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Chapter 25 - True Companions

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Chapter 25: True Companions Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
After the senior students left, the new students cheered. As for the so-called six great freshmen prodigies, even if they still had thoughts of competing with Lin Feng before, they were all silent now.
Lin Feng was the true prodigy, while they were just a bunch of jokes.
Lin Feng went forward and helped Zhang Qiji up from the ground. Zhang Qiji grimaced in pain, but he was still very excited. He smiled and said, “I knew that Brother Feng would definitely come. Haha, even Feng Xiu was defeated. In the future, I can do whatever I want in the academy. No one would dare to mess with me.”
Seeing Zhang Qiji’s carefree demeanor, Lin Feng shook his head helplessly and said, “Looks like you don’t need to go to the infirmary anymore.”
“Of course I’m going. That bastard Feng Xiu wasn’t easy to deal with. If he left a scar on my face, it’ll be troublesome. Quick, send me to the infirmary.”
Hence, Lin Feng left the crowd and helped Zhang Qiji to the infirmary. However, halfway there, Zhang Qiji’s expression turned serious as he asked solemnly, “Brother Feng, are you really going to the Outland?”
“Yes, I heard that the most outstanding students of the Myriad Academy have all applied to go to the Outland. My goal is to break the genetic lock and achieve the inhuman state. If I don’t go to the Outland to fight with dire beasts and experience life-or-death situations, how would I be able to break the genetic lock?”
Lin Feng had long gathered information about the inhuman experts. Breaking the genetic lock was not an everyday occurrence. To achieve success, there was no need for bold declarations, nor was there a need to follow the prescribed order to practice certain martial arts and temper one’s body.
In reality, 99% of the inhuman experts only managed to break the genetic lock by fighting with dire beasts, when they stimulated all the potential in their bodies in the desperation of life-or-death situations.
In a peaceful environment, it was impossible to break the genetic lock. Even in the top three martial arts academies in the world, all the students in the academies were basically just laying the foundation and increasing their strength. Everything was in preparation for going to the Outland.
Right now, Lin Feng’s strength had more or less reached that point. He had fused two types of dire beast genes and mastered the first layer of the Ninefold Body Tempering. Ordinary Grade Nine professional martial artists were already far from Lin Feng’s match.
If Lin Feng wanted to break the genetic lock, he could only apply to go to the Outland.
Zhang Qiji drew in a deep breath and let out a long sigh. “Brother Feng, it looks like you’ve already made your decision. With Brother Feng’s current strength, it’s indeed not a problem for you to go to the Outland, but you must be prepared as well. There are countless dire beasts in the Outland, and there is no telling how many professional martial artists die there every year. Even the Grade Nine professional martial artists are not safe. My family’s company conducts business in the Outland, and many professional martial artists wind up dead every year. So you must make adequate preparations to go to the Outland.
“For example, you have to prepare things like protective suits, weapons, and so on. You need to make some big purchases, Brother Feng. These are all things that urgently need points. I have been a hedonist for all these years and didn’t save much money myself. I still have 85 million yuan at the moment, about 85 points. I’ll transfer them all to you so that you can make preparations.”
Lin Feng opened his mouth. He wanted to refuse, but the words were stuck in his throat.
In the end, he could only nod heavily and say, “Good friend, I owe you.”
“Haha, we are brothers. There’s no need to talk about owing. Actually, I’m also making an investment. You’re such a genius. If you go out there and say that you need money, there’s only too many factions that would be eager to sponsor you. In the future, if you break the genetic lock and become inhuman, not only will I be able to do whatever I want in the Myriad Academy, I’ll also be able to do whatever I want outside the Myriad Academy. Haha, just don’t forget about me when the time comes.”
Although Zhang Qiji said it casually, Lin Feng was really touched.
Previously, Zhang Qiji had already given Lin Feng 15 points. Now, he gave Lin Feng another 85 points. That was 100 points in total, which was about 100 million yuan.
This was not a small sum. Some other large financial groups might think that the current Lin Feng was a genius, but did being a genius mean he would definitely be able to break the genetic lock? Not necessarily. On the contrary, the mortality rate of geniuses was very high. This was because geniuses all wanted to break the genetic lock. They would be fearless in the Outland, and would even be willing to head to the dangerous places, so their mortality rate was extremely high.
Even so, there were very few experts who could break the genetic lock and become inhuman. Perhaps their “investment” would just go down the drain. How could it be as easy as Zhang Qiji made it out to be?
This was a huge favor!

However, Lin Feng really needed points now. His entire focus was on preparing to break the genetic lock. Hence, he could only remember Zhang Qiji’s help in his heart silently.
If he could break the genetic lock one day and become inhuman, he’d be willing to repay Zhang Qiji a hundred times, a thousand times, or even ten thousand times. But if he died, then everything would be over, and nothing would concern him anymore.
Hence, Lin Feng began to gather some detailed information about the Outland. In particular, he had to try his best to understand the differentiations in the power of dire beasts in the Outland.
The most abundant things in the Outland were dire beasts. There were countless dire beasts here, and they outnumbered humans by far. Ordinary dire beasts were already comparable to Grade Four professional martial artists. This was also why one had to have the strength of a professional martial artist to go to the Outland.
These were just ordinary dire beasts. There were also elite dire beasts that were comparable to Grade Seven professional martial artists. There were even dire beast lords. They were terrifying existences that were comparable to peak Grade Nine professionals.
There were also the legendary dire beast kings. Professional martial artists were no match for them. Only those who broke the genetic lock could kill these dire beast kings.
As for those beings stronger than dire beast and comparable to inhuman experts, they were demons. Normally, it was very rare to encounter “demons” in the outer regions. However, dire beasts were numerous and very dangerous.
When human martial artists combated with dire beasts of the same level, they actually had a certain advantage, because human martial artists had weapons and martial arts. This was rarely the case in reality, however. In reality, human martial artists often suffered heavy losses.
This was because many dire beasts moved in groups. It was entirely possible to encounter a large group of dire beasts.
After understanding the situation of the dire beasts in the Outland, Lin Feng also wanted to test his own strength. Before heading to the Outland, it was very necessary to determine his strength accurately to avoid encountering unnecessary trouble.
The best place to test his strength was naturally the Virtual Battle Chamber.
When Lin Feng arrived outside the Virtual Battle Chamber, a large number of students were preparing to enter the Virtual Battle Chamber. Lin Feng silently went to the end of the queue.
However, Lin Feng had forgotten that he was no longer the same person as before. He had unknowingly become the “number one” in the academy. Thus, someone recognized Lin Feng immediately.
“It’s Senior Lin Feng. He’s also coming to challenge the Virtual Battle Chamber.”
“I heard that Senior Lin Feng ranked 8,000th on his first visit to the Virtual Battle Chamber. He’s really impressive. Also, his strength rose rapidly in such a short period of time. Recently, he even defeated Feng Xiu, was ranked 800th.”
“I wonder what Senior Lin Feng’s ranking will be after challenging the Virtual Battle Chamber this time. Will he be able to enter the top 100?”
These students could not wait to see Lin Feng’s final ranking in the Virtual Battle Chamber. Hence, they humbly let Lin Feng go to the Virtual Battle Chamber first.
Lin Feng did not expect to receive such treatment after becoming famous. He did not decline and walked straight to the front. If everyone waited in line, it would take at least an hour or two before it was his turn. But now that he could save so much time, he naturally would not stand on ceremony.
As Lin Feng entered the Virtual Battle Chamber, this news quickly spread throughout the Myriad Academy. Many students were very curious about the true strength of the “number one” in the academy.
Therefore, two to three hundred people had gathered outside the Virtual Battle Chamber in just over ten minutes. They were all “spectating” outside the Virtual Battle Chamber, quietly waiting for the result.
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