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Chapter 39 - Dire Beast Reaper

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Chapter 39: Dire Beast Reaper Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
After fusing with the Proboscis Beast’s genes, Lin Feng could clearly feel the growing power in his body. It was as if heat was constantly roiling through his body. It was a completely different feeling from the previous two fusions of dire beast genes.
This time, it seemed to be much more violent.
Hence, Lin Feng started to check the various attributes of his body.
Physique: 29.86
Strength: 26.35
Agility: 14.13
Technique: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice), Wild Bovine’s Might (Mastered, comprehended Wild Bovine’s True Intent), Nonuple Body Tempering (Mastered, can summon a Spiral Force), Lightning Arc Blade Technique (Proficient)
Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (100% fusion, complete fusion), Unicorn genes (100% fusion, complete fusion), Proboscis Beast genes (100% fusion, complete fusion)
Genetic Capacity: 48%
Lin Feng’s physique had improved tremendously, almost by 10 percent. Among all his attributes, it had increased the most. This was also because of the Proboscis Beast’s unique characteristics. Its skin and flesh were tough, and its defense was astonishing.
His strength and agility had both increased by a certain extent, but his genetic capacity had increased to 48%. Lin Feng could not help but frown. This genetic capacity concerned how many more types of dire beast genes he could fuse in the future. It was very important. The previous two times when he had fused Wild Bovine and Unicorn genes, they had only taken up 16% of the genetic capacity in total.
Unexpectedly, just the Proboscis Beast genes alone occupied 32% of the genetic capacity. This also meant that the stronger the dire beast gene that Lin Feng fused, the more genetic capacity it would take up.
In fact, in the future, Lin Feng might only be able to fuse one or two more dire beast genes before he must break the genetic lock.
In the past, Lin Feng had never thought that the genetic capacity would reach its limit so quickly. But now, it seemed like he was indeed a little too optimistic. Not all dire beasts were like the Wild Bovine and Unicorn genes, which only occupied a little gene capacity.
Lin Feng would like to fuse with those dire beast genes that only occupied a small portion of the genetic capacity, but also allowed a decent gain in power. However, Lin Feng had no way of knowing which dire beast genes occupied a small portion of the genetic capacity. He could only try his luck.
However, his luck was obviously not very good this time.
His physique had increased by so much all of a sudden, and his strength had increased by almost half. Lin Feng was still unable to completely adapt to his strength in the present. He had to spend some time to slowly adapt to his newfound strength.
Hence, Lin Feng spent the entire day going to the Strength Testing Room. He began to train his strength, speed, and so on, until he completely adapted to his various attributes.
Bang. Lin Feng punched the strength testing device with all his might. The strength testing device displayed over 8,000 kilograms of strength. That was actually eight tons!
Reaching eight tons of strength by relying on the physical body alone was intimidating to even think about. There was probably no other professional martial artist like Lin Feng, who could reach such a terrifying level purely with his physical strength.
Even those powerful dire beast lords did not have such terrifying strength. Lin Feng was now a humanoid monster.

Moreover, this was not Lin Feng’s limit. He took a deep breath and then unleashed the Spiral Force.
Bang. This time, the numbers for 16,000 kilograms immediately floated out on the strength testing device. That was actually 16 tons!
In other words, Lin Feng’s level one of Nonuple Body Tempering could really double his strength. It was not diminished in the slightest due to how formidable Lin Feng’s physical strength was.
“How amazing. This is only the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering. It can only double one’s strength. What if it’s the second level?”
Lin Feng was feeling thrilled as well. Initially, he had despaired about the Demon King Dongfang Sheng’s ice and fire superpower. It was a talent that no one could match.
Even Lin Feng didn’t have any hope of winning. However, after he had fused with the third dire beast gene, his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, and his Nonuple Body Tempering was still effective. He had already begun to form a clear line of thought.
Strength was his foundation! He did not have any superpowers, only strength, raw strength. So what if the other party’s superpower was strong? If eight tons of strength was not enough, he’d get sixteen tons; if sixteen tons of strength was not enough, he’d get thirty-two tons.
When one’s strength reached a certain level, no superpowers or methods would be of any use. That was a true miracle borne of great strength!
At this moment, Lin Feng became truly determined about the path he was going to take in the future. Since he had an incredible artifact like the genetic fusion device, he must make good use of it and continuously improve his advantage.
Right now, what Lin Feng wanted to do was to sweep through the dire beasts and earn points. He needed to earn 1,000 points as soon as possible and buy the second layer of Nonuple Body Tempering.
At that time, he would have mastered the second level of the Nonuple Body Tempering, and even fused the fourth kind of genes. How strong would he be then? Even Lin Feng would not dare to imagine it. So what if it was the Demon King? Lin Feng would still be able to defeat him. Only then would Lin Feng have a greater chance of breaking the genetic lock and becoming inhuman.
It was relatively easier to break the genetic lock when various physical attributes reached their limits. This was the common understanding regarding breaking the genetic lock in the current martial arts world.
Lin Feng did not know how to break the genetic lock, so there was only one thing he had to do. He must do everything he could to raise his physical fitness to a level that was difficult to attain, or even its limit!
Three days later, Lin Feng contacted Feng Xiu again and continued to sweep through the Dragon Mountain area.
Yes, sweeping was exactly what Lin Feng meant!
If it were in the past, Lin Feng might not have dared to use this term. However, now that he had fused the Proboscis Beast’s genes, his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. No matter how strong a dire beast lord was, it would not be able to withstand a single blow from him.
Perhaps only the legendary dire beast kings could make Lin Feng take them seriously. However, dire beast kings had long disappeared from the Dragon Mountain area. Even if they existed, they’d definitely be on the front line.
Hence, there were no dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain region that could pose a threat to Lin Feng in the present.
So, Lin Feng began sweeping madly.
On the first day, Lin Feng obtained 98 points.
The next day, Lin Feng obtained 119 points.
On the third day, Lin Feng obtained 168 points.
On the fourth day, Lin Feng obtained 131 points.
On the fifth day, Lin Feng obtained 143 points.

More than a month later, the points in Lin Feng’s identity card already exceeded 4,000, and his merit points also reached 4,000.
This was an insane number. Within a month, the entire Dragon Mountain Base knew that there was a maniac like Lin Feng. He swept out the dire beasts in the Dragon Mountain Base like a reaper, slaughtering them in a frenzy.
However, this was not the end. Lin Feng seemed determined to continue reaping dire beasts to earn enough points. Hence, he did it day after day and month after month. He only took three months to reach over 12,000 points, and his merit points also successfully exceeded 10,000.
Only at this point did Lin Feng temporarily stop. With more than 10,000 merit points, he could buy things in the online shop of Myriad Academy at a 20% discount. Thus, it was time to buy the second and third levels of the Nonuple Body Tempering.
That’s right. Lin Feng wanted to buy the first three levels of the Nonuple Body Tempering directly!
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