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Chapter 37 - One Man, One Saber

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Chapter 37: One Man, One Saber Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“Brother Li, look, someone is coming to save us.”
“Could it be the people who wanted to save us from earlier? Didn’t I tell them to leave quickly?”
Brother Li shook his head, his expression becoming even more despairing. These newbies were extremely talented, but unfortunately, their self-confidence was overflowing. They even dared to charge at so many dire beasts. Did they think that these dire beasts were made of paper?
Perhaps only the top 100 students would dare to attack these dire beasts alone.
Bang. Lin Feng landed among the dire beasts at once. He glanced in the direction of Li and the other two, then flicked his saber lightly.
Snip. The saber was very sharp. Coupled with Lin Feng’s unparalleled strength, his physical strength alone had reached more than four tons, not to mention the addition of the sharp particle saber.
Hence, everywhere Lin Feng went, be it ordinary dire beasts or elite dire beasts, none of them could block a single strike from Lin Feng. In the blink of an eye, he had already slaughtered his way through the horde of dire beasts.
Naturally, this attracted the attention of the dire beast lord. This was especially the case for the three dire beast lords that were leading over ten elite beasts. They surrounded Lin Feng from all directions.
This did pose some danger to Lin Feng. After all, he was not an inhuman expert who had broken the genetic lock. He could still get tired and become injured.
However, Lin Feng felt excited instad. If he wanted to break the genetic lock, he would have to constantly temper himself in life-or-death situations. There was great terror between life and death, but also great opportunity.
It had been a long time since Lin Feng had felt such pressure. Even when facing Long Weiping, he hadn’t felt much pressure. This time, however, facing so many dire beasts, Lin Feng felt immense pressure.
Lin Feng stomped on the ground like a wild bovine and unleashed a devastating aura. At the same time, he wielded his particle saber and transformed into a bloody shadow as he charged forward.
The three dire beast lords were already approaching. Lin Feng did not hesitate at all. He had to kill them with a single slash at this moment, and could not afford to be caught up in a tangled fight with them.
“Spiral Force!”
Double his strength erupted, and more than eight tons of strength was concentrated on the particle saber. Facing the enormous body of a Proboscis Beast lord, Lin Feng was fearless as he slashed down brazenly.
Swish. Lin Feng’s terrifying strength, along with the sharp edge of his blade, ruthlessly slashed at the Proboscis Beast lord’s head. Its massive head immediately split into two.
Boom. The enormous body of the Proboscis Beast lord collapsed like a small hill, raising a cloud of dust.

“It’s dead?”
“Did he just kill the Proboscis Beast lord with one strike?”
“This… This must be the best martial artist in Dragon Mountain Base, one of the top 100 students in the Myriad Academy! Is he really a newbie?”
“At least I’ve never seen this person before. He’s definitely a new face.”
“Brother Li, we’re saved.”
Seeing Lin Feng’s ferocious and domineering strike, the three people who were originally in despair once again had their hope reignited. Although this person who came was a newbie, his strength was not inferior to the top 100 students at all.
Such an existence was usually ranked in the top 50 or even the top 20 on the merit board. With such an expert around, they might have a chance of surviving with a bit more effort.
Hence, the three of them unleashed their potential and immediately began their counterattack. At this moment, Feng Xiu also sneaked into the crowd of beasts. Taking advantage of the time when most of the dire beasts were attracted by Lin Feng, he quickly approached the hill and joined the three of them.
“Are the three of you all right?”
Feng Xiu saw that the three of them looked rather miserable and were all injured.
Li was panting heavily. He had lost count of how many times they had repelled the attacks of the dire beasts. They were indeed exhausted. However, he shook his head and said, “We are fine. Thank you for coming to the rescue.”
“We came here because we received your distress call. If you’re all right, follow me. We have to help Brother Feng.”
“Are you really newcomers?”
“Of course. We just arrived at Dragon Mountain Base today.”
Hearing Feng Xiu’s reply, the three of them fell silent once again. They found it hard to believe that a martial artist who could kill ad ire beast lord with a single slash had just come to the Outland.
That was a Proboscis Beast lord. Its skin was rough, its flesh thick, and its strength was boundless. It was even harder to kill than ordinary dire beast lords.
Seemingly noticing their confusion, Feng Xiu said confidently, “Although we have just arrived from the Myriad Academy, do you know how powerful Brother Feng is? As a new student, he made it into the top 100 of the Virtual Battle Chamber!”
“So he really is a top 100 student!”
Li and the others were even more shocked. In reality, they had already guessed some of it. After all, to possess such formidable strength, his ranking in the Virtual Battle Chamber was definitely not low. Even if he wasn’t one of the top hundred students, he wasn’t far off.
But what shocked them even more was that Lin Feng was actually a new student who had only been in Myriad Academy for less than a year.
In truth, Lin Feng’s situation was even more incredulous than they had imagined. Not only had he not been at the Myriad Academy for a year, he had not even been there for two months.
“Brother Feng may be strong, but there are so many dire beasts here. We have to take some of the pressure off Brother Feng. I’ll deal with one dire beast lord myself, and the three of you will be responsible for stalling two dire beast lords. Is that all right?”
“No problem.”
There were a total of eight lords amongst the Proboscis Beasts. Lin Feng had killed one previously, so there were still seven left. Moreover, Lin Feng alone was able to keep two occupied.
Feng Xiu could deal with one. Although Li and the other two were injured, it was not a problem to keep two of them occupied. This could also greatly relieve Lin Feng’s pressure.
Hence, the four of them charged into the horde of dire beasts again and fought alongside Lin Feng.
After Lin Feng killed a Proboscis Beast lord, he did not stop swinging the particle saber in his grip at all, but continued to reap the lives of other Proboscis Beasts.
He was using the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. As he killed, he used the Lightning Arc Saber Technique again and again, and gained some new understanding of the Lightning Arc Saber Technique in the process.
As a result, he gradually became more proficient at the Lightning Arc Saber Technique. The light of his blade also became faster. After all, the Lightning Arc Saber Technique was about winning with absolute speed.
Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Lin Feng had never felt so carefree. He killed one with a single slash, thoroughly angering all the remaining dire beast lords. Hence, a few more dire beast lords charged over.
Not only did Lin Feng not retreat, he took the initiative to attack.
Lin Feng’s eyes gradually turned red. He had stimulated the ferocity of the Wild Bovine and Unicorn genes within, so he felt no fear at all.
Relying on his Spiral Force and Lightning Arc Saber Technique, Lin Feng killed another four dire beast lords and countless elite dire beasts.
Five of the dire beast lords had died at his hands, and the remaining three were dealt with by Feng Xiu and the other three people. Lin Feng had fallen into the midst of the beast horde, so he naturally took some hits as well.
He had lost count of how many hits his entire body had received. Proboscis Beasts were particularly strong, and were not comparable to ordinary dire beasts. However, Lin Feng’s extraordinarily strong physique was gradually showing its advantage now.
Be it restorative ability or endurance, Lin Feng far surpassed ordinary Grade Nine professional martial artists. Even those dire beast lords could not compare to Lin Feng’s restorative ability and endurance.
From a certain perspective, Lin Feng was a terrifying humanoid dire beast that was above most of the dire beast lords.
“Haha, they retreated. The Proboscis Beasts retreated.”
“We survived at last. What a… miracle!”
The few of them fought for a few hours. Finally, after the eighth Proboscis Beast lord was killed, the beast horde finally began to retreat. Having survived the disaster, Li and the other two lay on the ground, panting heavily and cheering aloud.
To them, this was a miracle. However, they also knew who was the person that could turn the situation around and create a miracle. Hence, all three of them looked at Lin Feng simultaneously.
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