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Chapter 23 - Spiral Force

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Chapter 23: Spiral Force Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Strictly speaking, the Spiral Force was not even a kind of “real” force. This was because there was no so-called “force” at the level of a professional martial artist.
Professional martial artists all relied on their own physique, and fought purely with the strength of their physical body. And profound martial techniques were techniques that allowed the strength of their entire body to burst in a special way to give rise to obvious effects.
Although martial artists did not use much force, it was not impossible to practice the Spiral Force. On the contrary, the principle of this Spiral Force could be applied both in theory and in practice.
The key lay in one of the foundations of Nonuple Body Tempering, mastery over the entire body!
By mastering the entire body and then controlling the power of the entire body, a special method of exerting force is formed. This was actually the Spiral Force. In Nonuple Body Tempering, this special method of force exertion could summon the Spiral Force.
One could not see it with the naked eye. However, one could clearly sense it, as if it were real.
“Spiral Force?”
Lin Feng understood the principle of the Nonuple Body Tempering Spiral Force. Only by summoning a Spiral Force could the first level of the Nonuple Body Tempering be mastered.
Hence, Lin Feng began to attempt to summon the Spiral Force step by step according to the steps in Nonuple Body Tempering. Although he could master all the power in his body, it was actually very difficult to summon the invisible force into a spiral shape and unleash it in a burst. Moreover, it would damage his body if he wasn’t careful.
Normally, a martial artist would need to recuperate for around half a month if their body was damaged. However, Lin Feng’s physique was close to 20 times that of an ordinary person. In terms of physique, Lin Feng did not think that many professional martial artists could compare to him. Even an ordinary Grade Nine professional martial artist could only exert up to two tons of strength.
Although Lin Feng had not tested his full strength, he could estimate that he could easily exert more than four tons of strength just with his physical strength, which was far stronger than an ordinary Grade Nine professional warrior.
Of course, this did not mean that Lin Feng was invincible. In fact, among ordinary professional martial artists, even a Grade Nine professional martial artist would not be able to break the genetic lock in their entire life. Those who were able to do so all had outstanding physiques, which were even twice or thrice that of ordinary Grade Nine professional martial artists.
There were undoubtedly very few of such martial artists. Only they had a sliver of hope of breaking the genetic lock and becoming inhuman. And with Lin Feng’s current physique, he had naturally become one of these few outstanding martial artists.
Moreover, in the future, Lin Feng could even continue to integrate the genes of dire beasts, and constantly improve his physical fitness to surpass all professional martial artists!
Lin Feng suddenly felt a pain in his body, and then a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. He had been injured just by attempting to summon the Spiral Force for the first time.
But very soon, he felt that the cells in his body were regenerating rapidly. The injuries he had just suffered were recovering at an almost visible speed.
This was the benefit of having an extraordinarily strong physique. In the past, Lin Feng did not even know the use of his extraordinary physique. It was only after he found his own consciousness and completely mastered his body that he understood how formidable an extraordinary physique was.
This was an attribute that was even more daunting than Lin Feng’s terrifying strength. With this extraordinary physique, Lin Feng could withstand attacks of incredible power, and possessed astonishing recovery speed and endurance. Just like now, he had failed to summon the Spiral Force, which would require ordinary people to recuperate for at least half a month. As for him? In just a short while, perhaps three or five minutes, his injuries had basically recovered.
A terrifying physique and a terrifying restorative ability!
However, this also gave Lin Feng an unparalleled advantage in practicing Nonuple Body Tempering. He could try to summon the Spiral Force again and again. If he failed once, he could try it again; if he failed twice, he could try it for a third time; if he failed thrice, then he could try it for a fourth time.
He could do it ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times. Lin Feng did not believe that he would never be able to summon the Spiral Force.

Reality proved that trying for hundreds of times wasn’t necessary after all. Spiral Force was indeed very difficult. However, after Lin Feng attempted it for thirty times, his body finally shook slightly. Then, as he punched out, the surrounding air seemed to have been compressed to an extreme. The entire room was shaking.
Spiral Force, mastered!
“Incredible. The moment I unleashed the Spiral Force, my attack power actually doubled. It’s really… unbelievable. As expected of a martial art created by a Sage!”
Lin Feng could not conceal the joy on his face. The knowledge of a Sage far surpassed his own. Even if he mastered the Spiral Force and the first level of the Nonuple Body Tempering, he still couldn’t deduce the second level.
The first level was already so powerful. Just how terrifying would the second and third levels be?
Lin Feng spent the entire night practicing Nonuple Body Tempering. Now that he had finally mastered it, daylight had long arrived. He got up and prepared to go for breakfast. Suddenly, his communicator vibrated violently.
“Brother Feng, come and save me quick. School plaza.”
Lin Feng saw that the sender was Zhang Qiji. Was Zhang Qiji in trouble?
Lin Feng immediately got up. Not bothering with breakfast, he rushed straight to the school plaza. No matter what, Zhang Qiji was his only friend in the Myriad Academy. He couldn’t allow anything to happen to Zhang Qiji.

Many students had already gathered at the square of the Myriad Academy, but most of them were just here to watch the spectacle.
In the middle of the crowd, Zhang Qiji was being stomped on by a student. His face was bruised and swollen, and he made a rather miserable sight.
“Feng Xiu, don’t go overboard. We did lose, but you should release Zhang Qiji.”
The one who spoke was a very handsome young man. He looked youthful, but he was very calm and mature. At this moment, his expression was also rather discontent.
“So what if I’m going overboard? Hahaha! The six great freshmen prodigies? What a load of bullsh*t! You guys can’t even make it into the Virtual Battle Chamber’s top 10,000, yet you call yourselves prodigies? It’s your blessing that I’ve taught you a good lesson now, lest you disgrace the Myriad Academy out there,” Feng Xiu sneered arrogantly.
The new students opposite him clenched their fists tightly, and they seemed to be filled with righteous indignation.
This matter had actually started because of Zhang Qiji. Zhang Qiji had been “publicizing” Lin Feng’s feat of completing the mission and killing Long Weiping in the cafeteria. In addition, Lin Feng had become an “Internet celebrity” due to the video of him smashing a sports car to save people at the station. During this period of time, Lin Feng practically represented the Myriad Academy.
However, it just so happened that Lin Feng was a new student. In the Myriad Academy, new students and senior students had always clashed. New students would usually be bullied by the senior students.
Thus, when the seniors saw that the new students were in the limelight, they were very displeased, and the two sides broke into argument. It escalated into a “showdown” between the new students and the seniors.
Of course, the six great freshmen prodigies among the new students were not pushovers. However, after a great battle, the six great freshmen prodigies could not hold out at all. They were far inferior to the senior students.
This was especially the case against Feng Xiu. He was ranked 800th in the Virtual Battle Chamber. Excluding those real top-notch geniuses who had gone to the Outland, Feng Xiu could almost be considered the “number one expert” in the Myriad Academy in the present.
Even the six great prodigies among the new students had lost to him. Although the new students were indignant, they did not dare to voice their anger.
Suddenly, a calm voice came in. “Then I shall teach you a lesson, too, lest you disgrace the Myriad Academy out there.”
“He’s here. Brother Feng, save me!”
Hearing the voice, Zhang Qiji was overjoyed.
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