noon, and the school cafeteria was open. Hence, Lin Feng got up and left the rented apartment, walking towards the school cafeteria.
The cafeteria of Central Sea University was huge, and many students were already gathered here to have their meals. Lin Feng did not usually eat at the school cafeteria. He was chronically ill and did not have much appetite for normal food, let alone mess food from the school cafeteria.
However, he was very hungry today. He felt much better with the smell from the cafeteria.
Lin Feng looked at the dazzling array of food in the cafeteria. He knew that he needed to take in a lot of nutrients now, so he specially ordered some dire beast meat that was rich in nutrients. The portion for three or four people was served on the table. He did not stand on ceremony. Driven by hunger, he immediately started wolfing down the food.
“Lin Feng, you came to the cafeteria?”
Lin Feng was wolfing down the food in front of him when he heard a familiar voice. He looked up and realized that it was Qu Chen, who was revered as the goddess of the martial arts club
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