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Chapter 6 - Unforeseen Situation

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Chapter 6: Unforeseen Situation Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
At Starlight Cafe, Lin Feng sat alone by the window. He ordered a cup of coffee and listened to the soothing music in the cafe. He looked out the window at the endless stream of people, and his heart was surprisingly calm.
In the past few years, Lin Feng rarely went out. He himself did not feel that he had become aloof and unsociable. Now, sitting in the cafe, his mood was different.
Perhaps this was also related to the hope in his heart. Once a person had hope, everything would appear beautiful.
After sitting in the cafe for half an hour, Lin Feng’s phone rang. It was his sister, Lin Qian.
“Lin Qian, where are you?”
“Brother, Sister Qu Chen and I just left the dormitory. That Du Qiang is really annoying. He actually blocked Sister Qu Chen outside her dormitory and pestered her.”
“Are you guys all right? Do you want me to come over?”
“No need. Sister Qu Chen can handle it. Brother, wait for a while. We’ll be there soon.”
After hanging up, Lin Feng leaned back in his chair and concentrated on listening to the piano music played by the girl in the white dress in the cafe.
“Sir, your coffee is cold. Do you need another cup?”
After more than half an hour, the cafe waiter came over and inquired Lin Feng. The coffee on Lin Feng’s table was already cold, but he did not take a single sip.
“Another cup.”
Lin Feng frowned. Why weren’t Lin Qian and Qu Chen here yet? He took out his phone and dialed Lin Qian’s number.
“Sorry, the number you have dialed is switched off.”
“Switched off?”
Lin Feng felt a little strange. His sister rarely switched off her phone. Could it be that her phone ran out of battery? Lin Feng thought for a while and finally pulled up Qu Chen’s number. He hesitated for a moment, but dialed in the end.
“Sorry, the number you have dialed is switched off.”
The same beep for switched off numbers alerted Lin Feng. Something was off about the fact that Lin Qian and Qu Chen both switched off their phones at the same time. If this was a coincidence, it was too coincidental.
In the conversation with Lin Qian, Lin Feng had heard Lin Qian mention Du Qiang pestering Qu Chen. Could something have happened?
At this thought, Lin Feng was no longer in the mood to wait at the cafe. He asked the driver to send him to Central Sea University directly.
Soon, Lin Feng arrived at Central Sea University. At the school entrance, Lin Feng saw the red sports car his sister Lin Qian had parked by the roadside.
“The car is still here? It’s been so long. Impossible!”

Lin Feng instantly became nervous. He thought of Du Qiang and immediately rushed to Du Qiang’s dormitory.

In the boys’ dormitory at Central Sea University, Du Qiang’s dormmates were rather confused. Didn’t Du Qiang go to confess to Qu Chen today? Why was he back so early? Besides, Du Qiang’s face was pale and he was sweating profusely. It was a very strange sight.
However, his dormmates did not ask him. Du Qiang was proud and antisocial. He did not have a good relationship with others in the dormitory and was basically a loner. From the looks of it, Du Qiang’s confession must have failed. They were not about to provoke him while he’s in a bad mood.
In reality, everyone knew about Du Qiang’s troubles. Du Qiang was pursuing Qu Chen, one of the two goddesses of the martial arts club. Qu Chen did not care about Du Qiang at all. Even a fool would know that Qu Chen had feelings for Lin Feng, who was majoring in Biology.
How could there possibly be a favorable outcome for Du Qiang to force his confession now?
Du Qiang sat on the bed without a word. His face was pale and even his lips were turning bluish. Something big had happened. Du Qiang was not upset or regretful. He was only afraid.
He did not expect Zhao Ping to be so insane. Initially, Du Qiang was going to confess to Qu Chen today. He even brought along one of his disreputable friends, Zhao Ping.
After all, Young Master Zhao was the most influential among their friends, and Zhao Ping was also pursuing Lin Qian. Hence, Du Qiang went to Qu Chen’s dormitory to confess his love for her. However, Qu Chen had a resolute look on her face and did not consider him at all.
This made Du Qiang feel very humiliated. After all, there were so many people watching.
After Qu Chen and Lin Qian left the dormitory, Zhao Ping suggested that they capture Qu Chen and Lin Qian and have fun to their hearts’ content together. Du Qiang thought that Zhao Ping was joking. However, outside the school, Zhao Ping really ordered his bodyguards to capture Lin Qian and Qu Chen.
Du Qiang was really scared. He did not expect Zhao Ping to be so insane and actually do it. Forget about Qu Chen, Lin Qian alone was someone Du Qiang knew he could not afford to offend. Even though he seemed to be jealous of Lin Feng, he knew about the Lin family’s influence. How would he possibly dare to really do such a thing with Zhao Ping?
Hence, Du Qiang didn’t dare to be with Zhao Ping anymore. He quickly returned to his dormitory, but he was still afraid. After all, this incident had started because of him. If anything happened to Qu Chen and Lin Qian, Zhao Ping’s unusual status might protect him, but Du Qiang would definitely be in trouble.
“How could this happen? How could this happen…”
Du Qiang’s gaze was empty. This was the first time he felt so helpless.
Suddenly, the dormitory door was kicked open. Lin Feng’s sharp gaze swept across the room and immediately caught the pale-faced Du Qiang. He grabbed Du Qiang and asked coldly, “Du Qiang, where are my sister and Qu Chen?”
Although Du Qiang was afraid, he was furious at the sight of Lin Feng. Hence, he laughed coldly. “How would I know where they are?”
“You’re not going to tell me?”
Lin Feng did not waste his breath on Du Qiang. He punched Du Qiang in the face. Blood filled Du Qiang’s mouth, and a few of his teeth were knocked out. Moreover, the aura on Lin Feng’s body was extremely terrifying, like that of a savage dire beast. Even the others in the dormitory were silent like cicadas in the winter, not daring to speak.
“Tell me, where are they?”
Lin Feng’s voice was very cold, so cold that it was frightening. Du Qiang felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. Lin Feng’s gaze seemed capable of killing. Du Qiang finally broke down.
“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything. Lin Feng, this really has nothing to do with me. It’s Zhao Ping. He’s been pursuing your sister, Lin Qian, but Lin Qian never gave him a chance. In his anger, Zhao Ping captured Lin Qian today. He even captured Qu Chen too. Hurry up and save them.”
Hearing that Lin Qian and Qu Chen had been captured, Lin Feng wished he could kill Du Qiang. However, he kept his cool and continued to ask, “Who is Zhao Ping?”
“Zhao Ping is in the same class as your sister, Lin Qian. I heard that his family is very powerful, and he tends to do things that are out of line. But I didn’t expect him to be so bold as to capture your sister and Qu Chen.”
“Where did Zhao Ping go?”
“I don’t know, but I know Zhao Ping’s license plate number.”
Du Qiang was truly afraid. Thus, without any hesitation, he revealed everything he knew.
Lin Feng tossed Du Qiang onto the ground and turned to leave. Regardless of whether Du Qiang was involved or not, if anything happened to his sister, Lin Qian, and Qu Chen, he would make Du Qiang regret it for the rest of his life!
Lin Feng left the school. He knew that this matter was too huge, and he could not rely solely on himself. Moreover, his sister was in danger, so he had to rely on the power of his family.
Hence, he immediately called his father, Lin Xiong. “Dad, something has happened. My sister has been taken. The captor’s name is Zhao Ping. He’s my sister’s classmate. You can investigate his background. Also, I know Zhao Ping’s license plate number. Quick, get someone to find out where Zhao Ping’s car is.”
After hanging up, Lin Feng waited quietly.
Three minutes later, Lin Feng’s phone rang. It was a call from his father.
“Feng’er, stay in school and don’t act rashly. I’ve found Zhao Ping’s car. I’ll send someone to rescue Lin Qian.”
Lin Xiong’s tone on the phone was very stern. There was probably more to it than fearing that something would happen to Lin Feng if he lost his cool.
“Dad, is there something unusual to Zhao Ping’s status?”
“Feng’er, stay out of this. I’ll take care of everything.”
“Dad, Lin Qian is my sister. I can’t leave her in danger. She’s in danger now. No matter who it is, we should save her first. Dad, tell me Zhao Ping’s address.”
There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. Finally, Lin Xiong told Lin Feng the address.
Lin Feng immediately hung up and said to the driver, “Get to the Forest Villa as soon as possible.”
The car immediately sped off. Lin Feng sat in the car, but his gaze was as cold as perennial ice. There was even a hint of violence brewing in his heart.
“Stay safe…”
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