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Chapter 49 - Dire Beast King

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Chapter 49: Dire Beast King Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios
‘The circumstances on the battlefield changed rapidly. When Lin Feng saw that so many terrifying demons had appeared, especially how all those inhuman experts who had broken the genetic lock had solemn expressions, he vaguely sensed that something was amiss.
Perhaps some unpredictable changes had occurred on the battlefield, and the situation had instantly become grim.
However, inhuman experts were in charge of dealing with the demons. What Lin Feng needed to do now was to keep killing. Once he killed most of the dire beast lords and elite dire beasts, his merit points would definitely be the first. No one would be able to surpass him.
All of a sudden, the demons attacked. The battle between the demons and the inhuman experts was simply earth-shattering. The entire earth was shaking, and a terrifying shockwave spread in all directions.
Even over a hundred meters was not a safe distance. It was necessary to retreat again and again.
Lin Feng did not hesitate at all. He had to retreat. Even though he was confident in his own strength, a great battle between inhuman experts and demons was not something he could interfere.
The martial artists were retreating. In fact, the dire beasts were also retreating. As they retreated, the entire battlefield immediately fell into chaos. Once the dire beasts started charging, the impact was very shocking. For a moment, people were falling over everywhere. Many martial artists were killed by
the dire beasts.
Seeing that the situation on the battlefield was even more dire than he had imagined, Lin Feng was also very shaken. However, he did not even have the qualifications to interfere. The ones who could really determine the outcome were those inhuman experts.
Shui Yuansheng the Crimson Wings had the ability of flight. Naturally, he retreated timely. He came to Lin Feng’s side and gave him a long look. “You’re very good. Your merit points have temporarily exceeded mine. However, the final victor will definitely be me!”
Shui Yuansheng was proud. His background and strength were both powerful. His goal was to surpass the Demon King, Dongfang Sheng, that terrifying man who had almost single-handedly created a miracle.
However, the more his strength improved, the more Shui Yuansheng realized just how formidable Dongfang Sheng was. Even up until now, he had never made it past a single move when challenging Dongfang Sheng in the Virtual Battle Chamber.
Dongfang Sheng was so powerful that it bordered on despairing!
Lin Feng, Shui Yuansheng, and even Yu Shan had already retreated. On the other hand, Gao Tianci the Tyrant Axe had yet to return. As Gao Tianci had utilized his berserk superpower, his temperament naturally became violent. Once he’s started killing, he could not stop at all.
Moreover, there were the most dire beasts around Gao Tianci. He was surrounded by multiple layers, and could not break out for a while.
However, Lin Feng and the rest were not worried. With Gao Tianci’s power, no matter how many dire beasts there were, they would not pose a threat to him.
Just as Lin Feng and Shui Yuansheng were about to charge towards the horde of dire beasts to kill again, the distant demons and inhuman experts had already begun to fight. Even the Chief Commander, Long Duo, had joined the fray.
It was truly an earth-shattering phenomenon with astonishing might. Even a mountain might be easily crushed by it.
This was the fundamental difference between inhuman experts and professional martial artists. It was a transition of life, and an increment of strength to a level unimaginable for ordinary people.
As the inhuman experts battled the demons, three more dire beasts charged out of the valley behind the dire beast horde one by one. These three dire beasts were very strange.
Their sizes were much larger than those of dire beast lords, but they were slightly smaller than those of the demons. Moreover, once these dire beasts appeared, the other dire beasts immediately fell silent.
Even the dire beasts that were surrounding Gao Tianci stopped and crouched on the ground respectfully.
Shui Yuansheng’s eyes widened as he stared at the three special dire beasts ina bit of a daze.
Gao Tianci was in his berserk state. He did not care at all. When he saw the three gigantic dire beasts, he threw a punch at once.
However, one of the beasts, obviously an enlarged version of Proboscis Beast, suddenly swung its trunk, which descended from the sky like a gigantic pillar and smashed down hard.
Gao Tianci was over 3 meters tall, and furthermore, in his berserk state. His strength was so powerful that it even exceeded Lin Feng’s raw physical strength.

But faced with the sudden smash from the huge Proboscis Beast, Gao Tianci was sent flying, and his massive body fell heavily to the ground.
At this moment, despite still being in his berserk state, Gao Tianci came to his senses too. Disbelief appeared in his eyes. How was this possible?
Gao Tianci’s strength had almost reached the peak of a Grade Nine professional. If one were to classify it according to the strength of dire beasts, they would practically be invincible among dire beast lords.
In his berserk state, his strength must have exceeded ten tons. Even Lin Feng’s strength was slightly inferior to Gao Tianci’s without unleashing the Spiral Force.
But now, Gao Tianci could not resist at all and was sent flying by the giant Proboscis Beast. Could it be a demon?
Gao Tianci leaped to his feet all of a sudden. He looked outraged. Apart from demons, he had thought he was invincible among dire beasts, yet he was sent flying by an unknown dire beast now. How could he possibly stomach this?
Hence, Gao Tianci let out a furious roar. His body seemed to have expanded slightly again. Moreover, the muscles on his entire body were taut. There were even traces of black air enveloping Gao Tianci’s body.
This was him utilizing his berserk superpower to its extreme. It was Gao Tianci’s strongest state. In this state, even Shui Yuansheng, who had always surpassed Gao Tianci, would find it difficult to challenge him as an enemy.
Gao Tianci’s body, which was over 3 meters tall, charged towards the giant Proboscis Beast like a small giant. The giant Proboscis Beast raised its front leg abruptly, and stomped down hard.
This was a head-on clash of pure strength.
Gao Tianci held fiercely against the giant Proboscis Beast with both hands. However, his entire being seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Blood even seeped out from his whole body. He was clearly at his limit.
“This is bad, Gao Tianci isn’t a match for this dire beast.”
Shui Yuansheng immediately flapped his wings and unleashed a blazing force at the Proboscis Beast, attracting its attention.
Gao Tianci hurriedly retreated. His entire body was trembling slightly, and he was panting heavily. It was obvious that he had suffered significant injuries.
“shui Yuansheng, I owe you my life!” Gao Tianci said in a muffled voice.
Although the two of them were competitors, after all these years, they also appreciated each other’s talent. Shui Yuansheng would not just stand by and watch Gao Tianci die.
“Hmph, Gao Tianci, you’re lucky to be alive this time. Why don’t you stop to think about the nature of these three dire beasts? If I’m not wrong, they must be dire beast kings!”
Shui Yuansheng stared fixedly at the three colossal dire beasts. His expression was very somber.
“What? Dire beast kings? Impossible. We’ve been in the Dragon Mountain region for so many years. When have we ever encountered a dire beast king?”
Gao Tianci’s expression changed. He looked incredulous.
“Idiot. If that isn’t a dire beast king, how can you not even withstand a single strike?”
Shui Yuansheng curled his lips. He knew very well how strong Gao Tianci was. If Gao Tianci could not withstand a single blow from the dire beast even in his berserk state, then aside from a demon, it could only be a dire beast king..
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